Words of the Heart

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Astrid Babkine

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Education : 35 matches (CEGEP, Down, School, behaviour, choice, class, college, course, courses, don, educational, evaluations, first, gender, grades, graduate, grammar, head, learn, management, mentor, motivation, project, reading, research, school, social, speaking, student, students, teacher, teachers, tutor, university, vision)

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 19 matches (action, Article, close, community, contact, family, House, Journals, living, office, redaction, road, Sexual, silence, surprise, tail, trade, trust, volunteer)

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purpose (1 match)

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Words of the Heart

University of Montreal

The First Choice.

I just finished my Cegep at College Ahuntsic and I have been accepted in French literature for the autumn session at the University of Montreal. I can't wait to study in an area that I am passionate about. The courses of my program seem to be interesting and worthwhile. I have to choose a complementary course to my program.

Choice 1 : I choose to follow the class about the history of women in literature.

Choice 2 : I choose to take a grammar class. It's an easy subject for me and it will help me to bring up my grades.


A Strange Teacher.

My teacher is a strange but cultivated man. However, he is contemptuous with his students and especially with women. This week, while I was presenting my research about women's role in the World cultural revolutions, he interrupted me on purpose to tell me that I was talking about something I did not know anything about. He said that I better sit down. I was breathless.

Choice 1 : I tell him that a Ph.D is not giving him the permission to insult his students and that he should learn to listen instead of talking.

Choice 2 : I'm offended, but I stay quiet. After all, there are idiots everywhere.

Action Reaction.

My teacher, André Lapointe, asks me to leave immediately his class. People look at me in silence. Some of them are even hanging their heads. Their attitude makes me loose my temper.

Choice 1 : I'm not coming back.

Choice 2 : I'm coming next class, but I did not forget what happened.

Watch and Learn.

I come back to his class and I sit in the back of the classroom. I'll watch my tail. André Lapointe is definitively a strange man, with his neat appearance and his crow face. He attaches his hair in a ponytail in the back of his head and wears a dark coat with large pockets in which he put his hands when he's speaking. I observe him attentively.

Choice 1 : I hate him. I cancel the course.

Choice 2 : I don't trust him, but he inspires me to create a caracter. I will come back to class to study him.

Taking a New Road.

With a class out of the way, I have more time to take care of myself. I'm reading a lot on my free time, especially trade journals. An article of The Gender Magazine is heckling me. The article is about having a particular vision of life based on sensations. The author is a student of the University.

Choice 1 : His contact informations are given at the end of his article. I contact him to know if we can meet.

Choice 2 : I do research to learn about his educational background and I try to find other articles of him.

Once Upon a Time...

I don't regret my decision. André Lapointe is a fascinating caracter. I sit in class to analyse him. I describe him in all his facets. I study his reactions, his face. I whrite everything down. I am still passing the evaluations for the class, but during night, at home, I sit down at my desk and whrite. From now on, Lapointe has a new life. Under my control, he commits bestialities. He offends, he denigrates, he violates. During the night, I turn him into a monster. During the day, I follow his class, a shadow constantly veiling my face. I just finished the story. The text is disturbing but revealing of my aversion for his person.

Choice 1 : I sign the text.

Choice 2 : I throw the manuscript away. That's enough.

A New Face.

His name is Andrew and has accepted with pleasure the invitation. Now, We are taking a coffee on Côte-des-Neiges. He talks to me about his mother and about the great values that she inculcated him. I listen to him for a long time. I do not feel the need to speak. He has so many projects. It's inspiring and comforting at the same time. He would like to see me again. I do appreciate his presence. He seems to be in peace.

Choice 1 : I propose to meet him again at school, to visit the newspaper office where he works.

Choice 2 : I invite him for dinner. A quiet place to talk would be nice.

Game Over.

I am now working full time in a bakery.

Write a choice here.

A Future Project.

While visiting the newspaper office I meet a small team of passionate students. I stay with them during all the afternoon. I seriously think to join the team.

Write a choice here.

Andrew's Family.

He invites me at his place in NDG. He shares his apartment with his mother and his two younger siblings. His grandparents are living in the nerby housing which makes of the bock apartment a multigenerational house. I listen to all of them a lot during the dinner. I don't have the need to speak. They seem to be very close to each others. I'm suddenly full of nostalgia. Here, at that moment and in that particular place, I'm in peace, a sweet peace. I know that it's not mine, but it gives me hope.

Write a choice here.

The Crossroads.

By searching on the Internet I easily discover that Andrew is the son of André Lapointe. There's absolutely no change that I try to contact him again. My studies bother me.I graduate without having to face challenges. By not really changing anything, my life is taking a monotone crossroads.

Write a choice here.

The End...For Him.

The class has been canceled this wek. I take the afternoon to get some rest. The night rises, and while I am working on a novel for one of my class, I receive an official message from the management of the University. One of my teachers, André Lapointe has been suspended after several complaints of sexual misbehavior lodged by collegues and students.

Write a choice here.

That's Enough.

We are in class and Lapointe just interrupted two students during their presentations. That's enough for me. I get up in silence in front of thirty students that are looking at me with their big round eyes. Our integrity is too precious to tolerate such behaviour. To my surprise, seven people follow me. I could've sworn being able to perceive remose in the face of that idious crow. Good for him!

Write a choice here.


The grammar course is bothering me, but I have good grades. The teacher just announced a new project that will start next class.

Choice 1 : I quit. It's a lost of time.

Choice 2 : I choose to come next class. We never know. The project could be interesting.

To be Called Into Question.

I have more and more motivation problems. I'm not passionate anymore. I have the impression to go no where and to loose my time and my money.

Choice 1 : For the moment, the best solution is to quit school.

Choice 2 : I need new challenges. This is why I start working at the newspaper of the University.

How to Make a Difference.

The project in my grammar class is made in collaboration with the student newspaper. I meet a ton of committed people in their social environment. I second guess myself because I'm not really engaged in my community. Shortly after, an organization is looking for volunteer tutors. I already have a formation and I have been a french tutor for the past three years. I decide to volunteer. I start a mentor program and the gratitude of the helped people goes straight to my heart.

Write a choice here.

A new challenge.

The publications are interesting. I like the redaction team. They are passionate people and that inspired me. They propose me to edit an article. It's a big step for me and I'm very excited.

Write a choice here.

The End.