The different stories of my life.

A hypertext narrative by

Nicolas Lemay

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Education : 30 matches (Down, School, adult, choice, class, classes, college, course, courses, dean, degree, don, fail, failed, failure, first, grades, learned, major, project, reader, report, research, school, school report, social, student, students, teacher, university)

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Computer Science : 19 matches (call, choice, Class, copy, failure, file, huge, local, logical, manager, master, member, name, profiling, reader, serial, session, supervisor, syndrome)

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internship (8 matches)


The different stories of my life.

The beginning of my adult life.

We are in the beginning of the month of March, and I am very excited because I almost finish my secondary five. Through the scholar year, I had really good grades and I think this year is better than the four other before. Today, it is the first day of March and I have to choose what program I will go in college. I remember that when my parents saw my grades in my second school report, they was really proud of me and they told me to go in natural sciences at the Saint-Hyacinthe College, I don't think that sciences is what I prefer the most, but I don't know what to do in my life, so I have to do a choice right now.

Choice 1 : I choose to go in natural sciences

Choice 2 : I choose to go in Social sciences because I don't think that I like natural science that much

Natural sciences.

It's been a year since I chose to go in natural sciences and I begin to realize that I don't like it, in fact the only thing I like in my second session is my optional course and it is about psychology. I think that I regret the choice I did one year ago to choose natural sciences.

Choice 1 : I continue in Natural Sciences

Choice 2 : I change my program and I go in Social sciences

Choice 3 : I choose to take a little break of school and I choose to work instead

Social Sciences.

I think that I make the best choice. I am already in my last session. In my first session I had a course about psychology and I really like it. I am very interested about psychology and I think that this is what I would like to do in my life and it is already the time for me to make a choice for university.

Choice 1 : I apply in psychology

Choice 2 : I choose to do a degree in Social Work

Choice 3 : I choose to do a criminology degree

Some difficulties at school.

Another year has passed and I can't continue like this. I failed more than the half of my courses, my R scores have declined and I don't think that I will be accepted in University. Sometimes, I am thinking of giving up. I talked to my parents about that and they told that I can find another program and they told me to go in cinema because I like watching movies.

Choice 1 : I quit the college

Choice 2 : I would give a last chance to college and I go in Cinema

A love hesitation.

I change my program, and I am now in my first session of Social Sciences. In my class of psychology, there is a girl. Her name is Roxanne, she is very beautiful and very kind. I am in a team of three with her and my new friend Samuel. I talk a lot with her and I think that I am in love but I don't know if I am going to date her or not.

Choice 1 : I date her

Choice 2 : I don't date her

Bad year at work.

It's been a year since I left the school to work full-time at McDonald's and I am assistant manager. I am exhausted to work there because my boss doesn't like me and he is doing psychological harassment. I went to many places for giving them my CV, but they didn't call me. So, I don't know if I will file a complaint to the human resources.

Choice 1 : I file a complaint

Choice 2 : I don't file a complaint

Master mind.

I had been accepted at University in Psychology. It's been five years since I am in this program and I just finish my master degree, but I don't know if I am going to continue my doctoral degree.

Choice 1 : I choose to go as a teacher in college

Choice 2 : I choose to continue my doctoral degree

Bad internship.

It's been one year since I was beginning my degree in Social work. I also begin an internship, but I really hate this because the tasks that they ask me to do are irrelevant with what I learned in school.

Choice 1 : I left the internship

Choice 2 : I choose to stay

Criminal mind.

I finish my degree with honors and many police corpses present me job offers, but I also want to write a book about serial killers.

Choice 1 : I decide to apply on a job in the police

Choice 2 : I decide to write a book

Dark clouds.

I decide to leave college to work at McDonald's. I am not happy with my life, I think that I need challenges. I love cooking, but I don't think that I want to stay longer.

Choice 1 : I take a cooking class at ITHQ

Choice 2 : I stay at McDonald's

New passion.

I finished my program and actually I was very good. I think that I found a passion that I didn't know I had. Right now, I am working as a technician, but I need more than this. I don't want to be just a technician, I would like to make my own movies, but I am afraid.

Choice 1 : I make my own movies

Choice 2 : I am to afraid to make my own movies

Perfect life ?

Fifteen years ago, I decided to date Roxanne. Now I am married to her, we are living together and we are working with our friend Samuel. This is the life I was hoping, but one day she destroyed that perfect life when she told me that she cheated on me. I don't know if I want to know with who.

Choice 1 : I ask her with who

Choice 2 : I don't ask her

Keeping contact.

Finally, I never date her, but she is now married with my friend Samuel so we were keeping contact and one day they asked me if I want to join them in a business project, a virtual counseling clinic. I don't know if it's a good project.

Choice 1 : I say yes to join them

Choice 2 : I say no

New opportunity.

I do the complaint to the human resources and I win my case. The manager is fire and the owner asks me if I want to replace him because I am the logical one for this position.

Choice 1 : I say yes

Choice 2 : I say no

Bad day at work.

I decide to not file a complaint, but one day when my manager was very rude to me, I stay strong, and I verbally defend myself. After that, he fired me. I think that I am going to sue him.

Choice 1 : I win

Choice 2 : I lost

The misbehave student.

I am now a teacher in college. During ones of my classes, a drunk student is annoying and disturbing all the other students. I don't know what to do with him because it never happens to me that a student was drunk in my class.

Choice 1 : I tell him to leave

Choice 2 : I don't say a word

Doctoral degree.

I choose to do my doctoral degree and I finish it. After, I do research in psychology and a colleague think that one of my studies is very good. He is offering me his help.

Choice 1 : I accept his help

Choice 2 : I decline his help

The end of the internship.

I leave my internship but they ask me if I want to do it with a new supervisor.

Choice 1 : I accept

Choice 2 : I decline

Last chance.

I stay at my internship, but I ask the dean to change the internship modalities.

Choice 1 : They accept

Choice 2 : They decline

Profiling specialist.

I am now a profiling specialist with the provincial police. I really like that and I am very good. They are offering me a promotion, but I also consider the possibility to work in the USA.

Choice 1 : I accept the promotion

Choice 2 : I am going to the USA

The book.

I begin to write the book, but after a few pages, I have no more idea. I want to continue, but there is nothing to do.

Choice 1 : I give up

Choice 2 : I continue

New career.

I am now a cook in a great restaurant, and I am famous because I am very good and very creative.

Write a choice here.

I stay at McDonald's, but I decide to do some volunteering in a local center for children with Down syndrome because I need to do another thing than just work at my job.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Write a choice here.


I make my own movies and I get a lot of success. I am one of the most request director.

Write a choice here.

Keeping ground.

Finally, I decide to stay at my position because I don't want to risk anything by doing bad movies, but I regret my choice.

Write a choice here.

Bad surprise.

I ask her with whom she was sleeping and she answers me that it is with my friend Samuel. I sink into depression, I quit my job and I begin to drink alcohol.

Write a choice here.

New life.

I didn't ask her, now I just want to start over with someone else and forget all this story.

Write a choice here.

The collaboration.

I accepted the offer, now we are partners and our business work perfectly. We are now rich and famous.

Write a choice here.

Missing opportunity.

I declined the offer, but many years after I realized that I missed a big opportunity because when I listened to the television last night, I learned that they are both rich and famous.

Write a choice here.

New job.

I am now manager of a McDonald's, but still I am not very happy with this job. I have the impression that I didn't accomplish much.

Write a choice here.

New beginning.

I did not accept the offer, but now I am back to school and decide to give a new orientation to my career.

Write a choice here.

New owner.

I won my case, and with the money I received I decide to buy a McDonald's. I am now the owner of the restaurant and I win a lot of money.

Write a choice here.

End of the road.

I lost my case, and now I have to pay a lot of money to my lawyer. I also lost my job and I sell my house.

Write a choice here.

Violent encounter.

I told him to leave, but he refuse, keep yelling at me and decide to punch me in the face. I have no other choice to defend myself. After the fight, my boss decides to fire me.

Write a choice here.

Too patient.

I said nothing, but now he is really annoying and one of my students decides to stop him. A huge fight occurs between them.

Write a choice here.

Team research.

I accepted his help, but I discovered that he made a copy of all my work and using as his own profit.

Write a choice here.


I refused his help, so I do my research by my own. A few months later, I do a major discovery that change the world.

Write a choice here.

Interpersonal conflict.

I accept to come back with a new supervisor, but he doesn't like me, having both together interpersonal conflicts. He makes me fail.

Write a choice here.

My decision.

I refuse the offer hoping that they will offer me something a lot better. Badly, they throw me out of my program and I will have to start over.

Write a choice here.

Minor changes.

The dean accepts to modify my internship modalities, but I realize that these changes are really minor, so nothing will change for me.

Write a choice here.

Failure to respond.

After a long discussion, the dean told me that he won't change my internship modalities and then I will have to continue my actual tasks.

Write a choice here.

A new boss.

After reflection, I decide to accept the job of the profiling division of the provincial police. Through the years, I help to resolve a lot of crimes more than the others before me.

Write a choice here.


The appeal of working for the FBI was too strong. I apply on a job and did many calls. I am now a member of the profiling team of the FBI.

Write a choice here.

With a little help from my friend.

I decide to give up, but one of my friends tell me that he will help me to finish the book. That was a great idea because the book become a best-seller.

Write a choice here.


I decide to continue, despite the fact that I have no idea how to continue the book. The result was awful as the book was sold at fifty-one copies.

Write a choice here.

The End.