A hypertext narrative by

Noemie Jeannotte

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Word count: 1227

Choice count: 42

Section count: 22

Image count: 22

Error count: 62

Field Related Analysis:

Nursing : 25 matches (accident, bleeding, body, clinic, depression, EN, headache, Health, heart, hospital, IM, infection, milk, nurse, pain, section, skin, sleep, surgeon, syringe, tent, nursing, trauma, trust, sick)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 17 matches (accident, animals, Cause, community, company, dangerous animals, four, living, merchant, passport, possibility, register, section, short title, street, title, trust)

Psychology : 16 matches (depression, dream, FAST, love, member, motivation, need, pain, patient, register, remember, set, skin, sleep, thirst, trauma)

Target Structure:



McGill University Health Center

Start from the beginning.

You just graduating from nursing school, congrats! Graduating from college is a big step. In this big city around you, a lot of possibility are open to you. You have always dream about being a surgeon nurse. This is the chance of your life.

Choice 1 : Working at McGill University Health Center.

Choice 2 : Working in another country.

Choice 3 : Start your own business.

You got a job at McGill University Health Center.

Your hands are sweaty, your heart beats fast, but then you remember why you started; to safe life. And that is a pretty good motivation to start your journey as a nurse. Should you go to operating room or visiting the hospital ?

Choice 1 : Going to operating room.

Choice 2 : Visiting the hospital

Nursing intership In Africa

Working in another country.

Why living all your life between four walls when you can travel around the world and do what you love the most? here you are, in Africa. You want to discover this country. Should you sleep in a tent, in a hostel or in someone else's home.

Choice 1 : Sleep in the communauty.

Choice 2 : Sleep in a Hostel.

Choice 3 : Sleep in someone else's home

Going to operating room.

You just arrive at your unity, ready to start. In the operating room, everybody seems perplexed. The patient is coming after a big trauma's accident. He need a lot of morphin, so you prepare the syringe and needles. But there’a thing: he got an infection has his leg.

Choice 1 : you treated him

Choice 2 : You caught the infection.

Visiting the hospital.

You walk in the corridor and you feeling great cause you are finally where you belong. But then, someone in a litter pass right in front of you. Hemorrage, you tell yourself. During the chaos around you, another nurse takes you for someone else and bring you to the operating room. But you never had a patient's like this. You quit cause you clearly don't know what to do or you stay and pretend?

Choice 1 : You quit.

Choice 2 : You stay and pretend

Africa View

Sleep in the communauty.

Wow, Africa is so great ! You just set up a tent, and watch the beautiful show that nature is offering. You also tell yourself that most of the dangerous animals in this wold live in this country..

Choice 1 : You get attacked by a snake.

Choice 2 : You pass the night being terrify, you didn't catch sleep

Sleep in a Hostel.

The comfort, something that you still need. So you look for it. Only, you never found it. you end up sleeping in your car... You get kidnapped, or just die because of you car's gaz ?

Choice 1 : They kidnapped you.

Choice 2 : You have no more fuel.

Tired Nurse

You treated him.

Congrats ! You are now a member of the register nurse and you save life! You just kept working hard, everyday by since. You need sleep but who's care? You got depress or you quit?

Choice 1 : Depression

Choice 2 : You quit.

You caught the infection.

Your shift is finish. What a big day. You came home and just relax. But then, you feel nauseous and you got a headache. Well, it maybe just because you’re exhausted. In the morning, you are so sick, your skin is white as milk.. you decided to go to job anyway cause they need you.

Choice 1 : Everybody in the hospital been infected because of you

Choice 2 : You make so much mistake at job because you were sick and get fired

You quit.

That's kind of liberating, being free! you feel like the world is open to you. What's next ? being homeless isn't fun, but return?

Choice 1 : Being homeless

Choice 2 : Return

You stay and pretend.

Everything is going wrong. You literally froze in front of the situation..

Choice 1 : Your boss fired you

Choice 2 : You get deported in another unity

Start your own business.

You never really liked dead-en job, so that's why you decided to be your own boss. You engaged people but they end up being not what you think they was..

Choice 1 : You engaged Killers.

Choice 2 : Thief


You engaged Killers.

You mind your own business as usual. At the end of the day, you go to your car in the parking lot. There's a man who is following you, but you keep walking straight. Then he start running to you.

Choice 1 : He kidnapped you

Choice 2 : He stabbed you

You engaged thief.

Your company is working so great ! It's trully a sucess and you are proud of you. But there's someone working for you who ask a lot of questions, he is way to much interessed at you.. or even at the company.

Choice 1 : He stole your right to the company

Choice 2 : He is building another clinic right next to yours


You get attacked by a snake.

You never thought life will be this hard on you, but here you are in the middle of nowhere, attacked by a snake. You bleeding out. i will die alone, you thought to yourself. You should go find some help, or just give up cause there's no hope ?

Choice 1 : Go find some help

Choice 2 : Just give up because there's no hope

Dying in the desert

You didn't catch sleep.

You didn't sleep all night, you are exhausted but you need to find a job. You go for a walk, in the middle of desert.

Choice 1 : You fell asleep and died

Choice 2 : The sun was to hard on you, you died of thirst

Community of Africa

Sleep in someone else's home.

The best way to know a community is to live with them. The only problem is you absolutely know anyone in Africa. You just decided to trust someone you cross in the street.

Choice 1 : They stole you.

Choice 2 : They sold you.

They stole you.

You never thought people like this will stole you. You don't have anything. not even food.You are stuck in Africa cause they stole your passport.

Choice 1 : you become a merchant

Choice 2 : You become homeless

They sold you.

you end up in the back of a car, with no clue of where you are going. im screwed. you thought.

Choice 1 : You became a prostitute

Choice 2 : you became a slave

Attached to a chair

They kidnapped you.

When you woke up, you are attached to a chair and your body is painfull Your life is threatened.

Choice 1 : You fight for you're life and kill the people who kidnapped you

Choice 2 : You died of pain

Give this section a short title.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Write a choice here.

No more fuel

You have no more fuel.

In the morning, you want to get out of this miserable place but you just look at your car's fuel and there's any. You can walk until you saw the Gaz station or you can stole the fuel of someone else. This is how it works here, right ?

Write a choice here.

The End.