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Nursing : 47 matches (biochemistry, biology, brain, cancer, cerebral, chemotherapy, clinic, coma, compensation, complex, contact, death, Doctor, dose, exotic, effects, forced, genetics, Health, heart, herd, hospital, lead, manipulation, medical, medicine, organic, pain, pharmacist, pharmacology, plane, play, position, practice, recipient, sedative, sleep, social, solution, suicide, surgeon, surgery, version, brain damage, emergency care, patients, chemistry)

Education : 39 matches (CAT, CEGEP, National, School, academic, behavior, choice, class, classes, compensation, courses, don, exam, fail, field, field of study, first, goals, grades, head, homework, knowledge, learn, learning, lesson, library, private, project, research, school, social, students, teach, teacher, term, thesis, trainee, training, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 36 matches (agency, animals, brain, Cause, club, community, company, compensation, construction, contact, damage, death, debt, dogs, drugs, family, fine, four, government, handling, House, interest, land, living, offer, order, price, private company, private, rent, schedule, state, sue, suicide, term, trials)

Target Structure:

dead-end job (2 matches)

lack of (2 matches)

learn the ropes (1 match)

leg work (1 match)

recipient (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

the drive of work (1 match)

trainee (4 matches)


In biology

End of CEGEP.

You just finished your CEGEP with straight A’s. Congratulations! But now, you need to choose what will be your future. The rest of your life depend on the choices you will make in the next few months. You have applied in two universities and each one has their advantage.

Choice 1 : You choose to go to UdeM, you already have a home near, your family in Longueuil where you can live regardless of the choice of courses you will make, but none of your friends go there.

Choice 2 : You choose to go to the University of Sherbrooke where all your friends go, but where you need to find a place to live.


Welcome to UdeM, now that you know where you are going to live, you must choose the field of study that will lead you to an ideal job.

Choice 1 : Against all odds your cote R of 34 allows you to enter in medicine. No doubt, you want to become a doctor, there is nothing more prestigious!

Choice 2 : Pharmacology ... Why not, it's a good job and besides learning everything by heart, you do not see where the difficulties are.

Choice 3 : Medicine would be perfect for you, but you loved animals more than humans so spend your life taking care of them is perfect.


The mid-term exam scores for your first session have been released and you are far from the best.

Choice 1 : It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to be the best. You party all night long, you know you need to rest and get out of school sometimes.

Choice 2 : You spend all your free time doing all the exercises again and again. Family and friends are not important for now, your career depends on your grades.


Your life is perfect! You agreed to be in the average, you have made new friends, and your courses are very interesting, but exams are coming soon.

Choice 1 : All’s going well, you know your subject ... You listened and asked questions in class, you don’t need to study. The party continues!

Choice 2 : Anyway, most of your friends prefer to study, so you join them at the library. A little study cannot hurt you.


Your exams were catastrophic, you even had to copy on your neighbors. You couldn’t get away with it, you were surprised, and you are expelled from the program for plagia.

Choice 1 : FAIL

False study.

It was too late, you spent the last week at the library, but your lack of work is irrecoverable. Your grades allow you to stay in the program, but you realize that you don’t have the strength to survive this program. Maybe a little BAC in biology would be more adequate.

Choice 1 : FAIL


You're at your fifth coffee in two hours, all your homework are going well, but the last few weeks with just 3 hours of sleep a night have been exhausting. If by any chance you do not take coffee, you know you are going to sleep and potentially skip an important lesson or miss time to do everything.

Choice 1 : Impossible to survive! You begin a strict sleep cycle of 9 hours a night.

Choice 2 : A friend told you about "Wake Up", medicines that allow you to stay awake throughout the exams.

Martin Falbisoner [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Good job.

Your effort, your organization, and your routine allow you to finish with grades above average. Congratulations, Christmas is coming, and you are going to take a trip to Mexico, to recover ... And celebrate!

Choice 1 : WIN

Wake Up.

After spending the last week without sleep, doing all your exams without problems and getting the best grades in the class, you end up in the hospital with irreversible brain damage due to lack of sleep added to the "Wake Up". You are now in a coma for an indefinite period.

Choice 1 : FAIL


What an idea to come in pharmacology! You're bored, the classes are boring, and everyone seems to be so bored. You need a hobby or something that will spend your extra of energy.

Choice 1 : It is better to continue studying the subject even if you already know all by heart.

Choice 2 : You decide to join the social group of the university, maybe you will find something interesting to do.


You spend all your time in study, so you are ahead in the program, but your interest in the subject is gone. You assimilate all your class without difficulty, but days pass and nothing changes. You wonder if you're still at your place.

Choice 1 : You give up everything. No more boredom to learn all the names and effects of drugs. You decide to change your life and go on an adventure.

Choice 2 : Do not give up, everything is fine, why should you stop everything when nothing goes wrong?

By SebEsteban [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons


You have contacted associations assisting several underdeveloped countries and you have decided to help to build schools and hospitals in Africa. You have never been rich, you don’t have any prestige, but when you return to see your family for Christmas, once every 5 years, you have only one desire: to leave again. In the end, your academic goals have never been achieved, but you became the best version of yourself.

Choice 1 : WIN

Basic Life.

Congratulation, you are a pharmacist, you get up every morning to go to work and every night you watch the last episode of your favorite series. When you go to bed, you often wonder if your life could have been better, because you have never reached your full potential.

Choice 1 : FAIL


Looking at the brochures for the different activities at the university, you realize that only two of it really interests you.

Choice 1 : A group of students has formed a card game club where you play poker and blackjack.

Choice 2 : The university sports center is perfect for you. You decide to train in your spare time.

By William Holtkamp (originally posted to Flickr as P7060011) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


You enjoyed your trip to the casino so much that you go back four times a week during the holidays. You wasted all your money and cannot afford another session of university.

Choice 1 : Fail


During your first visit, your pride pushes you to take heavy weights. Forcing too much, you lose consciousness, a weight falls on your head and you end up dying of cerebral hemorrhage.

Choice 1 : FAIL

By Isarra, de?i?tiren KediÇoban?, [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Your studies in veterinary medicine went off without problems. Now, you must choose a specialization.

Choice 1 : Pets seem to be ideal patients. Small and cute, kittens and dogs are your best friends.

Choice 2 : According to you, exotic animals in zoos is a more complex area of study and a challenge to your height.


As a new veterinarian belonging to the Order and recognized by your colleagues (you came out of school with the best grades), you decide to start your own clinic. Where will you ingrain it?

Choice 1 : The big city of Montreal is perfect! You are sure to get a lot of customers and never missed of job.

Choice 2 : A regional clinic would allow you to have a big land, but you would have to make a leg work on the surrounding farms, it will help to pay the bills.


A customer a little crazy, brings you a completely crazy cat. You decide to train him, but this one jumps you in the face disfiguring you and bursting your both eyes.

Choice 1 : FAIL


You went to cure a herd of cattle of butchery, but one of them, very aggressive, it gores you and you died in pain.

Choice 1 : FAIL

Big cat.

To get a job at the height of your talent, you chose to move in the country of the animal on which you did your doctoral thesis (Big cat).

Choice 1 : You chose to contact an organization for the protection of tigers in Central Asia. Your help as a veterinarian would be great for them.

Choice 2 : The American puma allow you to work without the need to take a plane ticket to see your family again.

By Steve Evans (originally posted to Flickr as South India) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


After 20 years of help for the protection of tigers, your overconfidence push you in a bad position and a tiger ate you.

Choice 1 : FAIL


You become the world's most recognized puma expert.

Choice 1 : WIN


You've only been in Sherbrook for a week, that one of your friends introduces you to your dream's person, but he's going back in France with his family. You are in love each other, but you're not sure if you really want to drop out of school.

Choice 1 : You drop everything to go to France.

Choice 2 : Your future is more important, you start your studies in health biochemistry at the University of Sherbrooke.

Choice 3 : Your future is more important, you start your medical study at the University of Sherbrooke.


Once in France, you settle on his parents' vineyard, but you don’t know what to do with your life. You cannot spend your days doing nothing.

Choice 1 : While living on your in-laws vineyard’s, you have discovered a passion for the fabrication of wine (a striking similarity to your old organic chemistry class). You decide to learn the ropes of this new opportunity.

Choice 2 : You get back to school in veterinary medicine at the National Veterinary School of Lyon.

By General Sisi [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons


Wine fabrication is an art that allows you to combine your passions in science (biology and chemistry), but you cannot live with your stepparents for the rest of your life.

Choice 1 : You decide to rent a parcel of there land to build a house, while you work for them.

Choice 2 : You have found a complete land to start your own vineyard, but the banks are suspicious, you have to ask for help from your parents in Quebec.


Construction had just start that a fight between you and the love of your life ruins everything. You are devastated and forced to return to Canada. You don’t have any reason to continue your life so you commit suicide in your parents' garage 3 days after your return.

Choice 1 : FAIL

Happy end.

You have spent the last three year building your house and your dream vineyard, your parents have retired and sell their houseé To absorb your huge debt, you invite them to live with you. You live happily surrounded by your family, on your vineyard, until your death.

Choice 1 : WIN

By Taxiarchos228, cropped and modified by Poke2001 (Paris-pano-wladyslaw.jpg) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


You have finished your studies with honors! You decide to go to Paris where you can work as a veterinarian in the zoo.

Choice 1 : You apply as a searcher on the behavior of big cats.

Choice 2 : You postulate as a surgeon for large animals.


Your behavioral study requires a comparison with wild felines. You're going to South-Sudan to study lions and came back seven years later to realize that your love has been cheating on you for two years. You died alone.

Choice 1 : FAIL

By Charlesjsharp [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons


An anesthetist did not give the right dose of sedative to an elephant. Scared, he loads and crushes you.

Choice 1 : FAIL


Your studies in chemistry offer you several jobs perspective, particularly in the research community.

Choice 1 : You choose to work in a government agency on cancer research.

Choice 2 : A private company offers you to work for them on genetic research.


Three year after the start on your research for the cancer, you think you have found the solution to all of your problems, but they give you a trainee that keep disturbing you.

Choice 1 : You give your trainee some paperwork and withhold your idea.

Choice 2 : You spend a full week explaining all the details of your study for your trainee.


You have blocked on your project and you exceed the time limits granted by the state. You lose your project and have to give up everything.

Choice 1 : FAIL

Noble price.

Your trainee got the idea that changes everything. Together you find the cure for cancer. You are recipient of the Nobel Prize of Medicine.

Choice 1 : WIN

By Bdna.gif: Spiffistanderivative work: Jahobr (Bdna.gif) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


After several years of working for this company, you are diagnosed with cancer due to chemical handling.

Choice 1 : You accept the small amount of compensation that they offered you.

Choice 2 : You decide to sue the company to get a better amount.

Small cash.

The amount allows you to do chemotherapy, but you end up dying 15 years later.

Choice 1 : FAIL

No cash.

The company has a lot more means than yours, you lose your cause, your money and dies on a hospital bed three years later.

Choice 1 : FAIL


Your studies in medicine are almost finished. Now you must choose a specialization.

Choice 1 : A career in cardiology should bring you a lot of money and prestige.

Choice 2 : You are made to help others, you decide to work in emergency care.


During your first open-heart surgery, you make a false manipulation that makes you lose your patient.

Choice 1 : You feel the worst remorse and you cannot forgive yourself, you leave the surgery.

Choice 2 : You have to go over the trials of life, you try to forget.


You prefer not to practice medicine, but your knowledge is not lost. You decide to teach biology at the CEGEP to earn a living. You are in peace with yourself.

Choice 1 : WIN


Your mistake will sue you for the rest of your days. You also have nightmares. Even if you excel, you never really get to be happy again.

Choice 1 : FAIL

Help everyone.

You knew that working in emergency came with a crazy schedule, but you're not sure if you can continue.

Choice 1 : You find yourself a new field of study and start all over again.

Choice 2 : You do not give up, it was your dream to become a doctor to help others and now you live it.

Dead-end job.

You have a family and a good life, but you never found the drive of work that medicine had. Your dead-end job is very boring after all.

Choice 1 : FAIL

Dream job.

After several years, you have become accustomed to your routine. You work a lot, but you do not see yourself doing a job other than this one.

Choice 1 : FAIL

The End.