Law and Philosophy.

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Tommy Duclos-lapointe

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 40 matches (accident, answer, attempt, attorney, Cabinet, case, Child, children, close, club, company, compensation, corporate law, death, debt, draft, escape, fact, family, franchise, golden, government, hire, House, illegal, law firm, law, lawyer, lawyers, living, motive, murder, offer, perjury, procedure, Sexual, Special, suicide, truth, victim)

Education : 29 matches (National, School, choice, class, classes, coach, compensation, dean, don, fail, field, field of study, first, grade, grades, graduation, learn, learning, scholarship, school, semester, senior, social, student, students, teacher, teachers, university, law school)

Tourism : 28 matches (Air, Australia, Border, Climbing, Delay, Landscape, Member, Party, Plane, Program, S class, air, bit, coach, compensation, door, draft, field, franchise, league, national, program, shoulder, single, spider, taxes, tour, trip)

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retirement (2 matches)


Law and Philosophy.

The beginning.

You want to go to university this fall but you are note sure which one to go to. You hesitate between UQAM and Sherbrooke University.

Choice 1 : Sherbrooke University.

Choice 2 : UQAM.

Sherbrooke University.

Congratulation, you chose Sherbrooke University. Now you are not sure which program to choose. You have the choice between corporate law and Philosophy.

Choice 1 : Corporate Law.

Choice 2 : Philosophy.


Awfully, you chose UQAM. This is the worst school you have ever seen in your entire life.You decided to take a year break to travel the world and you don't know where to start your world tour. You think the best place to start this trip is Australia but one of your good friends suggested that you should start in Thailand.

Choice 1 : Australia.

Choice 2 : Thailand.

Corporate Law.

You can now study in one of the best law schools and you have the choice between two teachers for your business law class. Your two choices are Mr. Johny Buisick, the best teacher in his domain and Freddy Krugger that is habitually a better psychological dream teacher.

Choice 1 : Freddy Krugger.

Choice 2 : Johny Buisick.


You decided to follow your heart and you went to Australia. The bad news is that you saw a spider climbing on your shoulder. You tried to kill her but she killed you before with one bite. You died, but at least you traveled a little bit.

Choice 1 : The End.

Freddy Krugger.

You chose Freddy Krugger as your corporate law teacher. You don't understand why everybody is sleeping during his class and why you never saw him during your first classes. You are not sure if you should leave this class and change teacher or if you should stay to see how the class goes for the rest of the semester.

Choice 1 : Leaving the class.

Choice 2 : Staying in Freddy Krugger's class.

Johny Buisick.

You chose Johny Buisick as your corporate law teacher. You never had a better teacher and he likes you a lot. He says that you are one of the best students he has ever had. He is asking you a question on your third class of the semester: What is a bankrupty?

Choice 1 : A legal procedure for dealing with debt problems.

Choice 2 : A way to escape government taxes.


You are now studying in Philosophy, but it was not your first choice and you decide to quit school to either follows your dads path or trying to start your own business.

Choice 1 : Dads path.

Choice 2 : Starting your own business.


You chose to listen to your friend, and you went to Thailand. The good news is that he decided to go with you so you were not alone. Plus, you met a girl that was studying at Harvard University in Boston and she is the dean's daughter. You are now admitted to Harvard in law school with a full scholarship. The problem is that you don't like this girl that much and you are not sure if you should accept the scolarship or not.

Choice 1 : Accept the full scolarship to Harvard.

Choice 2 : Refuse the scolarship to Harvard.

Dads path.

Your Dad is a dead serial killer and you decide to follow his path. You are only killing lawyers because they did not accept you in their program. Your next victim could either be Chuck Norris, the best self defense attorney in New York, or Harvey Specter, the one that took your place in law school.

Choice 1 : Chuck Norris.

Choice 2 : Harvey Specter.

Leaving the class.

You are leaving Freddy Krugger's class, anyway you never saw him during the entire semester and people went missing after each class. You choose to go home and you fall asleep on your sofa. You finally saw Mr. Krugger in your dream, but he looks really familiar to you. He approaches you with his burned face and his knives instead of fingers. He puts his lips close to your right ear and says " You left my class earlier today, now the nightmare begins." You don't know if you should come back or not.

Choice 1 : Return to Freddy Krugger's class.

Choice 2 : Staying at home.

Accept the full scolarship to Harvard.

You accept the full scolarship to Harvard and by the same way the best law school in the world. You are now learning with the best and you made the Harvard Hockey Club. You are the best student in your grade and you are also the best hockey player in town.You are the first overall draft pick in the 2020 NHL draft but you only finish school in 2021. What would you like to do? Finish school before going pro or going pro in your early 20.

Choice 1 : Law school.

Choice 2 : NHL.

Refuse the scolarship to Harvard.

You decide to refuse the scolarship to Harvard and you continue your world tour with your best friend. You decide to go to New-Zealand and you see the most beautiful landscape in the world. The problem is that you spent all your money and you have to return to Quebec. Sadly, you and your friend die in an air plane accident. At least you traveled a little bit.

Choice 1 : The End.

Starting your own business.

You start you own business of toilette paper and you will soon become an important businessman. Being an important person with a big company has its pros and cons and one of the cons is that you have a lot of pursuit against you and these people want a money compensation because your toilette paper hurts people but. Due to this problem, you have to hire one of the best lawyers in the country and you have the choice between Louis Litt and Travis Tanner.

Choice 1 : Travis Tanner.

Choice 2 : Louis Litt.

A legal procedure for dealing with debt problems.

Congratulation, you have the good answer. Your teacher keeps thinking that you are the best student ever. He wants you to be his associate for the next semester and will write a letter of recommendation for the law firm that you want. The only problem is that you heard about the fact that he is a sexual harasser and that you might not be safe with him. The choice is yours.

Choice 1 : Accept and become Mr. Buisick associate.

Choice 2 : Decline the offer of your teacher.

A way to escape government taxes.

Sorry, you have the wrong answer. The teacher starts to give you lower grades and he is ignoring you when he is seeing you in the corridors. Because of that bad answer you finish law school in the bottom of your graduation year and you don't have any letter of recommendation. You have the choice between a bad law firm in Rimousky or trying to start your own law firm.

Choice 1 : Going to Rimousky.

Choice 2 : Start your own law firm.

Staying in Freddy Krugger's class.

You choose to stay in the class. Each day there have fewer people in the classroom and you finished by falling asleep. You finally saw Mr.Krugger but he is really scary. Sadly, you start to understand why everybody is missing in the class but it is too late. Freddy approaches you and kills you with his knives. You are now dead.

Choice 1 : The End.

Harvey Specter.

You choose to kill Harvey Specter. Your aversion against Harvey gives you a motive for killing him and that's why the police caught you. They are asking you a lot of question but you want to see your lawyer and it's your right to do it. When he arrives he is asking you if you killed or not Harvey Specter. You are not sure if you should tell the Truth or commit a perjury.

Choice 1 : Tell the truth.

Choice 2 : Commit a perjury.

Chuck Norris.

You try to kill Chuck Norris but he beats you easily. He calls the police and you get 20 years of prison for attempt deliberate murder. After 3 years of jail you thought you found a way to escape from jail, but if you get caught you could get an extension of prison time. It seems that we have a dilemma here.

Choice 1 : Escape from prison.

Choice 2 : Stay in prison.

Louis Litt.

You choose Louis Litt as your lawyer. He does a pretty good job eventhough he is a little bit special. The good news is that you win every single case he handles and you are now free of debt. Your company makes a lot of money and you become one of the richest persons in the world. You are not sure if you should do fiscal evasion to save money.

Choice 1 : Fiscal evasion.

Choice 2 : Don't do fiscal evasion.

Travis Tanner.

You choose Travis Tanner as your attorney. He is trying to bribe people, and he does a lot of illegal things. You get caught because of him and you are set to prison where you will die because a guy kills you with a fork.

Choice 1 : The End.


Congratulation, you choose to turn pro and play in the National Hockey League. You become one of the best players of all time and you win 6 Stanley cups in 15 years with the Vegas Golden Knights. You are the best player of the franchise but you don't know what to do after your amazing career. You have the choice between retiring for ever, being a coach or finishing law school.

Choice 1 : Become a coach.

Choice 2 : Retirement.

Choice 3 : Finish law school.

Law school.

You decide to stay at law school and finish the best of your class. Now that you finished school you want to try and play in the National Hockey league. Sadly, it would delay your time as an associate in a big law firm and you would be an unimportant lawyer for too long. The choice is in your hands.

Choice 1 : Playing in the National Hockey League.

Choice 2 : Start your career as a lawyer.

Return to Freddy Krugger's class.

You decide to return to Freddy Krugger's class after what happened in your dream. Awfully, it was not a good idea because it did not change anything. Nobody is in the class now and you are alone so you decide to take a nap. Bad idea, he only kills when his victims are sleeping in his classes. He sees you in your dream and says that you should have chosen the other teacher and kills you with his knives.

Choice 1 : The End.

Staying at home.

You decide to stay at home and it is a good idea. You read about him and you know that he only kills people when they are sleeping in his class. You take a new class with a new teacher and you become a lawyer and have two children and a beautiful wife. You are an expert in fiscal evasion and you are making a lot of money outs of it. You also have a beautiful house one the border of a river and you are very happy.

Choice 1 : The End.

Decline your teacher's offer.

You don't want to be your teacher's associate because of what you heard about him. It turns out that he is mad against you and he gives you bad notes because of that. You hesitate between talking to the dean about it or to keeping it to yourself.

Choice 1 : Tell to the Dean the injustice.

Choice 2 : Don't tell to the Dean the injustice.

Accept and become Mr. Buisick associate.

You accept to become Mr. Buisick associate. It turns out that he is not a sexual harasser and it was a student that told that because she was not having good grades in his class. It was the best decision of your life because he recommended you as the best student he had and you are now a Senior Partner in the biggest law firm in New York (Pierson Specter). You win every single case you have and your case file is full because you are the best attorney alive. The only problem is that you don't have time for a social life and you do not even have a girlfriend. You wonder if you should take fewer cases and maybe try to have a social life.

Choice 1 : Social life.

Choice 2 : Dedicate to your work.

Going to Rimousky.

You are going to Rimousky, but you don't make a lot of money and you are a bad lawyer you have no friends, no wife and no kids. You don't like your life at all and you commit a suicide.

Choice 1 : The End.

Start your own law firm.

You start your own law firm but nobody wants to work for you because you are a bad attorney, and you did not have good grades at university. You declare bankrupty and you are going to Rimousky anyway.

Choice 1 : Going to Rimousky.

Commit a perjury.

You commit a perjury and you get out of jail because your lawyer based his case around that fact. You continue your killings and you become the most popular murderer the world has ever seen. You have never been cut in your entire life.

Choice 1 : The End.

Tell the truth.

You told the truth and you are now in jail for your life. You will be kill in December 25 of 2035. You miss nobody and everybody are happy about your death.

Choice 1 : The End.

Escape from prison.

You escape from prison and you get catch. You have an extension of jail time. When you get out of prison you start talking with the Hells Angels because one of your friends in prison was a member of this gang. You finally made a lot of money with them and you are living dangerously for the rest of your life.

Choice 1 : The End.

Stay in prison.

You stay in prison and your best friend is a Hells angels. When your jail time is over you start hanging out with them and you make a lot of money. You become the richest man in your town and you are now the leader of these bikers. You live a comfortable but dangerous life.

Choice 1 : The End.

Fiscal evasion.

You decide to do fiscal evasion and you are richer than ever. The only problem is that you live a dangerous and a stressful life because you don't want to get caught by the police.

Choice 1 : The End.

Don't do fiscal evasion.

You are not doing fiscal evasion and it's the best choice you have ever made because you live a perfect life with your family and you will never be stress about that.

Choice 1 : The End.

Become a coach.

You become a hockey coach but you are not as good as when you were a player. The Calgary Flames hire but you were so bad that they fired you at the end of your first season. You finally retired of hockey coach and become a great analyst at TVA Sports.

Choice 1 : The End.


You retire from hockey and you don't have money anymore. Your wife and your child are not talking to you anymore and you suffer from ETC. The concussion in hockey killed you.

Choice 1 : The End.

Finish law school.

You finish law school and become a great attorney but you will never be the best because you played hockey. You have a great and comfortable life with your wife and your child.

Choice 1 : The End.

Playing in the National Hockey League.

You decided to play in the National Hockey League with the Boston Bruins. You had a small career because of all the concussion you had. You were a bad player and nobody recognise you. You can't be a lawyer because of this and you will be a poor man forever.

Choice 1 : The End.

Start your career as a lawyer.

You start your career as a lawyer and you are the best lawyer. You start your own cabinet and everybody wants to learn with you. You also have a beautiful wife and the perfect kids. You are living the perfect life with your family, but one day someone knocked on your door and killed the entire family including you. It was a serial killer.

Choice 1 : The End.

Tell to the Dean the injustice.

You tell to the Dean the injustice but he is on your teacher's side. He expells you from University and you are now homeless for the rest of your life.

Choice 1 : The End.

Don't tell to the Dean the injustice.

You decide to do not tell to the Dean the injustice and you fail all of your exams. You decide to change your field of study and you go in Philosophy. You become a great teacher, and you live a mysterious party life.

Choice 1 : The End.

Dedicate to your work.

You decide to dedicate to your work and you will never have a social life. During your existence you will only work and make money that you don't have enough time to spend. At least you are rich.

Choice 1 : The End.

Social life.

You decide to have a social life but you lose your job and become an unimportant lawyer. At least you have a family with a beautiful life and 3 kids.

Choice 1 : The End.

The End.

You are either dead, having a miserable life or all's well that ends well, but one thing is sure the story is over.

Write a choice here.

The End.