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Business hypertext

How started?

I have just graduated in administration and now I have an important decision to make, because in my field of study speaking English well is important, but my first language is french.

Choice 1 : French university.

Choice 2 : Study in an english university

French university.

Now another decision is facing me. I can try with the best school of administration even if my grades are not high, or I can take the easy option and I choose the school with which I am certain to be accepted or I can not go at school for 1 year.

Choice 1 : Go to HEC, the best administration University

Choice 2 : Go to UQAM, the easy way

Choice 3 : Take a sabbatical year


My choice is made, I really want to go to HEC. However, because my grades are not high, I need to know if I'm trying my luck with a bachelor's degree or if I'm doing a certificate because I'm certain to be accepted.

Choice 1 : do a bachelor's degree in administration

Choice 2 : do a certificate in international affairs

Give this section a short title.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Choice 1 : I was not accepted because of my grades and I have to review my entire path and consider to change my choice of university or program.

Choice 2 : I was accepted into the program and will be able to do the job I wanted to do who is manager

The End.