On the road to become professor

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benoit Dépeault

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On the road to become professor


Enter to the university!

Here I am! I finally graduated and I'm going to the university next year. Now I have a hard choice to do. I could go to UDEM or UQAM. Since I love doing mathematics, I'm going in this field of study. I heard that UDEM is a really good university for this field and that the professors are reputed for their discoveries. The only thing is that my girlfriend is going to UQAM and if I don't go there, I might not see her as often. But I have to choose something.

Choice 1 : I go to UDEM.

Choice 2 : I go to UQAM.

Time to choose my courses.

I don't regret my choice. All the courses that I can do to UDEM are amazing. They are all interesting and I wish I could do all of them but I don't have enough time. For the first semester, I'm not sure if I should go for the geometry course or the algebra. But I heard from the other students that the algebra professor is king of weird.

Choice 1 : I will try the geometry course.

Choice 2 : I want to do the algebra course.

Choice 3 : I want none of them. I'll try the linear algebra course.


Courses to UQAM.

I just looked at the options that UQAM gives me for courses and I'm disappointed for a little thing. Even if there are a lot of courses about mathematics, they want me to do some on-the-side courses as psychology and biology. Both of them seem boring.

Choice 1 : Let's try the biology course.

Choice 2 : Maybe I should give a shot to psychology.

Choice 3 : Go to UDEM instead.


Geometry course.

This course was not really nice after all. Also, it was so complicated that I failed my second exam. As sad as it is, because of that I was missing some credits at the end of my university. I have had to do one more semester to UDEM to get my baccalaureate. Over all, I really enjoyed those years and the geometry course has been the only one that has given me a hard time. But I have to say, after my failure in this class I became worry for my future, and I was always thinking about my studies. This gave me problems. My girlfriend broke up with me because I was not there enough for her anymore. Also, I was working so hard after that to get straight A that I didn't have enough time to work in a job for money. I now have a big debt. I would want to be a professor but for that I would need to do way more years to university. At this point, I had to choose if I want to risk it or if I want a little job from what I already learned to pay back my debt.

Choice 1 : Go get a little job.

Choice 2 : Continue university.


What a professor!

As I heard, the algebra professor was by far the most special professor in the world. He is the kind of person that is a pure genius in his field of study but that also think we will all get killed by zombies one day. As weird as he is, I thought he was kind of funny. After many class', I went to see him and we talked about some deep theories in mathematics. I was impressed by myself because I was able to follow him in what he said. I do feel like he was impressed to. One day he asked me what I wanted to do in life and I answered that I would love to be like him, a professor. He talked about me to his friends, and to the university director. Obviously, I didn't become a professor this easily but it helped me to get a foot in the door. In fact, the director came tome and we talked for maybe two hours about my interests and my future. He told me that if after the university I still wanted to become a professor, I would love me to work with them. I was so grateful for that. Many years latter, I had to specialize in a specific field in mathematics. I had two choices, complex algebra or probabilities.

Choice 1 : I want to specialize in algebra.

Choice 2 : I want to specialize in probability.


Master's degree in my field of study.

It has been hard. From all I expected, I would not have thought it would be this difficult to do a master's degree. I did not fail any class this time but some of them required me to work almost 3 hours a day, each day, for all the semester. Even if it wasn't easy, it was worth it. On my second year, I was doing research for my complex analysis class and I found something. In fact, it was such a nice thing that the talked about it in my favorite scientific magazine. Usually, we can't become a professor if we only have a master's degree, but the university director came to me and he asked me I would want to teach what I figured out.At first, I really wanted to jump at the chance but I had to keep in mind that I might have some issues to teach right now since I don't have as much knowledge as the other professors.

Choice 1 : Try to become a good professor.

Choice 2 : Continue university.


Time to find a job.

It took me about two months to find a job that I liked. First, I worked in a little shop. I though I would help them with my knowledge but all the wanted was somebody to construct a website. I did it because I do know how it works and I really needed money but once I finished it I quit this job. Some smaller jobs latter, I have been hired by an informatics company. It was fine to me because mathematics and informatics are usually really close one to the other. What I had to do in the job was to develop a mathematics software that can spit some precise probability as output when we give it some initial input. Quite challenging to do but I eventually succeed. I figured out a way to do it using limits and complex calculus. I have to say, this was not exactly the kind of job I was looking for. I had to choose between changing job and going back to university.

Choice 1 : Go back to university.

Choice 2 : Find another job.

Doing my Ph.D.

I thought I would not be able to be a professor for the moment. I did four more years to the university to make a Ph.D. in mathematics. I have learned during this time a huge theorem that was still incomplete at that time. With the help of two well-known professors, I manage to complete it. After I graduated, I could go teaching either this new theorem or my complex analysis new theory. I did both. I met another professor, Sylvia. She was kind to me. Eventually, we got married. Even if I did not do any other big discovery, I found love and it is better.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


My first day as a professor.

I decided to teach my complex analysis theory. Since I was my first day, I was nervous and when the course started it's AS if I forgot all my preparation. This day was so catastrophic that I was scared of loosing my job immediately. I asked my new friend (a really good professor) a piece of advice for release the stress. It helped me a lot. One day, I was correcting an exam and I got a call from my boss. He was wondering if I could teach one more course, which is about my newest discovery. I happily accepted. I became one of the most famous mathematicians but, sadly, I didn't have any time for me anymore.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


A hard return.

My return wasn't to glorious. In fact, I didn't do mathematics for 1 year at that time and you could have known that by looking at me. I got it back soon but at first it was hard. A few months later, I heard about a special mathematics test for the first time. It is a competition of mathematics for people in university. I participated to it and soon after, I got a call. I learned that I almost got a perfect score on the test. By that time, everybody knows me. Also, I finished my master's degree. I did a Ph.D. and I finally became a professor. I made some important discoveries few years after that and believe it or not I got a Nobel prize for it because it gave a mathematical model to physicist to produce a new type of computer.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


My new job.

Even if sometimes I regret of not being a professor, I do like my new job. It is a job in informatics but it also requires me to use my knowledge in mathematics. It is not exactly what I expected to do in life. But I met a beautiful girl at this job. We are together but not married. I'm really happy with this new life.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


Master's degree in the branch of algebra.

Doing this was a good idea. I was not the best, but not he worst. I liked the master's degree but I felt like it wasn't enough. That feeling didn't disappear after my Ph.D. A few weeks ago, I heard about a special program in Spain. But if I go to Spain, I'll miss the chance to become a professor. I don't know what I would do after the program but I think I would like it.

Choice 1 : Go to Spain.

Choice 2 : Become a professor.


Master's degree in the branch of probability.

It was not going well at all. In fact, I was almost failing all of my courses. I was disappointed. One day, I went to the casino. I bought a lottery and a few weeks latter I learned that I was the winner. I didn't know what to do with all this money and I didn't want t become lazy so I decided to continue university but in the branch of algebra, which is easier for me. I did a master's degree and a Ph.D. Then a had to choose if I wanted to become a professor or if I prefer to travel around the world even if I become lazy.

Choice 1 : Become a professor.

Choice 2 : Travel around the world.

Not a great outcome.

I really didn't like my job. To be a professor was not what I expected. I hated it so much that I quit this job. For the moment, I do not have a job and I don't know what to do. I've been looking for a job since last month but still no answer. Now I just hope for the best.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


What a bad luck!

Everything was going so well. I was in love with my new program and made new friends. One night, the school got in fire and there was nothing left the next day. I couldn't finish the program ad I don't have enough money to go back to Canada. I am stuck here and I don't know how I'll go back.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


A normal life.

I think I am a great professor. Or at least, that's what few students told me. Talking in front of the class is something really stressful to me and I developed from that an anxiety problem. I asked a psychiatrist to help me. Even if it's not perfect, now I am kind of fine. Being a professor has given me some health problem but at least I am good at it. The only regret I have is to not travel. I won the to lottery and I don' even have the chance to spend my money. Being a professor takes me so much time and I can't enjoy the fact that won.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.

I should not have done that.

I guess when you are travelling, you should be more careful with your money. When I went to Brasil, I used my credit card to a weird place.They told me there is no problem and they can do the transaction even with Canadian money. I trusted them I should not have done that. I got hacked and I lost all my money. Now, I am doing my best to get enough money to go back to Canada where I'll try to be a professor.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


What a boring class!

Biology was such a boring class. I couldn't concentrate myself and I failed it. Even the math classes were boring because of my professors. When I went to see my algebra professor to ask him how I could get I foot in the door for later, I simply answered me that it was not his problem. Obviously I can't stay at that school for much longer.

Choice 1 : Go to UDEM to finish you program.

Choice 2 : Give another chance to UQAM.


Not any better.

Giving UQAM another chance was not a good idea. I got the same professors the next semester and again I failed many courses. I lost a complete year for nothing, and I am really tired of school. I don't know if I should continue to become a professor or stop for a moment to restart later.

Choice 1 : Stop for a moment.

Choice 2 : Go to UDEM to finish you program.


Best decision ever.

To stop school for a moment was a really god idea. I found a little job just to do something of my life and I met at this place a well-known mathematics professor. We talked for a while and he asked me if I wanted to work for him. Obviously, I accepted. He thought I had a lot of potential and finished my studies to UDEM. So, I am not a professor, but I am doing research for mathematics, which is a part of a professor's job.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.

It's not for me.

It feels like mathematics are not for me. I didn't understand a single word of what my professors were talking about. I stopped school, and I found a little job in a restaurant. That's not what I wanted but a need to pay my debts back. Maybe I'll return to university one day.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


Being a professor is hard.

I finished my studies to UDEM. Then, I became a professor. Teaching was something I didn't expect to like that much. My colleagues are friendly and I have really good relations with my students. One day, My boss asked me If I wanted to do research. If I accept, I won't teach as much anymore, but I would do more money.

Choice 1 : Do research.

Choice 2 : Stay a simple professor.

Research is hard.

I seriously tried to find something but I didn't figure out a single thing. Research is not for me. I got back to be a simple professor, and I am happy with that.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.



I got a little promotion. Instead of teaching one course, I am now teaching two courses. Some people might not like that, but I am happy with that. It is like twice a fun. Also, I am doing enough money to travel. A few months ago, I met a beautiful girl and get got married. Everything goes well for me.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


As weird as it seems, It was interesting. Not enough to do this with my life, but still interesting. If I stay to UQAM, I would have to do the biology class, and that was not something I wanted to do. At that moment, I had to choose if I wanted to specialize in mathematics at UQAM or at UDEM.

Choice 1 : Specialize in mathematics at UDEM.

Choice 2 : Specialize in mathematics at UQAM.


My Ph.D. to UDEM.

I finished my studies at UDEM. I became professor. I was teaching the complex theory analysis course. I was not a really good professor at that time because a few weeks before I got hire, my mother died of a cancer. My boss came to me and asked me if I wanted a month without working or if I was fine.

Choice 1 : Take a month for yourself.

Choice 2 : Continue to work.

Taking a moment for myself was a good choice.

I feel better now. I went back to work and my work was a lot more efficient. The lost of my mother still hurts but I needed to carry on. My students make me feel better and I do my best to be the best professor as I can.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


A hard time for me.

The lost of my mother was too hard to handle. I thought I could deal with it but I couldn't. My boss gave me the chance to take a month to recover, but I refused and I got fired because I was not working efficiently. I'm trying to find another job but for the moment I don't feel good enough for that. I hope this feeling will go away soon.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


Doing my Ph.D. at UQAM.

At the beginning of my Ph.D., My girlfriend broke up with me. It was a hard period for me but I met another girl, Jessica. She was studying in the same field of study as me, and she helped me to get better grades. We both graduated at the same time. We decided after that, to travel for a month before starting to work. One thing is sure, we totally fell in love. Also, we are now working at the same place. Two years later, she has been asked to do research. If she accepts, we might not see each other as much.

Choice 1 : Encouraging her to do research.

Choice 2 : Talk with her about the fact you might not be together as much.

She does research.

It became complicated between me and Jessica. Research takes her a lot of time and we rarely see each other. She seems to like that so I try to live with it. But maybe I won't be able to live this way for a long time. It is really hard for me. If I don't do research with her soon, I might have to break up with her.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.

A risky discussion.

Talking her about that might have been a bad idea. She got frustrated at me and she told me it was not to me to decide what she must do. To be honest, it destroyed our relation and soon after she broke up with me. My job wasn't the same without her but life must continue.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


Lost of time.

I lost about one semester because I thought UQAM was a good university for me, but better late than never I guess. To UDEM, all the courses were looking fun. I chose the linear algebra branch. It got complicated really fast but a was liking it. A little bit of challenge was fun. After few semesters, I had enough knowledge to work in a shop as a budget manager. I could have done that if I wanted to, or I could continue my studies.

Choice 1 : Work in a shop as a budget manager.

Choice 2 : Continue university.

My little job.

Honestly, this job is amazing. At first, I thought I would be a little bit boring but not at all. I didn't expect that. I was doing it so well that even my boss was impressed by me. He offered me a bigger job. This job was looking interesting but I felt like I would not be able to do it well.

Choice 1 : Accept this job.

Choice 2 : Keep your other job.

I can't do this.

I knew the new job would be hard but not this hard. I did what my boss asked me to do in two days, which is a lot because it was supposed to take me about three hours. I went to the boss's office and I told him that I would not be able t do it. Really calm, he answered me that it was normal to be slow at first and that I would get better over time. He didn't seem nervous at all so I trusted him, and he was right. After a few weeks, I was so productive that my boos gave me a salary increase. I like this new life.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.

Little and simple life.

I decided to keep my little job. I don't have a big salary and don't have enough money to travel or anything like that, but I enjoy each day at my job. Everybody is friendly, and they are all there to help me if have some issues.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


Go back to school.

I thought that a little job wasn't enough for me. I wanted the big job that could allowed me to travel all around the world. I did my Ph.D. and I got a job as a researcher for a mathematics company. In this job, I found many interesting things. I sold one of them and I became millionaire. I have been asked if I could teach it to other. I wasn't sure what to do.

Choice 1 : Go teach your discovery.

Choice 2 : Stay a researcher.


Being a researcher is awesome.

After all I did, I thought teaching is not really what I wanted to do. Keeping my job was the good thing to do I think. My discovery allowed me to travel a lot. I did many conferences around the world, and for the first time I felt completely fulfilled.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.

I like to be a professor.

Sometime, I regret of not doing research anymore because I was really liking it, but teaching is fun. I like the relations that I have with my students. We laugh together and each class we enjoy the moment. They are as passionate as I am and everybody has a great time during classes.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.

linear algebra

Linear algebra is not for me.

I found a branch in mathematics where I thought it was boring. But I told myself that it was as important to figure this out that it is to find something you like. So, after that, I did some courses that were not about linear algebra, and now it was time to choose if I wanted to a master's degree.

Choice 1 : Do a master's degree.

Choice 2 : Stop university for a moment.

Master's degree.

Doing a master's degree was to hard for me. I couldn't finish it. Also, It was too late to applied for a job. That gave me some serious problems. I lived at my best friend's house for about four months. Then, I found a job and I bought a little house. The problem was that I didn't like my job, but I needed it to pay my house.

Choice 1 : Quit your job and hope for the best.

Choice 2 : Keep your job.

Looking for a job.

I thought I could find another job quickly. I was wrong. I sold my house because I couldn't afford it anymore. I've been itinerant for 2 months before. When I found another job, I was so happy and it was precisely what I wanted to do; research. It wasn't mathematical research, but still, I was enjoying it. Also, the salary was great. I even bought my house back. I think it could have been worse for me.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.

My bad job.

I decided to keep my job to be able to pay my bills, but a few months after this decision, the company changed his boss. The new one was always angry at me for no reason but, by the time, this job had became crucial for me to survive. So, I couldn't just quit. I had no other choice than keeping this job with this annoying boss. I wasn't enjoying at all my work and each time I had to go working, it felt like a was going to hell.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


This moment without school has been revealing to me.

Now that I was home without having to think about school, I figured out what I really wanted to do with my life. I thought about becoming an architect. I love mathematics, but also physics. Being an Architect was the best choice for me. The bad point was that I would have made four years to the university for nothing if I become an architect.

Choice 1 : Become an architect even if you made studies in mathematics before.

Choice 2 : Do a master's degree in mathematics in another subject.


Now that I thought about it, I really wanted to become an architect. I went back to school and four years later I graduated. I found a job quickly because there was a lake of architect at that moment. Since the salary is good, I bought a little house and I usually travel once a year. I'm glad that I took a moment for myself to think a little bit about me.

Choice 1 : Start from the beginning.


Master's degree in algebra.

I gave one last chance to the mathematics. I didn't expect much out of hat, but at my biggest surprise, it went really well. I easily finished my master's degree and I even did a Ph.D. I got hire by UDEM and I became a researcher, which was better for me tan just a professor. I didn't do any big discoveries but I do my job well and maybe one day I'll find something really awesome!

Write a choice here.

The End.