My University Journey.

A hypertext narrative by

Nicolas Payette

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Psychology : 21 matches (biology, class, client, depression, dream, family, game, hit, knowledge, learning, love, miss, need, phone, reason, remember, run, smile, thinking, touch, vigilance)

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internship (14 matches)


My University Journey.


Time to choose.

After three years of cegep, after three years of hard work and sacrifice, it's finally the time for me to move on. Today I received my letters from the University I applied, I'm so excited to see their responses. OMG! I got accepted in all of them! Now it is time to ask myself : which one am I going to? Will it be UQUAM, UdeM or UdeS?

Choice 1 : UQAM sounds fun!

Choice 2 : UdeM for sure!

Choice 3 : Sherbrooke? I'm in!

Time to eat!

My first day at UQAM, I'm so excited! It's lunchtime and I'm sure I can make new friends today, it could help me out later for teamwork in my future projects.

Choice 1 : Go sit with the ladies

Choice 2 : Eat alone, why not?

It might have been a bad idea...

Being confident in yourself is good, but being that much confident and thinking you could get the ladies after less than one day at University wasn't a good choice. First of all, you looked like a really weird/loser guy when you sit with them, shouting ''Hey ladies'' when you arrive was the worst thing you could have said. You really thought they would react like a high school girl would have. Now that they are looking at you, what are you going to do?

Choice 1 : Keep it cool!

Choice 2 : ''Sorry, I think I'm at the wrong table''

It might be your lucky day.

Just as you started to unpack your lunch, a beautiful girl sits right next to you. Beautiful isn't the right word, you never saw in your entire life a girl like this, on point it even intimidates you... What should you do in this case?

Choice 1 : She will definitely talk to me

Choice 2 : I'll talk to her, what do I have to loose?


You kept it cool...

None of the girls actually answered too you... but still, that's not going to stop you. You tried to flirt with the blond girl right next to you. She wasn't talking to anyone so, it was your chance. After 15 minutes or so, the guy next to her, that you didn't notice at the time, stand up and shout out loud : " I think it's time to stop talking to my girlfriend!" But you didn't stop. He ended up pushing you from you chair. You end up knocking your head on the ground. When you woken up, you were at the hospital. You end up having a serious choc grave. At least it gave you a good lesson!

Choice 1 : The End.


It's your lucky day.

By saying that, one of the girls invited you to sit with them. You can't believe that it actually worked. Talking with them was one of the best things you could ever do! Not only did you make new friends, but they also study in kinesiology, just like you are.You also have a biology class just after lunch with the most beautiful girl of the group, and she is inviting you to sit right next to her in class. What are you going to do?

Choice 1 : Sit with her in class

Choice 2 : Don't sit with her

You waited.

I just don't get it, why is she not talking to me? Is it because I'm not attractive? No, that can't be it... Or maybe she is in a relationship? That must be it right? And she didn't even look at me once, she might be blind, who know? And now she's leaving, I mist my chance. OH NO! My class start in 10 minutes, I need to go too!

Choice 1 : Run to class!


You talked to her.

You decided to talk to her. After 15 minutes of good conversation, she told you that she needed to go to class, and you realized you needed to go too. You ask for her phone number before leaving and, surprisingly, she gave it to you with a beautiful smile. Victory! But now, rush to class before you get there late!

Choice 1 : Rush to class!



Good choice buddy. You end up meeting the love of your life. After talking to her and getting her number, you ended up dating. After a couple of dates, you realized that you had a lot in common. First, you both wants to be kinesiologist and are passionate about training. Talking about macronutrients or muscles with her is such an amazing feeling! After years and years of sharing your life with her, your dream came true, you have now your own gym! Now a successful man, you live happily with your wife and your kids! You never expected such thing right?

Choice 1 : The End.


Wait what?

Are you really sure you want to pass your chance on this magnificent girl? Try again!

Choice 1 : Try again

Best decision ever.

When you arrived in class, the first thing you noticed is the girl that sit next to you in the cafeteria. Well, it turns out she is your biology's teacher. On the inside you are so glade that you didn't try to flirt with her! But you are wondering what could had happen if you talked to her? Hmm...

Choice 1 : Second chance!

You ended up flirting with ...

You actually arrived in advance in class. And guess who just enter the class? The girl that gave you her phone's number 15 minutes ago. But something is weird, she is not sitting in the class, she actually unpacks her stuff on the professor's desk. That's when you realized she was actually your biology's teacher. At the end of the class, you went to talk to her about your meeting. She ends up telling you that she is really attracted to you and wants to date you.

Choice 1 : It's a match!

Choice 2 : Never!


It's a match?

You ended up having a few dates with her, but things didn't work out. But at least you ended the relation on a good terms, and you ended up having a good mark on your biology class. Not only that, but you also have a good contact for some future internships in kinesiology. Sometimes, it's worth to be courageous.

Choice 1 : The End.


" I'm really sorry, even if you are really beautiful, I'm not interested in older women." For some obscure reasons, she actually got mad at you, and she made you failed her class. What a stupid bitch!

Choice 1 : You lost the game.


It's not going to happen.

Going to Sherbrooke sounded fun, but you remember that you will need to leave your family, your friend, and most importantly, your girlfriend behind you for at least 4 years. Thinking about it, it might sound like a bad idea, so you decided to stay home and choose another university. Who knows what will happen if you choose UQAM or UdeM?

Choice 1 : Try again folks!

UdeM it is!

After one year at University, it's finally time to choose an internship. Thinking about working with a real kinesiologist in a gym or in a private office make you so excited! So, what are you going to choose?

Choice 1 : Internship in a gym

Choice 2 : Internship in a private office


The gym.

So, an internship in a gym sounds like a good idea, but sadly you don't have a lot of option on your neighborhood, which gym are you going to choose : the creepy one or the Energie Cardio?

Choice 1 : The creepy one

Choice 2 : Energie Cardio


The office.

Working as a personal trainer on a private office seems a good career because you are closer with your client that you could be in a gym. Today you have two options for your internship : either you go with M.Gosselin at St-Julie, in your home town, or you go to Montreal with M.Barette.

Choice 1 : M.Gosselin

Choice 2 : M.Barette

piece vide

The creepy one.

At your first step in the gym, you knew something was wrong with the place, first of all, there was actually no equipment for training, neither there was actually employee. You are now realizing that you just got scammed. Indeed, it was kind of weird to pay $200 to subscribe for your internship... Well, better luck next time.

Choice 1 : Try again!

Energie Cardio.

When you arrived, you could see that choosing this gym was a good idea. Every equipment was cleaned and new. People where training very hard, and the kinesiologist there where very smart and kind. But now you have to choose between two kinesiologists : M.Gauthier or Miss.Rocheleau.

Choice 1 : M.Gauthier

Choice 2 : Miss. Rocheleau

Staying in your neighborhood.

Having an internship with M.Gosselin was the best experience in your entire life. He was very kind, very professional and made you learn a lot of new things about kinesiology. For example, he showed you new way to train some muscles, new exercises to make the muscles contract better so it can grow faster. New approaches in therms of nutrition : new knowledge about macronutrients, calories, what to eat and when to eat. You are now ready to continue your study at UdeM. Doing this internship really showed you that kinesiologist is a career made for you!

Choice 1 : The End.


Going to Montreal.

It's been almost 3 months since you started your internship. Until then everything was fine, you had a wonderful experience, but today you are feeling that something is wrong, you feel like if you are in danger. Maybe you're just sick or you ate something that wasn't fresh yesterday. What should you do : stay at home or go to your internship?

Choice 1 : Rest at home

Choice 2 : Go to your internship


You went on an internship with M.Gauthier for about 3 months and everything was fine, except for one thing, he has never let you touch his computer. One day, you decided to investigate on his computer. There was a file called ''Secret file''. ''What should I do?'', you asked yourself.

Choice 1 : Open it

Choice 2 : Don't open it, it's private


You ended up having a great moment with Miss.Rocheleau, that at one point she offered you to go on a date with her. What should you say?

Choice 1 : Yes, why not?

Choice 2 : No thanks.


Best decision ever!

You went to bed to rest for the day. In the afternoon, you received a phone call from your mother. She was in a panic. At first, you don't really understand why, but then she told you: "Someone entered at your internship's office with a gun and made a massif shooting! I was wondering if you were okay..." You told her that you weren't feeling good this morning and you called sick for the day. That's when you realized that you were right about the danger today... what could had happen if you had go today..?

Choice 1 : The End?

At the office.

2 hours after starting your day, learning about new ways of making training program and nutrition plan, you ended up looking outside, and you spotted a weird man. 30 minutes later, you spotted the same man. He had really weird clothes, a long brown coat and wearing a hood even thought it's summer. He was always looking left and right every 30 seconds or so... you were really feeling weird about this guy, and was wondering if you should call the police to inspect him.

Choice 1 : Call the police

Choice 2 : "I'm in Montreal, what could possibly go wrong?"


You called the police.

After investigation on the man, the police found out that the guy was armed and was planning on assaulting a building. Police don't know wet why the man would have done this, but because of your vigilance, you avoided a massive shooting. Great job!

Choice 1 : You Are a Hero! The End!

You did nothing.

You spotted the guy entering the building in an aggressive way. After 5 minutes, you heard gun shot coming from the corridor, and the sounds got closer and closer. Quick, you need to react!

Choice 1 : Hide under the desk

Choice 2 : Hide behind the door

Hide and seek.

When he enters the office, he doesn't find you. He walked around the office, but didn't find you. Just has he was about to leave, you hit your head under the desk. He then turn around, found you, and then shot you in the head.

Choice 1 : The End.


Hide and seek.

When he enters the room, he doesn't see you right away, are you courageous enough to push the door on him?

Choice 1 : Yes

Choice 2 : No


The hero?

You actually push the door so hard that it knock the shooter on the ground. When he was on the ground, you jumped on him and you restrained him. The police came to arrest the man and saved you. The rush of adrenaline that you feel that day made you change your mind on your career. You decided to switch to become a police officer instead of a kinesiologist.

Choice 1 : The End.


When the shooter enters the room, you stayed behind the door and it didn't move at all, so he didn't see you. You waited 2 minutes behind the door before thinking of doing something. Now that he left the office, what should you do next?

Choice 1 : Stay hide and wait for the rescue

Choice 2 : Try to leave the building


You waited.

Police officers came 15 minutes after the shooter left the building. It got reported that police officers found him in the bathroom, trying to kill himself. The experience was so traumatic that you decided to, not only drop kinesiology, but also drop University. Today you are still not recovered from the event of last year, which lead you on killing yourself.

Choice 1 : The End.

face to face

You tried to escape.

You tried to leave the office, thinking that the shooter was on another floor. But you actually when into a face to face with him. He got scared and shot you in the heart, you died instantly.

Choice 1 : The End.


You open it.

You ended up discovering some pornographic content in the files, and you report the content at the police. With M.Gauthier dismiss, the gym actually offered you a job, and you accepted it. In that way, you will be able to stay close to some kinesiologists for your future study and gain some experience and knowledge for your future career.

Choice 1 : The End.

You didn't open it.

Well, you didn't open it, but what would had happen if you did?

Choice 1 : Try again


The perfect date?

You ended up having a great night with her. You went on a fine dinning place, drink a good bottle of wine. At the end of the date, she invited you at her apartment, should you accept the invitation?

Choice 1 : Accept the invitation

Choice 2 : Refuse the invitation


It's all good.

Saying ''no'' for the date made no discomfort at all. You actually ended your internship on good therms. You acquired a lot of news skills and knowledge, that will eventually help you on your study.

Choice 1 : The End.


That was not expected.

When you enter her apartment, she looked at you in a sexy way and told you : ''Come meat me in my room''.

Choice 1 : Follow her

Choice 2 : Don't follow her


You actually refused the invitation.

She was kind of mad, but told her next time you would com inside with her. After that date, you never saw Miss.Rocheleau again because on this night she got arrested by the police. They find out that she was a serial killer and that she was killing her victims in her apartment. It looks like you escape from that fate.

Choice 1 : The End.



When you entered the room, she jumped on you, and then, BAM! She stabbed you in your heart!

Choice 1 : The End...


You left.

You left the house for no reason at all, you actually got scared of the situation. So scared that you never came back at the gym to complete your internship, now you need to find a new one.

Choice 1 : The End.

Are you sure?

Are you sure you want to go to Sherbrooke? You won't be able to see your friends, your parents, or even your girlfriend during a long time...

Choice 1 : I'll choose another University

Choice 2 : Nah, I'll still go to Sherbrooke

It went so bad...

Everything went so bad. The fact that you loose all contacts with your friends and family got you into a depression. You had no help from your entourage for University, so you ended up failing every class you had. Not only that, but your girlfriend cheated on you wile you were at UdeS. You only saw one option left, killing yourself...

Choice 1 : The End.

The End.