My Health Science Career

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Samy Seggar

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 35 matches (arrest warrant, arrest, arrested, charge, children, close, compensation, complaint, contribution, death, detention, director, drugs, escape, family, firing, freedom, harassment, hire, identity, illegal, Information, market, offer, possession, release, SARs, sentence, Sexual, substantial, surprise, trafficking, vehicle, warrant, weapon)

Tourism : 23 matches (Area, Association, Benefits, City, Human, Party, Program, Resources, US, apartment, architecture, board, charge, compensation, contribution, course, media, program, stop, to visit, trip, warrant, wave)

Nursing : 23 matches (association, body, burn, cell, compensation, culture, cyanide, death, director, drug, effects, GOLD, gold, Health, hospital, media, medicine, pharmacist, pharmacy, SARS, supervisor, twins, vehicle)

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internship (19 matches)

sexual harassment (1 match)

trainee (1 match)


My Health Science Career

St-Hyacinthe College

The beginning.

I am studying at St-Hyacinthe College in Health Sciences and I'm still asking myself about my university registration! Where to go? As the date approaches, I hesitate between enrolling at the University of Montreal or the University of Brussels, in pharmacy.

Choice 1 : Go to the University of Montreal.

Choice 2 : Go to the University of Brussels.

University of Montreal

Go to the University of Montreal.

I am very happy to have enrolled at the University of Montreal. Shortly after classes started, I made good friends, Paul and Charles. We study in the same program and we live all three together in a very large apartment. Paul is a small guy and always sees things big. Charles meanwhile is tall, lean and is the joker of the group. During a huge party organized by Paul in a disinfected Montreal factory, the police arrived with an arrest warrant to board our friend Paul because he posses a lot of illegal drugs. A choice was facing us. Let Paul and flee with Charles and thus continue my studies in pharmacy, stay to help our friend or escape from the police all three together.

Choice 1 : Let Paul and escape from the police with Charles.

Choice 2 : Stay friend with Charles.

Choice 3 : Stay to help our friend.

University of Brussels

Go to the University of Brussels.

I finally chose to study abroad. Upon arrival in this beautiful country, I quickly felt at home since people also speak French. It must be known that my choice did not stop on Belgium by chance. Its magnificent neoclassical architecture, refined chocolate and exquisite French fries have made a great contribution. Once my first session started, I had to adapt somewhat to the new teaching methods. It is now the choice to choose my first internship and I do not know where to go. I have the choice to do my internship in Senegal, in hospital or in pharmacy. Where should I do it?

Choice 1 : Do my internship in Senegal.

Choice 2 : Do my internship in a hospital.

Choice 3 : Do my internship in pharmacy.


Let Paul and escape from the police with Charles.

Charles and I abandoned Paul, who was arrested by the police. Since that episode, things have changed, and I really wonder if I should stay close to Charles or not. Remorse both gnaws at us.

Choice 1 : Stay friend with Charles.

Choice 2 : Get away from Charles.




Write a choice here.

Escaping from the police

Escape from the police all three together.

We wanted to stay free and we chose to flee all three together. Paul, always wanted, did not seem to care about his freedom. Charles and I wanted to finish our studies. So, we proposed to Paul to flee to the United States and go to Mexico while we finish our studies and we would all join after. Paul, perplexed, asked us to choose as follows : Follow him to Mexico or cut all ties with him.

Choice 1 : Follow Paul to Mexico.

Choice 2 : Cut all ties with Paul.


Stay friend with Charles.

Finally, Charles and I remained friends and this episode made our friendship stronger. We are both graduates of the University of Montreal and we have our pharmacy. For my part, I hesitate between opening a second pharmacy in Montreal or in Quebec City.

Choice 1 : Open a new pharmacy in Montreal.

Choice 2 : Open a new pharmacy in Quebec City.

End friendship

Get away from Charles.

Charles and I have not talked to each other for some time. When I meet him in my classes, I avoid him and we no longer live in the same apartment. Unfortunately I met Cathy, Charles's sister and I'm in love with her. Should I continue to see Cathy or should I end our relationship?

Choice 1 : Continue to see Cathy.

Choice 2 : End my relationship with Cathy.

Montreal by night

Open a new pharmacy in Montreal.

Opening a second pharmacy in Montreal is a mistake on my part. Paul, out of prison, wants me to death and he decided to burn my pharmacy. Ruined, I now have to sell my first pharmacy and start all over again.

Choice 1 :

Quebec by night

Open a new pharmacy in Quebec City.

I am very happy to have opened my second pharmacy in Quebec City. Business is going very well and I can now retire sooner than expected. I also hired a trainee to show him the basics of the job and maybe hire him later.

Choice 1 :

People in love

Continue to see Cathy.

After a while, Cathy and I got married and came back very close to Charles, who is like a brother to me. I am very happy to be friends again with my old friend.

Choice 1 :

Heartbroken man

End my relationship with Cathy.

I finally had to end my relationship with Cathy because there was too much tension with Charles, who refused to see me with his sister. I live alone now with my 12 cats in an apartment in Hochelaga.

Choice 1 :

Help friend

Stay to help our friend.

We finally decided to stay with our friend. To our surprise, he is armed and waiting for the police because he does not want to lose all of his drugs. It is at this moment that he hands me a weapon to help him. In a panic, I do not see anymore clearly and I do not know if I should take the weapon and shoot the police or disarm Paul and deliver him to the police.

Choice 1 : Take the weapon and shoot the police.

Choice 2 : Disarm Paul with Charles's help and deliver him to the police.


Take the weapon and shoot the police.

Enervated and frightened, I decided to take the weapon. Suddenly, the police came back and we started firing. Our paintball experience served us well as we put some police on the ground. Obviously, the reinforcements were not long in arriving and we are facing a difficult choice. Retreat or face the second wave of police?

Choice 1 : Retreat.

Choice 2 : Face the second wave of police.


Disarm Paul with Charles's help and deliver him to the police.

Paul goes crazy, he's no longer the same person we knew. Charles and I therefore disarmed Paul with a lot of difficulty and we delivered him to the police. After finishing my studies and getting married, the police came back to visit me to inform me of Paul's release from prison. I am very scared for my family and that is why the police offer me a new identity service. Should we change our identity and start our life elsewhere or decline the offer of the police and face Paul if he returns to the area?

Choice 1 : Change our identity.

Choice 2 : Face Paul.



Overwhelmed by the number of police officers, we retreat and try to carry as many drugs as possible with us. Somehow, we managed to transport half. Since that day, we have not returned to the University of Montreal and we have set up our own gang with Paul. Business is going very well and we are the barons of Montreal.

Choice 1 :


Face the second wave of police.

It was too late to retreat so we started firing on the second wave of policemen. Bullets were firing everywhere and we were almost out of ammunition. Shortly after reloading my weapon to shoot again, Paul took a bullet and Charles too. Left to myself, I had to let myself be caught by the police. Since that day, I have been plastering in the bottom of a cell all rotten from which I plan my escape.

Choice 1 :


Change our identity.

My wife and I chose to change our identity, for the sake of the children. It is in Alabama, far from everything that we will go to end our life, far from Montreal and all our family. Every cloud has a silver lining which will finally allow us to discover a new culture.

Choice 1 :

Out of jail

Face Paul.

My wife and I can not leave Montreal because our whole life is there. So, we stayed in this and when Paul got out of jail, he thanked me for delivering him to the police because he was under the effects of a powerful drug and would have regretted killing a man. However, we have not kept in touch, and everyone has drawn his life!

Choice 1 :


Follow Paul to Mexico.

I chose to follow Paul while Charles decided to finish his studies. Once in Mexico, we were stopped by the police because we had burned a traffic light. After spending 24 hours in detention, Paul was arrested for possession of drugs, because his file was still following him. For my part, I was released, I do not have a diploma, no work and I'm caught in Mexico. Should I return to Canada or work in a shop?

Choice 1 : Return to Canada.

Choice 2 : Work in a shop.

Cut all ties

Cut all ties with Paul.

I chose to cut all ties with Paul because it is a bad attendance. A few years later, I got my degree and I'm a pharmacist. Should I call Paul to take news or not?

Choice 1 : Call Paul.

Choice 2 : Avoid calling Paul.


Return to Canada.

I do not feel at home in this country and that is why I return to Canada. Exhausted and lost, I took some time to put my mind back and finally changed the program. I am now a student at HEC, a program that interested me initially.

Choice 1 :

Shop in Mexico

Work in a shop.

I love Mexico too much to leave this country. So, I found a job in a small shop and I got married to Juanita, the owner's daughter. Shortly after our wedding, we had two twins who studied pharmacy and are now associated!

Choice 1 :

Man calling

Call Paul.

I could not reach Paul because I learned that he died shortly after an overdose.

Choice 1 :

Drug traffic

Avoid calling Paul.

I did not call Stephen and he did not try to reach me. A few years later, I learned that he was married and had returned to drug trafficking.

Choice 1 :


File a complaint against Catherine.

I finally chose to file a complaint against Catherine. She lost her job, and I was entitled to a substantial compensation. I was able to go on a trip after my studies, and I am very happy with my decision.

Choice 1 :


Do my internship in a hospital.

I finally opted for an internship in a hospital. It is therefore towards the Erasmus hospital that I am heading. The director of the hospital, Catherine will take care of my internship during the next 6 weeks. After a few weeks, I did not really feel at home anymore. The atmosphere of this place stifles me, and I am really hesitant to denounce the director of human resources for sexual harassment. Indeed, she does not stop and threatens to send me back from the hospital if I denounce her.

Choice 1 : Denounce Catherine.

Choice 2 : Do not denounce Catherine.


Denounce Catherine.

I took my courage in both hands and denounced Catherine to human resources. After meeting with him, they gave me two choices. Change supervisor and stay at the hospital or file a complaint against Catherine.

Choice 1 : Change supervisor and stay at the Hospital.

Choice 2 : File a complaint against Catherine.

Do not denounce

Do not denounce Catherine.

Being afraid of Catherine's leadership, I did not denounce her. Uncomfortable in front of others, I do not know if I should take revenge or not.

Choice 1 : Take revenge.

Choice 2 : Do not take revenge.


Change supervisor and stay at the Hospital.

I finally stayed in the hospital and was changed to supervisor. Catherine apologized and I finally finished my studies, then I went back to Canada to open my pharmacy.

Choice 1 :


Take revenge.

I chose to take a dirty revenge. I managed to hack Catherine's phone, which hid several compromising photos. I put together a file and sent it to everyone anonymously. The next day, at the hospital, everyone was looking at Catherine differently and she took off.

Choice 1 :


Do not take revenge.

I chose not to take revenge since it does not deserve that I bring him attention. I finally finished my internship and I left this hospital.

Choice 1 :


Do my internship in Senegal.

Upon arrival in Senegal, I was completely out of place. A warm country with a different culture. Shortly after my arrival, our hospital was hit by a serious SARS outbreak. After having handled this situation well, I submitted my choice of program in question and I'm thinking about enrolling in medicine.

Choice 1 : Change program.

Choice 2 : Finish my program.

change 2

Change program.

I was finally accepted into medicine and it is always a pleasure to attend classes. Once graduated, I still think of Senegal and I wonder if I should go back or not.

Choice 1 : Open a hospital in Senegal.

Choice 2 : Stay in Belgium.


Open a hospital in Senegal.

Finally, my girlfriend and I, who is a rheumatologist, set up a humanitarian project and opened a hospital in Senegal.

Choice 1 :


Stay in Belgium.

Finally I stayed in Belgium and founded my family there. When I retired, I went back to Senegal to help.

Choice 1 :


Finish my program.

I finally chose to finish my pharmacy program to get to the job market as soon as possible. After graduating, I got two job offers. Should I choose to work with a smaller salary, but many more benefits like a car or accept the second job offer that would earn me a bigger salary?

Choice 1 : Accept the first offer.

Choice 2 : Accept the second offer.

1st option

Accept the first offer.

I accepted the first offer and thanks to the superb vehicle provided, I was able to show off and attract lots of women.

Choice 1 :

2nd option

Accept the second offer.

I accepted second offer, and I was able to use all of my benefits to be a fulfilled person.

Choice 1 :


Do my internship in pharmacy.

I chose to do my internship in pharmacy. Everything was going well until the pharmacist in charge of my internship offered to be part of his anonymous research group, working closely with the Russian Olympic Federation, to find new substances that would allow athletes to perform better. In summary, it's about doping. Should I join his association or not?

Choice 1 : Join the association.

Choice 2 : Do not join the association.


Join the association.

I finally chose to be part of the team. After a few years of work, I had become rich and the Russians had won a multitude of gold medals. Worried by remorse, should I denounce what I did or did not do?

Choice 1 : Denounce the association.

Choice 2 : Do not denounce the association.


Denounce the association.

I finally chose to denounce the association. It earned me a long prison sentence and hatred by all the media.

Choice 1 :


Do not denounce the association.

Finally, I did not denounce the association. I retired when one of our athletes died because of drugs.

Choice 1 :

do not join

Do not join the association.

I did not join the association because of my values. The pharmacist now knows that I have too much information about it and wants me to leave my internship. Should I leave or stay?

Choice 1 : Leave the internship.

Choice 2 : Stay in the internship.


Leave the internship.

I finally chose to leave the course and forget about this whole story. I have never heard of this dishonest pharmacist.

Choice 1 :


Stay in the internship.

I chose to stay in my internship despite everything. One morning, naive as I am, the pharmacist who took the care of my internship brought me a coffee. After a sip, my body stopped. There was cyanide and so he killed me.

Choice 1 :

The End.