A Pharmacist to be.

A hypertext narrative by

Tanya Nguyen

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Word count: 968

Choice count: 25

Section count: 17

Image count: 17

Error count: 6

Field Related Analysis:

Education : 25 matches (CEGEP, Education, School, choice, class, classmates, course, diploma, don, field, first, high school, learn, learned, lesson, library, professor, reading, sabbatical, school, semester, students, trainee, university, vacation)

Psychology : 20 matches (biology, carrier, class, dream, family, field, focus, game, harassment, junk, love, mean, meiosis, mitosis, need, physiology, selfish, sexual harassment, stress, thinking)

Nursing : 17 matches (cells, biology, bleeding, body, distraction, Health, jerk, meiosis, mean, mitosis, pharmacist, pharmacy, physiology, position, stress, tears, TV)

Target Structure:

dead-end job (1 match)

fulfillment (1 match)

premium wage (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

thoroughly (1 match)

trainee (3 matches)

vacant position (1 match)

wage (2 matches)


A Pharmacist to be.

It all started like this.

After two years in Health Science at Cegep Saint-Laurent, you finally got a diploma. However, after enduring all the stress, you are not sure if you should immediately apply to university.

Choice 1 : Apply at the University of Montreal in Pharmacy

Choice 2 : Take a sabbatical year

Scene 1.

The first day of school you see one of your old classmates in your Physiology human body systems class. You are hesitating to go talk to him because he was one of the most selfish students you have ever met.

Choice 1 : Start a conversation

Choice 2 : Stay in the back of the class and pretend not to see him.

Scene 3.

Now that you do not have to preoccupy about school work, you can focus on yourself. However, after two weeks, you start to get bored. What is there to do while everyone is at school? You can't stay home all year watching TV shows and eating junk food!

Choice 1 : Go on vacation

Choice 2 : Find a job

Scene 4.

You found a job as a cashier on the newspaper. Your first week was horrible. Your coworkers were mean to you and your boss didn't acknowledge your efforts. You are stuck in a dead-end job. Although you are paid minimum wage, you manage to save enough money to pay your next semester and your debts.

Choice 1 : Start over.

Scene 5.

You decide to join your family in France. During your stay, you meet a biology professor who finally explains to you the difference between mitosis and meiosis, two concepts you had difficulty distinguishing. He also explains to you how lucky you are to live in Quebec to take advantage of the education system. Surely, you know that it costs a lot of money here, in France. Now, you are not sure about your choice.He.

Choice 1 : Stay in France

Choice 2 : Return to Canada and start university

Scene 6.

He doesn't recognize you. Now, you look dumb.

Choice 1 : Reintroduce yourself

Choice 2 : Pretend that you thought he was your other friend

Scene 7.

He tells you with honesty that he is not here to make friends. He only wants to focus on his studies and that he doesn't need distraction. He was a jerk anyway.

Choice 1 : Start over.

Scene 8.

You enjoy your stay. The more time you spend in France, the more you fall in love with this country. You also found a vacant position at a bank, which offers a premium wage after six months of work. Everything goes well for you. After thinking thoroughly, you decide to stay in France.

Choice 1 : Start over.

Scene 9.

We learned about the circulatory system, which was really interesting. The professor tells the class that he will have a trainee by his side starting next week. You quite like the professor but you are not sure if this trainee thing will benefit your study.

Choice 1 : Stay in this class

Choice 2 : Leave this class

Scene 10.

You decide to stay which was possibly not the best choice because you realize that his trainee was your first crush back in high school. Now, how are you supposed to study with this distraction? You start to get sucked up in this new distraction and it prevents you from focusing on your study.

Choice 1 : Start over.

Scene 11.

You decide to enroll in Pharmaceutics 1 class instead.

Choice 1 : Focus on your study

Scene 12.

What a save! Maybe it's better for you to take your time slowly and not rush into new friendship. It doesn't mean you can't go out looking for cute students at the cafeteria.

Choice 1 : Focus and go study

Choice 2 : Go to the cafeteria

Scene 13.

You decide to buy a ham sandwich and sit near a group of jocks. Ugh, really not your type off friends. One of them comes to your table and start harassing you, not to mention he starts to slide his hand under your skirt. You immediately regret coming at the cafeteria. This was definitely a lesson. For the first time of your life, you are victim of a sexual harassment.

Choice 1 : Punch him

Choice 2 : Do nothing

Scene 14.

He gets angry and starts bleeding. The security comes and asks for an explanation. Of course, you try to explain yourself, but tears and sob make it difficult to understand you. The security doesn't have proof of him harassing you, so he's seen as the victim. Shame on him. You now have a fine to pay. He's not going to get away with it, you are going to call a lawyer as soon as possible.

Choice 1 : Game over

Write a choice here.

Scene 15.

You decide to keep everything to yourself. You feel ashamed, and you don't want everyone to worry about you. You will have to live with this for the rest of your life.

Choice 1 : Game over

Scene 16.

You decide to go to the library and study for your Human biology 1 class. You are overwhelmed with schoolwork, but it is worth it. You also learn while reading your textbook that every hour one billion cells in the body must be replaced. You made a good choice when you chose to study instead of going to the cafeteria.

Choice 1 : Continue like that

Write a choice here.

Scene 17.

Wow! Look at you! You just graduated from the pharmacy field. Now, you can start your carrier. Becoming a pharmacist was the fulfillment of a lifetime career dream.

Choice 1 : You made it!!

The End.