The Life of a Young Engineer

A hypertext narrative by

Pier-Luc Lapalme

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The Life of a Young Engineer

Cégep of Saint-Hyacinthe

Presentation of myself.

My name is Pier-Luc Lapalme and I'm 19 years old. Next year, I will begin my academic background to become an engineer if I succeed all my Cegep courses.

Choice 1 : As expected, I finish my Cegep in two years.

Choice 2 : I fail a course, which delays my entry to university.

An engineering university

Life Choices.

During the winter semester, I register myself to two universities. One is the University of Sherbrooke where I apply in building engineering. The other is the «École de technologie supérieure» (ETS) in Montreal. At this place, I would have a year of adaption where I will study all the type of engineering. Also, like some other student of my age, I could take a sabbatical year to take time for myself and explore the world.

Choice 1 : I choose to go to the ETS.

Choice 2 : I choose to go to Sherbrooke.

Choice 3 : I take a sabbatical year.

Boston University Department of Mechanical Engineering

Montreal's Life.

One year pass and I successfully complete my first year of university. Like I explain, before, I have to choose my specific program of engineering after my first year. I'm not sure about the type of engineer I want to become. I hesitate between the civil and the mechanic profile.

Choice 1 : I continue my studies in civil engineering.

Choice 2 : I continue my studies in mechanical engineering.

Tacoma Bridge

My First Project.

A few years after I finish my BAC, I get my first project where I was fully in charge. The project is to build a new bridge connecting the island of Montreal and the Rive-Sud. During my calculations, I forget to take to involve the resonance who is an important physics concept. Indeed, depending on the characteristics of the bridges, they can't support some frequencies because of an accumulation of energy. The consequences are that the bridge will start to shake and fall after many swings.

Choice 1 : The bridge falls.

Choice 2 : I redo my calculations.

University of Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke Life's.

Because I don't know anybody that goes at the University of Sherbrooke, I need to find a place to live, but especially with who I will live. The more economic choice would be to live in a residence, but I won't really have private life. The other option is to rent an apartment and finds a roommate.

Choice 1 : I rent an apartment and start my research to find a roommate.

Choice 2 : I go live in a residence.


The Bad Choice.

More years go by and the more I realize that I'm not at the right place. I really don't like this type of engineering, but I only have a few years left to complete my BAC. I know that this job isn't for me but on the other hand, I spend so much money and time in these studies that I don't want to quit at this point.

Choice 1 : I quit my studies.

Choice 2 : I work as a mechanical engineering.


The Good Roomate ?

Only one person responds to my announce. It is a guy who looks strange and he isn't like the guys I'm going out with normally.

Choice 1 : I decide to live with the strange guy.

Choice 2 : I decide to live alone until someone else answered me.


New Friends and Fun.

I'm very lucky because I meet some good friends in my residence. We have a lot of fun together and do parties every night. On the other hand, we don't study a lot, so I have difficulties in my class.

Choice 1 : I continue to drink and have fun with my roommates.

Choice 2 : I move in an other residence.


The Crumbling Bridge.

Following the collapse of the bridge, several people died. Of course, I lost my job and ended up in jail.

Choice 1 : Restart



Because I redo all of my calculations, I take too much time to do my project and the company loses a lot of money. So, I got fired and finish my days working in a McDonald's.

Choice 1 : Restart

Homeless Person.


I have no future now. Since I have a lot of debt related to my studies, I have more money to repay them. So, I am a homeless person.

Choice 1 : Restart

Money Rain

The Sad Life.

I have been working as a mechanical engineer for thirty years. I'm a rich boy, but I finish my life alone and unfortunate.

Choice 1 : Restart

My Stolen Bike

The Strange Guy.

I knew that I shouldn't trust that guy. One day, when I arrived at the apartment after my class, the strange guy was gone with all my stuff.

Choice 1 : Restart

My Wife

The woman of my life.

Shortly after starting university, I met the woman of my life. Of course, we lived happily and had many children.

Choice 1 : Restart

Beer Pong

The debauchery.

Changing residence does not improve my case. On the contrary, my grades were getting worse because my new companions are experts at partying. Suddenly, I failed my session at the university and I had to restart all of my classes.

Choice 1 : Restart

Discover the World

My Free Year.

During this year, many opportunities open to me. I mainly have the choice to work to collect money to pay for my university studies or to travel to discover the world.

Choice 1 : Work and collect a lot of money.

Choice 2 : Learn about the world by traveling.


Social well-being.

As I was having much to fun with my roommates, I failed all of my classes and left university. I returned to live in Montreal hoping to find a job. Unfortunately, I live maintaining well-being social.

Choice 1 : Restart

Steel Structure

Steel Structure Shop.

After looking on the Internet and in the newspapers, I find a job that interest me because it is related to my field of study. Indeed, I was hired in a steel structure factory. These are used as a basis in the construction of infrastructures due to their strong resistance. At the end of the summer, I don't know if I should continue to work at the factory because I have fun working there or return to school to have better working conditions in the future.

Choice 1 : Keep working at the factory at the end of the summer.

Choice 2 : Return to school to finish my DEC.

Director of the Company

Work your Way Up.

We find ourselves ten years later, when I worked my way up and became director of the company without major study.

Choice 1 : Restart

My Missing Hand

Bad Luck.

There was only a week left before I went back to college when I suffered a severe injury at work. In fact, a machine cut off my entire hand, which makes me a person classified as unfit to work for the rest of my life.

Choice 1 : Restart


Drugs Exchanges.

I travel around the world to discover new cultures and new ways of living. In Panama, I may be too interested in certain lifestyles because I discover important information about drug exchanges. The problem is that according to the dealers, I know too much information.

Choice 1 : I try to run away.

Choice 2 : I introduce the cartel to avoid problems.



I was a victim of a mounted shot when I introduced the cartel. The dealers just did not want me to talk, so they arranged for me to finish my days in jail in Panama.

Choice 1 : Restart

Panama Canal

My New Home.

Obviously, the dealers did not let me run away. To be sure I do not speak, they killed me and threw me into the Panama Canal. This is the last time we've heard about myself.

Choice 1 : Restart

Summer Class

Fail Course.

One week after finishing school, I receive my grades and realize that I fail my physics class. I'm so discouraged that I don't want to go back to school, but I don't have a choice if I want to go back to university next fall. I could also go into another program that interests me more to have more motivation.

Choice 1 : I continue my studies in civil engineering technique.

Choice 2 : I drop school.

Choice 3 : I finish my physics class in summer courses.


Summer Courses.

Despite my lack of motivation, I do my physics during the summer. Everything was fine until I realized that Everafter, an electronic music festival I've been waiting for for six months, is at the same time as my rehearsal exams. I am then made to a dilemma.

Choice 1 : Finish my physics summer classes.

Choice 2 : Go to Everafter.

Party Bus


Everafter is in Ontario. So, I have to go there by car on my own or I can board a "bus party", which means a bus filled with crazy festival-goers.

Choice 1 : I use my own car.

Choice 2 : I board in the "party bus".



The raging festival-goers had a bad influence on me. Indeed, most of them were addicts and they forced me to take them with them. I took so much that I died of an overdose.

Choice 1 : Restart

My Car

Car breakdown.

I had an old car that my grandmother gave me. She sometimes made strange noises, but I thought she was reliable anyway. Unfortunately, I missed what was supposed to be the best weekend of my life because my car broke down.

Choice 1 : Restart

Physics Classes

A Logical Choice.

Reflecting on my situation, I realize that I have no choice but to continue my summer school if I do not want to accumulate a year late in my schooling. So, even if I do not want, I will complete my physics course.

Choice 1 : I immersed myself deeply in my studies.

Choice 2 : I do the bare minimum hoping to pass.

Me Thinking about my Future


Finally, because of my lack of effort, I failed my course for a second time. I was so depressed that I became sick. I am now in depression.

Choice 1 : Restart

A Physics Teacher

New Passion.

Due to all of my efforts, I managed to spend my summer school. In fact, I did more than pass my course: I discovered a new passion for teaching and physics. So, I have been a professor of physics at CEGEP for more than ten years now.

Choice 1 : Restart



I have to find a new future. I forget the university option and I'm looking for something quick to make money as soon as possible. I could either do a DEP or enter the labor market immediately.

Choice 1 : I enroll in a carpentry course.

Choice 2 : I start my research for a paid job.


Illegal, but paying.

The most lucrative job I found in the shortest time is a dealer. I know it's not good and it's illegal, but it still pays my rent and my food.

Choice 1 : I continue to deal drugs.

Choice 2 : I stop this job before it is too late.

Life Imprisonment

It's Too Late.

The risks of my job caught me. I was arrested during an exchange with one of my clients. The judgment has just been dropped: life imprisonment.

Choice 1 : Restart



Reflecting on my situation, I realized that I had to change. I also thought that I could share my experiences so that others wouldn't make the same mistakes as me. That's why I'm now a speaker and I sometimes give interviews about my experiences.

Choice 1 : Restart


DEP and After?

As expected, I completed my carpentry course in one year. One of my colleagues offers to engage to create our own company together. On the other hand, I'm not sure if it's the right time. Maybe, I should take a few experiments before.

Choice 1 : Start my own company.

Choice 2 : Work for a company to gain experience.

One of my Construction Site

A Big Company.

With a little luck and a lot of hard work, our company has become more and more popular. It is now a reference in the field of construction. That's how I became a millionaire.

Choice 1 : Restart

The Last Time I Worked

Bad Experience.

I was the victim of bad luck. While I was working on a roof, I fell all the way down. So, I'm dead.

Choice 1 : Restart

Engineering Class

Civil Engineering.

I am a new graduate of the civil engineering technique. I now feel ready to work, but on the other hand, it would be a good thing for me to perfect my knowledge to ensure a better future.

Choice 1 : I continue my studies at the university.

Choice 2 : I go directly on the labor market.


University's Life.

My life at university does not go as planned. At first, I was there to develop my knowledge and concentrate on my studies. It is rather the opposite that occurs. I party every day and my studies always go second. I hesitate to join the party organizing committee.

Choice 1 : Join the party organizing committee.

Choice 2 : Continue to make fun with others.


New Passion.

By joining the organizing committee, I became responsible for the music. This is how I started to mix some music and my international DJ career starts.

Choice 1 : Restart

My Addiction

A Bad Habit.

Drinking every day had become a habit for me. In fact, it had become more than a habit. It was a necessity. This is how my alcohol addiction started and that's why I'm part of alcoholics anonymous.

Choice 1 : Restart

My Boss

Work as a Civil Engineer.

For financial reasons and lack of motivation to continue my studies, I work as a technician in a civil engineering company. I like my job except one thing. My boss is scamming several employees.

Choice 1 : I warn the other employees that the boss is stealing them.

Choice 2 : I shut my mouth.



I did like everyone else and I didn't talk. Also, like all the others, I got defrauded in my turn.

Choice 1 : Restart


Super C.

After circulating the rumor that the boss defrauded the employees, he fired me on the spot. Besides, no other engineering company wants me. So, I am currently working, and probably for the rest of my life, at Super C to provide for my needs.

Choice 1 : Restart

The End.