An explosion of knowledge

A hypertext narrative by

David Cloutier

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 39 matches (act, answer, bench, Book, Cause, Child, children, Development, excuse, fact, fine, force, freedom, guilty, immigration, incompetent, insurance, interest, judge, minutes, month, office, order, parent, power, Principal, promise, public, reply, rescue, retention, society, sue, terrorism, transfer, truth, value, warning, young)

Education : 26 matches (Down, Education, School, choice, class, don, elementary school, exam, first, grade, knowledge, learn, learned, level, liberal, objectives, playground, principal, professor, reading, school, student, students, taught, teach, teacher)

Computer Science : 23 matches (body, call, child, choice, Class, Comment, don't care, e-mail, environment, Expression, flame, garbage, group, interactive, mail, Math, member, parent, True, Value, view, window, Windows)

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though (1 match)


An explosion of knowledge

The primary school were you will work.

It all started like this.

I have been recently hired in an elementary school. It would be your first year as elementary teacher because the principal is a nice guy he gave you the choice of the two class you could teach.

Choice 1 : You chose the first class which is made up of little boys and girls from Quebec.

Choice 2 : You chose the second class which is made up of little boys and girls who are from Syria.

The Quebec kids.

Scene 1.

So, you choose the class that was from Quebec and the principal say : Good choice. Those damn immigrants will cause so much trouble at our school.

Choice 1 : You tell him that his comments his stereotypical.

Choice 2 : You ask him : Why would they cause trouble ?

Choice 3 : You just ignore his comments.

Your slightly angry boss.

Scene 2.

After, you said that his comment was stereotypical he asks you to apologize to him. He started being really angry at you. His comments were against your value. You are still a new employee and he has the power to fire you.

Choice 1 : You don't apologize in order to defend your value.

Choice 2 : You apologize to him because you don't want conflict with your boss.

Your boss yelling at you.

Scene 3.

After you refused to apologize to your principal, he starts to yell at you that you are a shame for the people of Quebec.

Choice 1 : You yell : AT LEAST I'AM NOT A RACIST !

Choice 2 : You decide to swallow your pride and apologize to him.

You take your things and leave.

Scene 4.

You called him racist because of his comments on immigrants and also to defend your values. After shouting that he's racist, he's really mad at you and he said: I'm going to make this job a hell for you.

Choice 1 : You receive a letter two weeks later, saying that you are fired. At least, you won't have to work with a racist.

You take your things and leave.

Scene 5.

You swallowed your pride and apologized. He accepts your excuse but you know he's still mad at you.

Choice 1 : Two weeks later, you receive a letter saying that your school principal to be transfered to another school.

Your political orientation.

Scene 6.

You decided to apologize because you don't want to conflict. Your boss asked : are you a nationalist or a damn liberal bastard.

Choice 1 : You say : Long live the free quebec ! I am a nationalist.

Choice 2 : You say : immigration is important. Religious freedom, expression freedom, every freedoms are important. I don't want Quebec to become a country.

You take your things and leaves

Scene 8.

You told your boss that you were a Liberal. He's so mad at you that you think he's going to explode with anger. He shouts at you: SHAME ON YOU! YOU ARE A LIBERAL SCUM!

Choice 1 : You shout: SHUT UP! DAMN RACIST! Just after saying that, he fired you instantly.

Racist ...

Scene 7.

You have proved to your boss that you are a nationalist and he wants you to shout the window: immigration brings terrorism. So, you shout: Immigration brings terrorism.

Choice 1 : You boss say : I really love you. Here is a raise of $100 000 on your annual salary.

You want to know why they will cause trouble ?

Scene 9.

You asked why the Syrian kids would cause trouble and your boss say : Are you serious? They will bring terrorism and they will steal our job.

Choice 1 : You disapprove what he just said and you reply : kids don't bring terrorism. They just want to live like normal child. They don't want to hear the sound of war. They want to play and learn about the world.

Choice 2 : You approve his words of wisdom.

You and your boss getting more aggressive with each others.

Scene 10.

The discussion is starting to be more aggressive you and your boss have different point of view. Your boss insists on the fact that they will steal our job.

Choice 1 : If an immigrant arrives in Quebec and succeeds in getting a job at the expense of a Quebecer, while his education is not recognized here. It means that our workers are incompetent.

Choice 2 : You stop to argue with a dumbass like him and just leave his office.

You take your things and leaves

Scene 11.

You proved to your boss that his point of view was stupid and that he wasn't correct. He says : Thank you ! You helped me to understand something that my old parent never taught me. Being a severe boss.

Choice 1 : He reply : Now get out of my office, you are fired !

You quit this job and go to an other school.

Scene 12.

After you left his office, you received an e-mail from him. In the e-mail, he wrote you: you will be a fine docile teacher that will taught to these damn Syrian how much they are inferior to us.

Choice 1 : You resign and you decide to go to another school.

How you see the principal.

Scene 13.

You listen closely to his words of wisdom. He is absolutely right. Immigrants are only here because they are responsible for what is happening in their country. Now they will bring there problem here.

Choice 1 : You approve what he is saying and also you add : They will also steal our wife and convert our kids.

Choice 2 : You realize that he is trying to brainwash you with this old way of thinking. You reply : Sorry, I'm not old enough to have this way of thinking.

Welcome in the QKKK

Scene 14.

You approved what he is saying. He asks you if you to join the QKKK, the Quebec Ku Klux Klan and you accepted.

Choice 1 : You are now a new member of the QKKK and you won't be easy with the immigrants.

You refused and you started fighting against the objectives of the QKKK

Scene 15.

After realizing what he is trying to do you immediately leave his offices and you create to the Anti-QKKK. A group that will fight against the objectives of the QKKK.

Choice 1 : You dress like a superhero and you fight the QKKK member. You are now Super Syrianman/Super Syriangirl

Ignore what he just said.

Scene 16.

You ignored his comments. He asks you if you heard him correctly. You correctly understand the meaning of his comments but you are not here to judge your boss. You are here to teach kids.

Choice 1 : You answer that you heard what he said but you just don't care about his point of view. You are here to teach not to judge people.

Choice 2 : You say : Yeah, I heard you but I don't care about your point of view. Now where is the classroom that I will have ?

He apologizes to you.

Scene 17.

After your reply, the principal realized that he wasn't acting like a professional. He apologizes and thanks you. Now he would be more cautious of he will say to the teacher and the students.

Choice 1 : You say : That's ok. Nobody is perfect we all make mistakes often. This a good idea to be more cautious of what you will say.

Choice 2 : You say : Finally ! I racist changed his mind !

be proud of yourself !

Scene 18.

During the scholar year, you have a good influence on the principal and he starts to like you and even the Syrian kids. You also become good friend with him and one day you see him throwing the garbage all his stuff from the QKKK, Quebec Ku Klux Klan.

Choice 1 : Congratulation ! You changed a racist into a more opened person. You can be proud of yourself.

Good job ! You were a formidable teacher.

Scene 19.

After you said that you changed the mind of a racist, he replies that he isn't a racist and he doesn't like you at all. He won't fire you or caused you trouble, but he won't be your friend.

Choice 1 : You will be a formidable teacher. However the principal would never be you friend during the 35 years that you will work for him in his school.

Scene 20.

You realized that you were rude with you boss when you answered him. You apologize for being rude. He says : Oh, it's nothing. I can understand your feeling. You must be really excited to see your future work environment, aren't you?

Choice 1 : You say : Indeed ! I'm really excited to see my classroom. How I will organize it ? What I'll be able to do with it. How I'll decorate it and also giving me the best place in the class with the comfiest chair.

Choice 2 : No, not at all. I just wanted to end this boring conversation.

The view from your class

Scene 21.

The principal show you the way to your new classroom. You have beautiful classroom spacious. A lot of windows with the view on the mountain. An interactive board with also a chalk board.

Choice 1 : The principal and you are shaking hand, when he says : Welcome in this school. I really that we will be friend and that you will enjoy working here. I'm sure that you will be a good teacher

The view from your class

Scene 22.

The principal really didn't appreciate what you just said. He shows you to your classroom. You are not really impress by the classroom. No windows, two long white boards. A rocky chair for you. The principal say : Also, you can't decorate your class. Deal with it and have a good year with your student.

Choice 1 : Good job ! your boss don't like you so he gave you a boring classroom just like what you said about your conversation.

The Syrian kids.

Scene 23.

You have chosen the class composed of Syrian children. It's been 5 months since you taught these grade five students. They are all very intelligent, curious, respectful of you and they are really funny. There is only one student who causes a little more heckling than the other. His names is Ronaldo. He needs more attention from you than the other. Today, you caught him "playing doctors" with a girl in your class, in the back of the playground.

Choice 1 : You punish only the little boy because he probably influenced or forced this little girl to do this.

Choice 2 : You punish both of them because they can't this at school, not in public.

Choice 3 : You act like you saw nothing. It's part of the child development after all. A lot of kids a curious about the other sex body.

Bad boy !

Scene 24.

You are punishing the little boy and he starts crying and he says that it was the girl who forced him to do that. He didn't want to do that but she was really insisting.

Choice 1 : You think that the boy is lying so you don't listen to what he has to say.

Choice 2 : You think that the boy isn't lying so you go ask the girl if it's true.


Scene 25.

You didn't believe what the boys had to say and give him schooled retention for 2 days. He continues to cry and insisting that he was forced and that you don't believe him because he is a boy and also that a girl will never do that.

Choice 1 : Suddenly you believe that you were wrong and go ask to the little girl.

Choice 2 : You still don't believe him, because a girl would never forced a boy to do something little. Girls are too sweet with everyone to force someone doing something.

What a responsible girl !

Scene 26.

You ask the girl if she forced him to do that. She answers : Yes, I forced him so please don't punish him. I am the only responsible.

Choice 1 : You are astonish by this girl honesty and her sense of responsibility. You chose to just give a warning to both of them and you apologize to the boys for accusing him.

Cute ! A crying kid

Scene 27.

You just finished punishing the boy when suddenly the girl run towards you, crying. You ask : Why are you crying? As he forced you to do some other things? She replies as follows : No, I was the one forcing him. He told you the truth. Give the retention to me instead of him.

Choice 1 : Her honesty is impressing you she forced someone to do something that he didn't wanted to do and she came to his rescue so you gave her the retention but you feel guilty about this decision.

Scene 28.

You ask her if it's true and she replies as follows : No ! He forced me, he grabbed my arm aggressively event though as was refusing to do that.

Choice 1 : You are really angry towards the boy. You say : A boy should never be aggresive against a girl. A boy never force a girl to do something that she don't want. I give you 1 month of retention.

Choice 2 : You doubt what the girl just said because she doesn't seem shocked by the event and she is not even crying or trembling.

We all know the

Scene 29.

The boy insists about his honesty but you don't listen to him anymore. After the school, you take the boy to the retention room and you call his parents and tell them what he did today.

Choice 1 : The parent never believed a word that you said and they decided to transfer their son to an other school the next day.

And at this moment ! She knew, she fucked up.

Scene 30.

You ask the girl : Are you sure that you are okay? You don't seem really shocked or scared. You suddenly saw the girl hesitating and you realized that she was acting and lying. The boy shout : She is lying !

Choice 1 : You apologize to the boy because you accusing wrongly him for something he never do. You gave to the girl 1 month of retention.

Sooooo sad ...

Scene 31.

You are punishing both of them. The two start crying and telling that it's the other who forced him. You don't understand what they are saying while they are crying.

Choice 1 : You tell them to stop talking because they will both get 1 week of retention. It's useless to argue with you, you made up your mind.

Choice 2 : You tell them that they won't be punish but a warning will be enough this time.

Welcome in retention.

Scene 32.

You gave both of them one week of retention. During the third day of retention the girl admit she forced the boy to do that.

Choice 1 : You chose to stop the retention for the boy and tell to the girl that today will be the last day of her retention because she admitted that she was guilty.

Choice 2 : You don't care if she is admitting her guilt. They are both in retention and you give her 1 more week of retention.

Good job , Kiddo !

Scene 33.

You let the boy leave with his parent. After he lefts, the girl say : Fiou, I feel better now, Not having remorse is fun. I learned a lot from this situation. Thank you professor !

Choice 1 : You say : It's a good that you learned something today. School is there not only teach math, english, science, etc. It's also there to learn how to work in society with other people. Now go home ! You proved me that you learned and it,s enough.

Karma Bitch !

Scene 34.

Both of them are looking at you angrily but you don't care. Child must learn by the hard way that life isn't fair and easy for everyone.

Choice 1 : One month later, you saw the little person bursting your car tires. You know that it,s they girl and the boy but you can prove it to the insurance so you have to buy 4 new tires. That's Karma !

Scene 35.

You refused to punish both of and you chose to just give a warning instead. You don't know what to say for a warning ...

Choice 1 : You could talk about the danger of exhibitionism.

Choice 2 : You could tell them to not just that again or you'll be more severe this time.

Scene 36.

While you are talking about the danger of exhibitionism, you realize that they are too young to understand so complex concept.

Choice 1 : They both say at the same time : Please stop ! We don,t understand at all what you are saying. Can we just go play with our friends now ?

Scene 37.

After you told them to not do that again, they promise you that they will never do it again.

Choice 1 : You let them go away to play with their friend.

Show me yours, I'll show you mines

Scene 38.

You acted like you saw nothing when you saw Ronaldo playing "doctors" last week. Today you caught him again but this time he saws you seeing him. He suddenly starts to cry because he knows that he did a bad thing and that he will be punished for that. You put yourself at his level to talk to him and you told him:

Choice 1 : It's normal to be curious about your body but please for your sake and the sake of the other do that at home. Nobody want to see that at your age

Choice 2 : I won't punish you Ronaldo, what you did is sure not a good thing to do in public but it is not a really bad things too. I'll just give you a warning because I can't let that happen again. We are at school because we want to learn so today you learned to not do that.

Ronaldo thanking you.

Scene 39.

Thank you professor ! I swear I'll never do it again and that I will listen more in class, said Ronaldo. You are really happy to hear that. You say : Good thing to do Ronaldo. I have a deal for you.

Choice 1 : You propose to give him a candy if he has more than 75% in his next math exam and that you will help me studying if he needs help.

Choice 2 : You propose him that if he has more than 75% in his next math exam you will let him leave the class for playtime 10 minutes before everyone.

A teacher helping a student

Scene 40.

He accepted your deal. During one week after the school end you stay with him for one hour studying math with him. He's really motivated and you are really happy this "flame" of curiosity and interest shining in his eyes.

Choice 1 : When you corrected the class math exam, you realize that Ronaldo has the best grade of the class. You will give him a big candy for his efforts. When you tell him that he had the best grade you saw his big smile and he thanks you. Congratulation you made a child happy.

The little Ronaldo

Scene 41.

He accepts your deal. You saw him study in class and his parents are sending you e-mail saying that they never saw their child studying with so much interest. You corrected the exam he passed the exam with a grade of 85%. You keep your words and during one week he goes to playtime 10 minutes before everyone.

Choice 1 : When your class go in playtime, ten minutes after Ronaldo, you saw Ronaldo reading a book on a bench at the playground. He tells you that now he really loves reading and studying and that he will become a teacher just like you. He is so cute.

Ronaldo is disturbing the class.

Scene 42.

After you gave a warning to Ronaldo he still causes ruckus in class and during the sixth month its been worse than ever.

Choice 1 : You tell in front of the class that you caught him playing with his body so that way he will calm down because the class will laugh at him.

Choice 2 : You bring him back to order because there will always be student that will be more difficult than other.

You lose the pursuit.

Scene 43.

After you tell that in front of the class, Ronaldo calm down but also start crying because everybody is laughing at him.

Choice 1 : The following week, Ronaldo's parents sue you for violating the dignity of a child and you lose your job and the pursuit.

It's part of the job.

Scene 44.

After you brought him back to order he was calm for the rest of the week but next week he restarts.

Choice 1 : Just deal with it, it's part of the job and you are still a really good teacher.

The End.