My Life As a Brand New Physical Therapist!

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√Člodie Bourassa

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My Life As a Brand New Physical Therapist!

college Montmorency

What Should I Do?

Now that I have finish my cegep years, I have a diploma in physical rehabilitation. What should I do? There are so many choices to make! I could go to university and learning more about things I like, but being poor. Also, I could choose to work directly and being rich and more time for myself.

Choice 1 : Work as a Physical Therapist.

Choice 2 : Going to university.

Choice 3 : Travel for 1 year and after go back to your studies

A new beginning comes with new opportunity!

Now that I have my diploma, I should work. When I finished my last internship, they offered me a job because I already have a foot in the door. Also, I could look for a job that I know I will like and enjoy it. What should I do?

Choice 1 : Taking this offered job!

Choice 2 : Look for a better job!

Sherbrook University

Keep going!

Going to the University wasn't my first choice but since I had decided to go there are much worthwhile opportunities for me that I can't decide which way I want to follow. I could choose the teaching course and follow my father steps. Also, I could choose to follow my mothers step and start the formation to become a sport therapist. Finally, I could choose my own way and become a nurse. This is the most heartbreaking choice I had to make in my entire life? What should I do?

Choice 1 : Become a nurse

Choice 2 : Become a Sport Therapist

Choice 3 : Become a teacher

That was a bad idea !

Taking this job was the worst idea of my entire life because this was a dead-end job. This clinic will clause his door in 3 weeks.

Choice 1 : The END

That was the best idea I have ever had !

I am a lucky girl ! I found a job in a hospital with kids. I will start tomorrow morning they will help with an on-the-job training.

Choice 1 : I will live happily ever after


Learning the ropes!

It's been 2 years now that I am at the University in the nurse formation. I am so happy to have my internship at the same place as my best friend but we had a few problems since we start to work together. We are getting sucked up in our stories during lunch break and we have been forgotten to take care of our patient. When the hospital's owner heard that, he asks me to leave. Should I continue my nursing training or should I quit and find a part-time job?

Choice 1 : Part-time job !

Choice 2 : Please keep going !

Hockey match

My brother's hockey team!

I am working as a Sport Therapist for my brother's hockey team. I really like my job ! They offered me a better wage for next year's season. I am very happy about it, but I am in love with one of the players. Well, he is my brother's best friend. I know that I shouldn't but I can't stop it. If, I chose to put our relationship in the daylight I am not allowed to continue working for the team. It's not professional. Should I put my relationship in the daylight or should I keep doing it in secret?

Choice 1 : Tell every one that you are in love!

Choice 2 : Keep it secret !

My dream job!

I'm so glad that I decided to follow my father steps. I have finish my teacher formation! I am now teaching in the Physical Rehabilitation program. I am so glad to give to my student the same experience as I had. I can't believe that I am teaching at the same school where I was taught.

Choice 1 : I will live happily ever after don't worry !

Ronald MacDonalds


I'm still working for MacDonalds since I left my internship 1 year ago. I haven't chosen yet where I want to live but when I know, I will give my CV to physiotherapy's clinic to work as a Physical Therapist.

Choice 1 : I will live happily ever after as a Physical Therapist !


You can call me nurse!

I am graduate for university for 2 years now. I am working as a nurse in my secondary school because after leaving my first internship, I had difficulties finding a new one. I am so glad that I had find this job. I really enjoy working with kids.

Choice 1 : You can call me nurse!


Oh no! Someone saw us...

I have decided to have a relationship in secret because I really like working for a hockey team. It's so nice to be in the action. Also, I really like him. Yesterday, we went on a date and unfortunately my brother and some other team's member saw us. He was not happy. He told my patron and he had fired me. He pay me a premium wage. During our diner yesterday my boyfriend asks me to marry him. Should I say yes or no?

Choice 1 : Yes!

Choice 2 : No!

Everything will be good!

I am so happy that I have told the truth. They let me be the sport therapist of the team. I have never been happier.

Choice 1 : The end!


Should I call the police?

Yesterday, I left for 1 month to Haiti. I have decided to help all the little kids with health condition that are links with physiotherapy. I am starting tomorrow at the village's clinic. My hotel seems weird and when I return to my room after super my bags have been open and I can't find my passport and the money that I have left. Should I call the police or should I call my mom for my passport?

Choice 1 : Call mom!

Choice 2 : Call the police

The most beautiful day of my life!

I said yes ! We are getting married in two months! I found a new job. It's not my first choice because it's a leg work for a commercial campaign that specialize in physiotherapy tools, but I am not worthless.

Choice 1 : They live happily ever after!

My little girl

My life in Haiti.

I am so glad that i took this job. I have the impression to help people and to make a difference in their life. I am now a mom for a little 2 years old girl. I adopt her and I have never been happier!

Choice 1 : The end!

No marriage

The worst day of my life.

Why did I say no? He left me and now I have no boyfriend and no job! The human resources can't help me ! My professional order just cancel my right to practice! I have nothing left.

Choice 1 : Your dead...

I have the number 1 mom !

My mom just save my life ! I will be able to finish my internship in Haiti. If I want to stay in Haiti, I will be able to because they have a vacant position for me!

Choice 1 : Take the job!

haitian police

call the police.

I have call the police and they say that they can't help me at least that I pay 1000 box. What should I do?

Write a choice here.

some cash

This trip has cost a lot of money.

I have decided to pay them so they help me to find my passport. They found it ! Should I keep doing my internship or should I quit and return home?

Choice 1 : Keep your internship!

Choice 2 : Go home!


They put me in jail!

I refused to pay and now they putting me in jail because I didn't have my paper to identify myself! I will die in prison because nobody knows where I am.

Choice 1 : They put me in jail!

A good opportunity!

I am so glad that I choose to keep my internship! When the private clinic near my house learn that I have done this internship they offered me a job for when I am going back!

Choice 1 : A good opportunity!

my home

return home.

I am sad that I have to left earlier my internship in Haiti, but I am happy to be back near my family. I missed them! I have decided to return to university for archiving my physiotherapy diploma.

Choice 1 : return home.

The End.