Life a Paralegal student.

A hypertext narrative by

Nora Lim

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 21 matches (agency, civil law, clients, court, criminal, criminology, fact, government, harassment, House of, House, law firm, law, lawyer, misconduct, paralegal, possibility, section, Sexual, short title, title)

Education : 11 matches (School, choice, college, degree, diploma, don, field, first, school, student, university)

Sociology : 8 matches (agency, criminology, School, fact, function, school, sexual, wants)

Target Structure:

flirtation (1 match)

intern (1 match)

internship (1 match)

leg work (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)


Life a Paralegal student.

College Ahuntsic

Start here.

Hi, my name is Nora. I'm 21 years old. I'm a law student at Ahuntsic College for about 3 years. This year, it's my last year and I'm not sure what I want to do next.

Choice 1 : Going to the University.

Choice 2 : Start working.

Barreau of Quebec

Going to the University.

Eventually I want to be a lawyer but it takes a lot of time. In fact, for a bachelor degre in law it's 3 years plus the Barreau of Quebec which is 6 to 8 months of internship before you can have the right to exercise the function of a lawyer.

Choice 1 : Still apply in Law.

Choice 2 : Start working.

Start working.

Well, here I am! I have so much opportunity of job. Where do I choose to work?

Choice 1 : Working in a firm.

Choice 2 : Working for a government agency.

Still apply in Law.

The R rating for Law is minimum 30, so the chances of applying the first time and get accepted right after are low. Therefore, there's a possibility to enroll in another program and eventually change it to Law.

Choice 1 : Apply in a related program of Law. For example, criminology.

Start working.

It's a leg work. Working in Law is really exhausting you have to be preparing mentally.

Write a choice here.


Working in a firm.

Now, I have two choices. Do I want to work for a criminal lawyer or a civil lawyer?

Choice 1 : Criminal lawyer.

Choice 2 : Civil lawyer.


Working for a government agency.

I'm an intern at the Court house of Montreal.

Write a choice here.

Criminal lawyer.

Now, I work in a criminal law firm. My boss wants me to start representing his clients but I can't do it because I don't have my license to practice as a lawyer. What should I do?

Choice 1 : Tell him that I can't to do it because I only have a college diploma

Choice 2 : Go back to school because I'm really motivated to get a bachelor degree to be able to do these kinds of work


Civil lawyer.

Now I work in a civil law firm. I don't really like it. I thought I would be interested in this field but it's not made for me. What should I do?

Choice 1 : QUIT! Go back to school!

Choice 2 : Stay, I made this far so it's not smart to leave at this point

Back to school.

Now I'm back to school. This time I don't want to make the wrong choice so I'm focus to get this bachelor degre done the quick as possible.

Choice 1 : Quit your job and focus on school

Choice 2 : Do both

Give this section a short title.

I worked in the firm for almost 3 years and my boss started to like me. In fact, he doesn't want me to leave and begging me to stay because he never had a paralegal as smart as me.

Choice 1 : I stay but tell him I want to work only two days per week

Choice 2 : Confronting my boss.

Confronting my boss.

For these past years, I didn't say a word about his misconduct but I think it's time to tell him before I quit because I want him to understand that it's inappropriate. How should I tell him?

Choice 1 : Write a letter and put it on his desk

Choice 2 : Tell him that his flirtation is disgusting and it gets to a point that it's sexual harassment and I can bring him in court

The End.