The Shape of Characters

A hypertext narrative by

Sophie Ladouceur

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Word count: 523

Choice count: 11

Section count: 7

Image count: 5

Error count: 7

Field Related Analysis:

Film : 17 matches (camera, cinema, director, dolly, fiction, film, makeup, movie, project, scene, set, short film, story, take, time, title, tripod)

Psychology : 10 matches (action, blood, game, hunger, need, nose, set, smell, vertigo, zombie)

Archaeology : 10 matches (college, HER, here, layer, Re, section, study, tripod, type, wheel)

Target Structure:


The Shape of Characters

What do I do?

I always liked the story and characters in movies and videogames. That's my passion and I want to live with it. But now, I have to make a choice.

Do I want to go to college or try to make it on my own ?

Choice 1 : I go study on Montmorency College

Choice 2 : I'll make it on my own.


SCENE 001.

I decide to study film making in the cinema program in the Montmorency College. In my 4th session, the teacher tells my friends and me that we need to make a short film. What type of movie that my teammates and I will choose?

Choice 1 : We decide to make a sci-fi movie

Choice 2 : We decide to make an horror movie.

SCENE 002.

My teammates and I decided to make a horror movie. It's about a man who lives into a post-apocalyptic world. We realise that the project will need a lot of makeup, fake blood, actors, etc. It's stressing me out! Maybe, I should stay with an ordinary sci-fi movie...

Choice 1 : We decide to make a science-fiction instead.

Choice 2 : We are still doing a horror movie.

From Hellboy movie

SCENE 003.

We start filming the horror movie. A part of the team need to make the makeup on some actors while the other part of the team is making tests on the equipment to make the movies. What I'm I going to do today?

Choice 1 : I go on the makeup team.

Choice 2 : I go on the equipment testing team


SCENE 004.

I'm doing the makeup in the face of a man. He's coughing and doesn't smell really good. While I was putting a layer of latex on his face to make him a zombie makeup, the man's nose begins to bleed. I hurry to put a Kleenex under his nose when he catches my hand and bites it hard. I'm starting to scream but it's too late. I see blurs, suddenly a great hunger invades me. I have to eat now, meat, meat, human, human meat.

Choice 1 : GAME OVER, you're dead, fools.


SCENE 005.

I start to test the camera with my team. We decide to try a special effect with the dolly (a wheel system for the tripod, it makes a nice movement with the camera). The result we are trying to achieve is the Vertigo effect, created by Hitchcock for his film '' Vertigo ''. While we are ready to start shooting, a friend asks me if I can go help her with makeup. Since I'm a director, I have to be on the set and take care of the film, but at the same time, I would like to help him. Hmm, what to do?

Choice 1 : I'm going to help my friend with the zombie makeup.

Choice 2 : I stay with my team on the set. Lights, camera...action !

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The End.