Youth and Correctional.

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overtime (1 match)

pension (1 match)

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retirement (2 matches)

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Youth and Correctional.

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" alt="The beginning" title="The beginning" style="width:100%;">

Start at the beginning.

I have been studying Youth and Correctional intervention at Ahuntsic College for three years. It's my last year. I'm not sure if I want to go to the university or start my career. Let's help all the people in the same field of study as me.

Choice 1 : Go to university.

Choice 2 : Start my career.

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" alt="Going to university" title="Going to university" style="width:100%;">

Go to university.

Going to university to study Criminology. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to be admitted. You could apply or start looking for a job.

Choice 1 : Try to apply in criminology.

Choice 2 : Look for a job.

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" alt="?" title="?" style="width:100%;">

Start my career.

You have the advantage of having done a technique of 3 years, which means that once this technique is over I can directly pass on the walk of work. The question is, what do you want to do? Work with youth or adults?

Choice 1 : Work with youth.

Choice 2 : Work with adult.

20160111 exhibits 216.jpg
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" alt="Working with youth " title="Working with youth " style="width:100%;">

Work with youth.

Working with young people is great. However, you must do an internship because you might not know too much about the young people's environment and what that implies. You can apply for an internship or find a job in this industry without knowing it.

Choice 1 : Apply for an internship.

Choice 2 : Find a job without knowing about it.

Gruppe Clustern viele.jpg
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" alt="Working with adult" title="Working with adult" style="width:100%;">

Work with adult.

Working with adults is another challenge. The environments are more difficult. You need to know if they are looking for a trainee. We must understand that we must always go through internship to facilitate access after. Should you ask for an internship in a drug addiction center or apply to work in a jail?

Choice 1 : Having an internship in a drug addiction center.

Choice 2 : Apply to get a job in a jail.

Try to apply in criminology.

It's not as easy as you think. To apply in criminology requires a lot of effort and excellent academic results. Continuing to university would prevent me from having a lot of money since you will have to concentrate on your studies. You will have to reduce your hours at work to focus on school. Focus on school or having more hours at work.

Choice 1 : Focus on school.

Choice 2 : Having more hours at work.

Looking for a job.

Looking for a job can be beneficial. On the other hand, you need to keep in mind that you will start at the bottom of the ladder, you will have to do on-the-job-training no matter where you work. Not knowing if you have a salary or not? Do overtime if you need to. You have to be careful because sometimes you do not always get along wells with your colleagues. In any work it can happen incidents. However, in my program teacher always told us that they are many accidents that could happen. These are the two types of accidents that I often heard. Flirting or misconduct.

Choice 1 : Flirting.

Choice 2 : Misconduct.

Apply for an internship.

The advantage of having an internship is to learn and be in the middle to give you an idea of whether you like the job or not. On the other hand, you must always keep in mind that you are not paid, you are a volunteer. Unless you have a full-time-internship AND that they offer you a position among them. I did a lot of research and here are the backgrounds in juvenile, youth center, group home, youth home, DPJ.

Choice 1 : Youth center.

Choice 2 : Youth home.

Dollar symbol gold.svg
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" alt="Doing money " title="Doing money " style="width:100%;">

Find a job without knowing about it.

Here is the only advantage finding a direct job after the 3 year program. YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE MONEY.

Choice 1 : Start over

Having an internship in a drug addiction center.

This internship can be really interesting. On the other hand, we must be vigilant with the customers, we must protect our privacy and always keep the professional side. You will learn to interact with adults with substance abuse problems.

Choice 1 : Start over

Addiction is life jail.jpg
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" alt="working in a jail" title="working in a jail" style="width:100%;">

Apply to get a job in a jail.

Jail is a special world that is not for everyone. First of all, I want to abolish all prejudices about women prison warden. We are able as a man. Applying is a long process that requires a lot of time. By contrast, once your place granted several benefits are offered. Such as, insurance, pension, compensation. In addition, to have a beautiful retirement waiting for you. But before, here are two accidents that can happen in prison have a relation with a prisoner or being attack by a prisoner.

Choice 1 : Have a relation with a prisoner.

Choice 2 : Being attack by a prisoner.

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" alt="stay at school " title="stay at school " style="width:100%;">

Focus on school.

Focusing on school is a logical choice, nowadays we have tremendous social pressure, we have to get a good diploma, to have a good job and make money. But how to combine school and work? At the university the work is much more demanding so you do not really have the choice to leave your job. But this is not an easy decision since the older we are, the more bills come in. The only advice I give myself and that I give you is to take the pressure off, take the time it takes and it is important to think about our health. Combining school and work is feasible but in a logical way.

Choice 1 : Start over

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" alt="Part time job " title="Part time job " style="width:100%;">

Having more hours at work.

Deciding to give more hours to work is not necessarily the best idea. But sometimes we do not really have a choice because the bills come in and life goes on even if we are at university. If, you decide to give more hours than you have to have fewer classes at school otherwise you will never succeed. I generalize but we must remain realistic. Do not forget that you are awesome, be proud of yourself. That's what I think.

Choice 1 : Start over

16031-Meißen-1913-Schützen Im Wirtshaus-Brück & Sohn Kunstverlag.jpg
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" alt="Flirt" title="Flirt" style="width:100%;">


It may sound strange or even improbable but it happens. It's not because you're at work that it can stop you from flirting with colleagues or even young people / prisoners in your job. Always stay professional, even if the person who is cruising you is super beautiful you must keep in mind that you put your job at stake. Teachers we can never say enough to be professionalism. There are lots of nice people outside of work with whom we can flirt but not people from work.You have two choices, listen to your heart or think about your job.

Choice 1 : Listen to your heart.

Choice 2 : Think about your job and all the consequences.


Just a small gesture of misconduct and we are done. We must not keep our privacy outside of work, always protect ourselves and think about our safety. To give an example of misconduct, it may just be that a day a young person is in crisis and we put ourselves in a dangerous position for our safety.

Choice 1 : Start over

Adolescent girl sad 0001.jpg
By stars alive -, CC BY 2.0, Link

" alt="Working for a youth center " title="Working for a youth center " style="width:100%;">

Youth center.

Youth centers can be difficult environments. The children who meet there can have enormous behavioral problems, sometimes have no family or the parents were not able to take care of them. For these children, we are their family, we must earn their trust. This environment is a really good environment, the salary is good and the retirement is well assured.

Choice 1 : Start over

Youth home.

Youth homes can be a really nice work experience. The goal is to welcome neighborhood youth and offer them services. If, you like being with young people this job is for you.

Choice 1 : Start over

Having a relation with a prisoner.

Having a relationship with a prisoner is the WORST thing to do. You must never be fooled by their beautiful words. Above all, it must be clear that a future is possible with a prisoner when he leaves prison. Again it may sound stupid but in my classes a lot of our teachers told us that it happened.

Choice 1 : Start over

Being attack by a prisoner.

Always keep in mind that working in jail can be dangerous. Some prisoners may have a bad day or be unpredictable, which unfortunately causes some accidents. Some prisoners may be more violent than others, which means that we have already heard stories where prison guards were attacking or threatening. So, just be always vigilant, always be on guard to avoid this kind of accident. We must not leave in fear of course we are trained.

Choice 1 : Start over

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" alt="heart " title="heart " style="width:100%;">

Listen to your heart.

We always have the choice to do what we want in life. Working in a prison is not always as simple as thinking. For example, being a woman and working in a men's prison can cause some problems. Like falling in love with an inmate. Inmates can often use seduction techniques and can also promise you a future with them. You can if you want to listen to your heart and believe everything he tells you. For sure, you didn't do it on purpose, we can control our feelings.However, always keep in mind that you can lose your job.

Choice 1 : Start over

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" alt="think about it " title="think about it " style="width:100%;">

Think about your job and all the consequences.

Always keep in mind that if we act in a way that can always have consequences. Starting a relationship with a prisoner or someone from your work, it can put our job in danger. You can lose your job, have a bad note in your file, have a bad reputation. It's going to be difficult to find another job after you. So, there are plenty of humans on this earth, choose the right one and avoid losing your job.

Choice 1 : Start over

The End.