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Nursing : 33 matches (accident, advocate, professional, anxiety, balanced, bipolar, capacity, clinic, clinical, cognitive, credibility, culture, Doctor, eye, fatigue, forced, gas, hospital, image, pack, paranoia, play, prosopagnosia, psychoanalysis, psychologist, psychology, psychosis, sleep, social, stage, stress, tears, treat)

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internship (7 matches)

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on-the-job-training (1 match)

pension (1 match)

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straight A's (1 match)

though (1 match)


Psychology and Law


Start at the beginning.

Hi! My name is Janie Locas and I'm 18 years old. I have been studying Social Sciences at Ahuntsic College for 2 years. More precisely, I am in the program of psychology and social interventions. I'm currently working at Van Houtte in Joliette which is where I live with my parents. I play soccer at elite level. Not long ago I had to send my requests to universities. Now that I have received my answers, which are all positive, I must now decide which university I want to go to. If I decide to go to McGill I'll study law, otherwise if I'm choosing Bishop's University I am going to study Psychology.

Choice 1 : I'm going to McGill.

Choice 2 : I choose Bishop University.

Choice 3 : I don't go to university because I have no idea what I want to become.


I'm going to McGill.

My first language isn't English, that means going to McGill was a huge challenge for me. It is worth it, because as everyone knows, McGill is the best-known school for studying Law and I wanted to give it my best shot so I will just need to show some accomodation. I decided to go live in the student residences to make it easier for me to go to school. I am a girl who comes from the countryside so living in downtown Montreal was another challenge for me. On my first day at McGill I got lost at least 10 times and I barely understood what my teachers were saying. To celebrate the beginning of the session the residences organize a party, but I already have a lot of work. I wonder if I'm going to free my head from this maddening day or if I stay at home and I get ahead in my work.

Choice 1 : I get ahead in my work.

Choice 2 : I'm going to the party.

A student

I get ahead in my work.

I decided to make the wisest decision, not to go to the start-of-session party. It's a sacrifice to make if I want to get only straight A's. The days passed, and no one was talking about this party no more. I had some difficulties, but I was doing well. My teachers were all proud of me and told me that I had potential in this area. I am now at the stage of choosing my internships. I discovered that I could go outside the country since I am in international law that could be useful to me. on the other hand, I was told that it was better to do it in a firm here to make a name and a good reputation before going elsewhere.

Choice 1 : I'm doing my internship out of the country.

Choice 2 : I'm doing my internship here.


I'm doing my internship out of the country.

I did my internship in a big company in Dubai. I do not really have the atmosphere of the city. I felt on another planet. But I still felt very lucky to be there because many would have liked to be in my place. When I came back to Quebec, I thought I was still a beginner to the big employers in my field. On the contrary, they had been informed of my work done on the other side of the world. So, once I got my last job at university, I immediately had plenty of job offers. I am now ones of the best lawyers in Canada, married and having two children.

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Bishop University

I choose Bishop University.

My first language isn't English, that means going to Bishop's University was a challenge for me. Likewise, this university is in Sherbrook, that means I must find an apartment within a short deadline and maybe a roommate as well. And I have to quit my job because I won't come back often. Therefore, if I don't want to get sucked up in all this stress and anxiety I have to organize everything and focus on my goal which is going to Bishop's University and become the best psychologist no one ever seen.

Choice 1 : I get overwhelmed by the stress.

Choice 2 : I managed to organize everything one step at a time.


I get overwhelmed by the stress.

When, I'm stressed my head does not work at full capacity, so I find myself starting university without a flat. I must travel 2 hours each morning and every evening. I am tired I have almost no money because the gas costs extremely expensive and I have more time to do anything. However I love my program and the university. But I can not go on doing Joliette-Sherbrooke every day like that. My anxiety has never reached such a high level in addition to school. There is a guy from my program who is looking for a roommate. The only gap is that I do not know who it is except for the fact that it is the star of the basketball team.

Choice 1 : Who cares, I really need a place to stay I'll ask him to be his roommate.

Choice 2 : Hell Nahh! I'll keep going like I was, it's just one session.


I'm going to the party.

I decided to go to the party and do my work another time, my need to make my head breath is more important. There was all the cohort of all the field of study all mixed together. So, I went to the party, and I made new friends. Now we are inseparable. They study in teaching, so they have a lot of free time and sometimes I let myself be influenced in their nonsense. My grades are not very good but honestly, I do not see the point of doing all these studies when I could do like them and be in an easier program and have a job filled with time off. My parents are disappointed with my attitude because it costs them money to send me to McGill and pay for my residence. So, they told me that if I did not stop hanging with them and did not keep my notes, they stopped helping me financially.

Choice 1 : I stop fooling around and get my things together.

Choice 2 : They won't tell me what to do, I do what I want.


I stop fooling around and get my things together.

I had to cut ties with the only friends I had at university, and as we say the separation of friendship is harder than that of love. So, I concentrated on my studies, but I felt so lonely ... The more time went on the more I shut myself up. I graduated, I became one of the best in my job, but I was good for the professional side, the relationship I really did not excel. I was not able to go to people ...So, I ended up buying a dozen cats.

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Van Houtte

I'm doing my internship here.

I did my internship here, thinking of creating a name in this workplace. But when I finished university I had to start in a small company to advocate minimal causes and no real purpose. I endured for 2 years but after I got tired I was not happy in this situation. I studied why the mindset of defending big companies and I found myself not doing this at all. So, I let everything go. I returned to the Van Houtte, then returned to university to teach law.

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An old lady getting her degree

They won't tell me what to do, I do what I want.

By doing what I wanted I ended up having bad grades, so I did not get my degree. Since I had almost no money, I lived with one of the girls who was drowsy. But she was starting to work because she had graduated. So, I went back to my parents' house at the age of 27, and I became a waitress in a restaurant bar until the day I decided to take my life in charge and go back to school at the age of 32 to redo my doctorate in Law.

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A marriage proposal

Who cares, I really need a place to stay I'll ask him to be his roommate.

One day, I decided to send him a message via social networks. It took barely an hour before he answered me. He looked just as desperate as I was to find someone to fill his apartment. After a week, all the papers were signed, and I was living with the school basketball stars. The more time progressed, the closer we got. He was made my best friend. We told each other everything. He often brought back girls, whom I called his groupies. But after a while nobody came, and I felt it more and more weird with me. Even if we told each other everything he was the type of person that we call alexithymia, that means he wasn't able to say how he feel. Until the day when, after I had been to see one of their basketball games, he confessed to me his love. It was like in a movie. Since that day, we have moved to the United States where he continues his basketball career and where I am sports teams as a sports psychologist.

Write a choice here.

An Hospital

Hell Nahh! I'll keep going like I was, it's just one session.

So, I continued to do what I did, the road every morning and evening. The longer the session progressed, the more fatigue struck me. The workload was getting much bigger and my sleep was getting smaller and smaller. Stress cut my appetite, so I was exhausted. One morning I did not have the strength to get up and that's when I hit the bottom of the barrel. I was taken to the hospital and the doctor put off school. On the other hand, I had to do my end-of-session exams and submit my work I did not want my session to be canceled. So, I forced myself and I took all my strength to go to my car..This stubbornness almost cost me my life. I fell asleep at the wheel and I had an accident..So, I do not have my legs anymore. I didn't go back to school yet.

Write a choice here.


I managed to organize everything one step at a time.

I saw the dream life best friend decided to follow me to Sherbrooke, so I did not have to look for a roommate, we found a cozy apartment, and it was decorated to be in our image. I love my program which was the cognitive psychology, also considered to be cognitive science, and I have already received offers of clinic where I was doing my internships. At the clinics there were clinical psychologist which was a plus to help me learn more about this job. I must now choose whether I stay at Sherbrooke or start my own my clinic in my area.

Choice 1 : I play it safe and stay in Sherbrooke where I already know I'll have clients.

Choice 2 : I like risks, I start my own clinics even I'll have to work harder.


I play it safe and stay in Sherbrooke where I already know I'll have clients.

I decided to stay in Sherbrooke where I already had my apartment and where I was already well established with the assurance of having a stable job in one of the clinics in which I had done my internship. At the clinic where I work I treat all kinds of mental problems, such as bipolar disorder, paranoia, prosopagnosia or psychosis. We also intervene as psychoanalysis. All the experience I gained at this clinic was figurative and literary, since when it was time for the owner to retire, she left me her clinic.

Write a choice here.


I like risks, I start my own clinics even I'll have to work harder.

I returned to Joliette, with my savings I rented a small room that my parents helped me decorate. The first days were hard morally and monetarily, since I did not have enough clients to pay everything and pay me a salary. So, I had to stay with my parents and have a small job to get some funding, which took me away of all credibility. Only after 5 years that I started to have more customers and it became more profitable. Now I have my clientele established and sometimes a few new customers who become loyal subscribers and more, I was able to buy a condo.

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money or trip

I don't go to university because I have no idea what I want to become.

I decided to not go to university even if my parents try to deter me from this decision. I have no idea what I want to do as a job and I find myself too young to make big decision like that. In my opinion, at our age this is where we should enjoy it, make trips, do what we can do now that we won't be able to do when we get older. I could either work to collect money while I decide what fascinate me about life or go on a trip six months to discover myself.

Choice 1 : I'm going on a trip six months.

Choice 2 : I'm working my ass offs to save money.

couple traveilling around the word and helping people

Follow my goal to find my ideal self, without having a stable life.

I took my courage in both hands and left with a government agency to help people with all kinds of situations in the world. It is thanks to this organization that I met the man of my life with whom, even though I thought I had a stable life, I managed to have a kind of balanced life. We were part of the same help group, so we always traveled together. I had all kinds of training around the world when we decided to settle down to find our family, full of jobs available to us. We lectured in schools to sensitize young people to global situations. Then one day, he went back to another country that had just experienced a disaster, unfortunately I could not because I had to stay with the children. Then, when it was time for his return home, were the police that I welcomed at my door ...

Write a choice here.

A girl travelling alone

Having a family and staying near mine is much important.

Building a family was far too important for me, although my dream was to continue traveling to help people in need. Since I could not do what I wanted to do in life, I was hired by a team that offered me to do on-the-job-training. So, I became a mom who worked in a factory. Of course, this job offered me a good pension fund and adequate quality of life, but it was not the life I had dreamed of. I had an exceptional husband and fabulous kids. But I had a tough time, I was constantly missing something. And as I am a type A person, very impulsive, I left overnight to go around the world. I left everything last and I left.

Write a choice here.

country flag

I'm going on a trip six months.

So, I went on a trip for six months. I went pack-bag with the minimum amount of money I needed. I started in Italy to see my family and pick up some money working in the vineyards. Then, I went to Croatia, I went to Bali where I worked in a hostel, then went to Thailand, Costa Rica where I also worked in a youth hostel and I finished my tour in Australia. I fell in love with the country culture, and I realized how lucky I was to be born in Canada ... I found what I wanted to do in life and it's help countries that do not have the same luck as me. The only problem is that having a stable life while traveling is not easy especially if I want children. I must make an important choice. Either I choose a job that is related to help people in the world with any kind of illness or where there is discrimination. Or I pursue my goal and I give up having a family while being away from the one I already have, and I love more than anything.

Choice 1 : Follow my goal to find my ideal self, without having a stable life.

Choice 2 : Having a family and staying near mine is much important.

A girl playing soccer

I'm working my ass offs to save money.

I worked 7 days a week for 6 months. It was worse than going to school. On the other hand, I collected a lot of money, and I was able to put aside some for later and I trained after each day after work. So, I went to a showcase with the money I had, and I was recruited by teams in the United States. The only problem is that if I go to study Law, when I go back to Quebec they will not recognize my schooling, so I will have to do it again here. I do not know what to do.

Choice 1 : This is a great opportunity, the experience of a lifetime, I can't refuse.

Choice 2 : I do not want to do my university twice, and I'm scared to go there alone.


This is a great opportunity, the experience of a lifetime, I can't refuse.

I could not miss such an opportunity, packed my bags, signed my contract and left tears in the eye away from my family. When I arrived I was taken care of quickly I was not left to myself as I was so scared. At school my teachers were indulgent and very understanding what reassured me enormously me who was pack of nerves. These years have been the most beautiful of all my life. My family often came to see me and during the holidays it was me who moved. When it was time for me to graduate, I had to decide if I wanted to stay in the United States or go back to Quebec. I was finally offered a Vancouver job that recognized my degree and allowed me to be in the job market right away. After long discussions my parents and I decided to move all over there. We all needed change and tried a new adventure.

Write a choice here.

A soccer coach

I do not want to do my university twice, and I'm scared to go there alone.

I did not want to do my university twice so I refused my offers. But I still had to go to university. Seeing what the recruiters did for me and their work I thought it might be an idea. So, I took all of my savings, and I was following all kinds of coaching and recruiting training around the world. That's how I became one of the best-known coaches to become an outstanding recruiter.

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The End.