What a life!

A hypertext narrative by

Carl Brule-Ouimette

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The Virtual Writing Tutor Grammar Checker


Word count: 2476

Choice count: 34

Section count: 23

Image count: 23

Error count: 6

Field Related Analysis:

Tourism : 32 matches (Alcohol, CPR, Camping, City, Climbing, Control, Event, Food, Hiking, Package, Party, Program, apartment, bit, camp, chef, compensation, door, event, hearing, hold, leg, operator, p.m, package, program, residence, stand, stop, through, trip, watch)

Nursing : 29 matches (alcohol, anatomy, ankle, bleeding, body, compensation, test, CPR, delivery, fatigue, first aid, foot, Health, heart, jerk, medical, mode, neck, personality, planning, practice, sleep, specific, stress, tent, emergency care, injured, patients, chemistry)

Education : 27 matches (CEGEP, Down, P, School, choice, class, classes, college, compensation, don, exam, failed, failing, faith, first, grades, head, high school, learn, learning, project, school, specific, student, teacher, teachers, test)

Target Structure:

a foot in the door (1 match)

compensation package (1 match)

dead-end job (1 match)

internship (1 match)

lack of (2 matches)

learn the ropes (1 match)

maddening (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

though (2 matches)

wage (2 matches)


What a life!


It all started like this.

You just finished High School and you moved to your stepfather's house with your mother and sister for a new beginning. It is time to choose your CEGEP program. You once thought that being a paramedic would be nice but you are not sure about it. You can either try it or give yourself some time by doing a DEC in Health Science.

Choice 1 : Go in Prehospital Emergency Care.

Choice 2 : Go in Health Science.


Go in Prehospital Emergency Care.

So now that you have chosen Prehospital Emergency Care, you feel satisfied by your choice even though all of your friends and family tell you that it is a hard job. But now, the only CEGEP that offers this program is Ahuntsic College, in Montreal, a two-hour drive from your house. So, you can either stay at your house and do the travelling or go at the student residence near the college.

Choice 1 : Stay at your house.

Choice 2 : Live in the residence of the CEGEP.


Stay at your house.

The first year goes well but you feel tired you waking up at five and not returning home until eight. Having a lot of classes and driving all the time make you loose time for studying and relaxing. All of this lack of sleep is coming on to you. On the day of your final test in CPR class you wake up exhausted and wonder if you can really go to school or you should stay at home to regain some energy.

Choice 1 : Go to class.

Choice 2 : Stay in your bed for some sleep.


Go to class.

You decided that you are able to do your exam so you head to school. The drive was difficult, you nearly caused three accidents but you managed to arrive safe. During the test, the fatigue catches you and you fall asleep during your exam. You wake up at the end having only answered one question. Your teacher (a total jerk), takes your copy with a smile, telling you that he will see you next year on the same class because you failed. Failing a class in this program makes you one year late for every other class. So, you wonder if you just change program because it is not for you or you continue fighting in this program.

Choice 1 : Quit and change program.

Choice 2 : Continue fighting.


Quit and change program.

You decided that this program wasn't for you. You are tired of school and don't want to study anymore. Your mom and stepdad won't let you stay in the house if you don't work or study so you finish working in a dead-end job that you don't like for the rest of your life.

Choice 1 : Try again


Continue fighting.

You are a fighter so you don't give up that easily. You managed to get through the other classes even if you failed this one. Unfortunately, all of your friends passed their class so you are now alone and feeling a bit down. The next year, you see all of your friends with their uniform and see what they can do makes you a little bit jealous. You begin to lose faith and you are not as motivated as you were, the first year so you decide to take a step back and quit school. You are not welcome home anymore so you go out and live in a creepy apartment, surviving with the little wage that the government gives you every month.

Choice 1 : Try again

stepfather yelling

Stay in your bed for some sleep.

You stop your alarm and instantly fall asleep. You don't wake up until 3 p.m. because you hear your not-so-loved stepdad yelling things across the house. You get up and when you open your door, he is right in front of you, yelling about the things you should have done in the house instead of sleeping and how you are acting like a king in the house and stuff like that. You still are exhausted by life and tired of hearing the same speech from him. You need to decide if you want to start to argue now or you just ignore him and go back to your room.

Choice 1 : Go back to your room.

Choice 2 : Argue with him.


Go back to your room.

You decided to go back to you room for some peace. Your stepdad is angrier than ever that you ignored him and furiously pounds on your door, hindering your sleep.It is maddening. You begin to feel your anger growing and the lack of sleep is not helping you making good choices. His poundings continue and you get up of your bed, grab the pair of scissors on your desk, open the door and stab him in the neck. Now you have a dead stepdad in front of your room.

Choice 1 : You hide the body.

Choice 2 : You run for your life and leave the country.


You hide the body.

You freak out and decide to bury the body in your backyard. What you didn't know was that your mom was planning to make a garden the exact place where you buried him. She founds the body and calls the police. You are arrested and go in jail for the rest of your life.

Choice 1 : Try again


You run for your life and leave the country.

You are completely out of your mind. The first thing you do is grab all of your stuff and put it in your backpack and go on the run. You hitchhike and get to Mexico to live as a mariachi for the rest of your life.

Choice 1 : Try again


Argue with him.

You have a strong personality and you don't let yourself be stepped on. So, you begin to argue with him in a never-ending argument. Your stepdad and you get angrier and angrier until your stepfather has enough. He tries to punch you in the face but you dodge it. Scared, you run for your life but you can't pull yourself off of that situation. You turn around and face him. He punches you and you fall in the stairs and broke your neck.

Choice 1 : Try again


Live in the residence of the CEGEP.

It is your first apartment. You are excited and live near the school so you have a lot of time to do some activities, enjoy the big city and make new friends. You are proposed to go to a huge party with a lot of people. Your new friends try to convince you to go, saying it will be the time of your life. But, it is your midterm and you have a lot of exams during the week so you should study.

Choice 1 : You go to the party.

Choice 2 : You stay at home to study.


You go to the party.

It really was the time of your life. You met some really nice people who are your friend now. You begin to hang out more with them and going out to more parties and enjoy your life in Montreal. One day, one of your friends asks you if you would like to get a little job and help them. It seems a little weird because he doesn't tell you a lot about this job, but he assures you a great compensation package that comes with this. You hesitate because you don't want to lose your friends and all the good things that comes with it but you are also not sure what this project is about and you don't think it's legal.

Choice 1 : You join them.

Choice 2 : You refuse the offer.


You join them.

After thinking about it, you decide to help them with their job thinking that if it could get you a little bit of money. The job consists of delivering a package to a specific place at a specific time. At your big surprise, it went well and you received $5,000 in exchange! Without asking any questions you continued doing this and became a money addict. It was so easy that you decided to put aside your studies and go full-time delivery man for your friends. You are overwhelmed by all of this wage and don't know what to do with all that money. The years go by and you were asked to do bigger and bigger job and now you have enough money to live happily in you castle for the rest of your life. But you would always wonder what was in those package, but no one will ever know.

Choice 1 : Try again.


You refuse the offer.

You decide it is too suspicious to go so you refuse their offer. Your friends are really not happy, they say that you know too much and they can't let you go, knowing that they prepare something. They force you to volunteer to do the job instead of them. The job consists of robbing a bank. When it is the big time, you are so stress that you can't even scream " Hold up" at the cashier. You just stand their looking ridiculous until the police arrive and take you to jail.

Choice 1 : Try again.


You stay at home to study.

You use your head and refuse to go to the party because your grades and future are more important than the rest. The rest of your year goes very well, you get straight A's and the teachers are very impressed by your dedication to the program. A teacher, who is also a paramedic, offers you to volunteer at an event to give first aid and meet other people. That weekend, you and your friends were supposed to go on a hiking and camping trip. You are confused and don't know what to do.

Choice 1 : Volunteer for the event.

Choice 2 : You decline the offer and go camping.


Volunteer for the event.

You go to the event so you could get a foot in the door of the world of paramedics. During the event, you get the chance meet a lot of people : paramedics, chef operator, owners of companies and many more. They like your personality and your enthusiasm. They watch you take care of the patients and they would like to give you an internship in the company. There are no better ways to learn the ropes and be ready for your job than this so you accept. You finish your DEC and you get a job instantly. You now work for saving people and treating their illnesses and could not have dreamed of a better life.

Choice 1 : Try again.


You decline the offer and go camping.

Maybe a little break of all your anatomy, pathologies, CPR and traumatic care classes will be good for you. You and your friends decide to go on a camping trip and climb a huge mountain in the USA. You bring alcohol, food and all the other stuff you need to make your trip memorable. The first half goes very well, you decided to stay for the night, camp here and do the rest tomorrow. One of your friend says that it would be better if you continue climbing even though it begins to be dark.

Choice 1 : Listen to your friend and continue to climb.

Choice 2 : Hold on to your point and stay for the night.


Listen to your friend and continue to climb.

It is getting darker and darker. It is difficult to see where you are walking and climbing. You are first and you here in the back your friend yelling and some rocks falling. You turn around and see your friend on the ground, grabbing his ankle. You go back to see that he has some big cuts on his leg and his ankle is twisted. Quickly, you reach for your medical kit and put bandages around his leg to stop the bleeding. The hemorrhage is successfully stopped, thanks for your traumatic classes. You and your other friend carry the injured to a safer place and you call for some help. Unfortunately you couldn't go through your camping trip and return back home with your friends. At least you had some practice of your learning!

Choice 1 : Try again.


Hold on to your point and stay for the night.

With a little bit of arguing, you convince your friend that you should stay because it is safer than climbing during the night. You install your tent and make some food. It is now time to go to bed, everyone is tired and it doesn't take long to fall asleep. During the night, a strange noise wakes you up. You go out of the tent to see a giant bear right in front of you. Your heart starts beating faster, stress is taking control of your body. How do you react?

Choice 1 : Run for your life.

Choice 2 : Stay calm and wake your friends.


Run for your life.

You don't hesitate, you begin to run as fast as you can. Each time you look behind, you see the bear closer and closer. Then, you feel claws stabbing you in the back. You fall on the ground, unable to make any movements. You that this is the end, you close your eyes hoping it won't be long and suffering.

Choice 1 : Try again.

forest man

Stay calm and wake your friends.

You try to move as slowly as possible. The bear is attracted by your food that you left near the fire so you can go back in the tent to wake your friends and tell them that you all need to go. You try to get as much stock as you can get and you and your friend go out in the back door of the tent. You run without really knowing where you are going and you don't really see a thing outside because it is too dark. You continue running and escaping until you are too exhausted to move. The sun is getting up and you are lost in the forest. You don't know what to do, you only have a little bit of food and water and nothing else. You go on full survivor mode and live as a forest man with your friends until you found a way to get back to civilization.

Choice 1 : Try again.

bad choice

Go in Health Science.

No one wants to go in Health Science, you only do chemistry lab, maths and physics and lose 2 years of your life. Sorry.

Choice 1 : Try again.

The End.