Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention.

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Manuel Pilon

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 23 matches (children, clients, community, criminology, drugs, duty, error, House, incarceration, inmate, intervention, justice, market, Ministry of Justice, motive, of Justice, offer, parole, place of, power, profits, riot, value)

Sociology : 16 matches (cell, community, criminology, difference, error, relationship, group, incarceration, justice, motive, organization, power, riot, social work, intervention, value)

Education : 15 matches (adult, choice, college, continuing, course, diploma, don, field, grades, intervention, market, professionalism, reward, social, university)

Target Structure:

retirement (8 matches)


Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention.

Ahuntsic College

Starting from the beginning!

I'm actually studying in Youth and Adult Correctional intervention at Ahuntsic College. I'm soon to finish my program and I have a lot of different choices for what's next.

Choice 1 : I could do like a lot of my colleague and go directly on the labor market.

Choice 2 : I could also decide to go to the university to be specialized in a certain field of work.

By Jeangagnon [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Where would I like to work?

My diploma is giving me a lot of different opportunities of work places.

Choice 1 : I could go to work in an institutionalize place of work like jail's ans youth centers.

Choice 2 : I also could choose to go work in a community organization.

By Université_de_Montréal.JPG: Colochoderivative work: Chicoutimi [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

To the university !

With my diploma and the good grades I had during studies in Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention, every university are available for me to be accepted.

Choice 1 : I could choose to start a baccalaureate in criminology because I want to work with a marginalized clientele.

Choice 2 : I could choose to start a baccalaureate in social work because I want to be able to work with normal based customers.

By Eminoro [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Congratulation to me ! I've been hired at Bordeaux Jail !

After a lot of effort, I've finally got a job related to my studies ! After a few days of work, An inmate approach me and ask me to enter some drugs in the jail to do extra profits. What do I do?

Choice 1 : I accept his offer knowing that my colleague will never suspect me.

Choice 2 : I denounce him because I know that I could lose my job and I decide to be a true correctional officer.

the woman

Congratulation to me! I've just been hired in a community organization called Toxicostop.

It's been almost two months that I've been working and one of my clients is really seductive and she's always complimenting me. What do I do?

Choice 1 : I thank her for the compliments and I ask her on a date.

Choice 2 : I choose the right choice tell her that I'm in a professional relation with her and those compliments are not adequate.

jail cell

Oh no ! What have I done !?

After couples of weeks entering drugs inside the jails, I got caught.

Choice 1 : I can do my time and wait to get a new life once I'm out.

Choice 2 : I can also join the Neo-Nazis group to have people who look over me.

Choice 3 : Decide to do drugs in jail. This way time will pass faster.

Correctional officer

I'm happy that I've done my duty !

For my honesty and my professionalism, my boss decide to give me a promotion to reward me !

Choice 1 : I can accept the promotion and have more influence on the people around me.

Choice 2 : I can decline that promotion telling that I'm simply happy that I've done my duty.

black mail

The worst error of my entire life.

I've finally went on a date with the seductive woman that I met at my job. When we got back to my place, I discovered that she was a man. I told her that I wasn't interested anymore she blackmailed me to get money in exchange for keeping the secret. What do I do?

Choice 1 : I give her the money directly fearing to lose my job.

Choice 2 : I tell her that I won't give her money because noting happened.

the good choice

I choose the right choice.

I told her that we were in a professional relationship she stopped her compliment. Later on, I saw in her file that she was a transgender. After a couple years at toxicostop, I had the opportunity to get a promotion. To have this promotion I need to go back to the university.

Choice 1 : I decide that I can be more than what I'm actually doing and I return to the studies.

Choice 2 : I decline the offer and stay where I work.

code of law

Finally ! I finished my studies in criminology. Now what do I do ?

After a long years of studies, it's finally done I got my diploma and I need to chose a career! Their's a lot of choices offer to me what will I do ?

Choice 1 : Become a parole officer for the ministry of justice of Canada and be the best! With the salary, I could have a wonderful retirement !

Choice 2 : Decide to work in institutions like jails,community organism and youth centers. The difference here with the baccalaureate and the college diploma is that my job will be more valuable (better salary and responsibility)

Now that I've my baccalaureate in social work, I need to know what ii will do next !

After so many years of studying, it's time for me to find a work place that motive me !

Choice 1 : Decide to work in institutions like jails,community organism and youth centers. The difference here with the baccalaureate and the college diploma is that my job will be more valuable (better salary and responsibility)

Choice 2 : Why not go to work in social services like CLSC and CIUSS one of my friend told me that they're hiring ! With the good salary, i could save for a wonderful retirement!

Finally out of jail !

After 10 years of incarceration I finally got out! I'm happy that I didn't match up with the Neo-Nazi some of them were killed inside the jail during a riot. Of course, I got beaten a couple of times, but I knew that I would see the exterior of the jail again.

Choice 1 : Retirement live a normal with a regular job avoiding any troubles. I already lost 10 years of my life for nothing !

It's nice to be a Neo-Nazi even if I don't support it.

My brothers look after me and I look after them has well. It's been really quiet in the last few months. Last week our leader got killed by a member of the black panther. Everything is turning to the worst.

Choice 1 : Plot to kill the leader of the black panthers during a riot. I can't leave my brothers behind!

I got the promotion !

I'm happy to announce you that I'm now the warden assistant. I love it! My salary is much better then the old one I think that I finally found my place.

Choice 1 : I will finish my career here and try to have a beautiful life and retirement.

I decline the promotion.

I like to be on the field with my colleague and I'm sure that they're happy that I stayed with them.

Choice 1 : Be the best at my job and try to save money for my retirement.

I'm never doing this error again.

She asked me so much money that I've no choice to continue to work at toxicostop for the rest of my life. With chance, I might have a respectable retirement.

Choice 1 : Continuing to work at toxicostop and do everything in my power to not get in trouble again.

A sad ending.

When I refused to give her money, she took a gun out of her purse and shoot me three times. She stole everything of value in my house.

Choice 1 : You are dead. Start from the beginning.

Retirement !

Finally, I did my share. I'm now able to take retirement and do what I want with my time ! I think that I'll try to have more time to see my 14 grand children's.

Choice 1 : The end.

Bleeding out.

During the riot, I got stabbed multiples times and a lot of other of my brothers died that day. I finally bled out.

Choice 1 : You are dead. Start from the beginning.


The drugs that I took in jails were cut with carfentanyl. My cell mate didn't realize that I had overdosed before the morning after I died.

Choice 1 : You are dead. Start from the beginning.

The End.