The Wild Life of an Engineer 1.

A hypertext narrative by

ayoub biaz

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Word count: 812

Choice count: 33

Section count: 22

Image count: 22

Error count: 11

Field Related Analysis:

Education : 18 matches (CEGEP, School, academic, choice, class, course, courses, don, fail, first, grades, professor, project, register, school, semester, teacher, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 15 matches (accident, accumulation, appointment, company, driving, force, harassment, lottery, pension, register, section, Sexual, short title, title, trust)

Construction and Civil Engineering : 12 matches (build, building, accumulation, background, delays, Engineer, fall, falls, movement, civil engineering, engineering, machine)

Target Structure:

dead-end job (1 match)

HR (1 match)

intern (1 match)

internship (1 match)

pension (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

though (1 match)


The Wild Life of an Engineer 1.

Presentation of Myself.

My name is Biaz Ayoub and I'm 18 years old. Next year, I will begin my academic background to become an engineer if I succeed all of my courses.

Choice 1 : As expected, I finish my Cegep in three years

Choice 2 : I fail a course, which delays my entry to university of 1 year.

University Choices.

During the summer, I register myself to two universities. One is the University of École de technologie supérieure (ETS) in Montreal where I apply in building engineering. The other is McGill University where I apply in mechanical Engineering.

Choice 1 : I go to ETS.

Choice 2 : I choose to go to McGill University.

ETS Life.

One year pass and I'm not sure about the type of engineer I want to become. I hesitate between the civil and the mechanic.

Choice 1 : I continue my studies in civil engineering.

Choice 2 : I change to mechanical engineering

My First Building.

A few years after I finishes my BAC, I get my first project. The project is to build a new building for Google. During my calculations, I forget to take to involve the mechanical resonance who is an important physics concept. Indeed, depending on the characteristics of the building, they can't support some force of movement because of an accumulation of energy. The consequences are that the building will fall.

Choice 1 : The building falls.

Choice 2 : Denounce myself.

The End.

Spend the next 25 years in jail and I will never come back to school. Restart from the beginning.

Choice 1 : The beginning.

Denounce Myself.

I decide to denounce myself, but it change nothing, the mistake is done. I'm expelled of the program and I will never become an engineer. Restart from the beginning.

Choice 1 : The beginning.


I receive my grades and realize that I fail my wood class. I'm so discouraged that I want to to leave school, but I don't really have a choice if I want to go back to university next year.

Choice 1 : I drop school.

Choice 2 : I continue my studies

The End.

I win the lottery and I become rich. Restart from the beginning.

Choice 1 : The beginning.

The End.

I have a car accident. I was late for my wood class. I was driving too fast.

Choice 1 : The beginning.

McGill University Life.

I meet an incredibly beautiful woman.

Choice 1 : I ask her to go out on a date with me

Choice 2 : I'm too scared I gave up

The End.

She does not come to the appointment. I will not trust any woman anymore and I will finish my life alone.

Choice 1 : The beginning.

The End.

I finish my studies and I become a great engineer. My secretary is really beautiful. I wonder if I can invite her to a date.

Choice 1 : I ask her to go out on a date with me

Choice 2 : I don't ask her to go out on a date with me.


She accuses me of sexual harassment and HR fire me.

Choice 1 : The beginning.

The friend of the secretary.

Even though I did not, have the courage to invite him. Her friend comes to see me and asks me to go out with her.

Choice 1 : I accept

Choice 2 : I refuse

The happy ending.

We love each other and I marry her and thanks to my big pension I finish my life traveling with her.

Choice 1 : The beginning.


She misconducts badly and turns everyone against me at work. I leave the company and went to find myself a better job.

Choice 1 : The beginning.


At my first class the teacher tells me to make team and choose one of the three labs that are available for us.

Choice 1 : Machine engineering.

Choice 2 : Aerospace

Choice 3 : Industrial mechanics

The End.

The professor hates machine engineering. He is rude with me for the rest of the semester and he gave me you a hard year. Restart from the beginning.

Choice 1 : The beginning.

Give this section a short title.

I have very good grades. The teacher finds me an internship in a prestigious two company.

Choice 1 : Bombardier

Choice 2 : SNC-Lavalin

Industrial mechanics.

I hate the class I ended up giving up after a session.Restart from the beginning.

Choice 1 : The beginning.


My time there as intern is amazing. The company offers me to work for them. I finished my career with them.

Choice 1 : The beginning.


After a few years there I realize it's a dead-end job and I resign.

Choice 1 : The beginning.

The End.