Hypertext Narrative.

A hypertext narrative by

Roxane Fontaine

Created with

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Word count: 1211

Choice count: 30

Section count: 20

Image count: 14

Error count: 10

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 23 matches (act, clients, code, community, compensation, crime, criminal, drugs, government, intervention, intimidation, justice, living, misconduct, notice, offer, order, priority, reprisals, security, Sexual, trust, young)

Computer Science : 14 matches (bit, cell, check, choice, Code, effects, group, hypertext, network, open, Package, priority, security, superior)

Psychology : 13 matches (attention, attitude, bit, cell, compensation, depressed mood, dream, image, isolate, love, mood, order, superior)

Target Structure:

compensation package (1 match)

dread (1 match)

income (1 match)

lack of (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

purpose (1 match)

withholding (1 match)


Hypertext Narrative.

Ahuntsic College

It all started like this.

You just received your diploma from Ahuntsic College. You've been studying Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention and with all the internships you have done, you are ready to find your dream job. There are three paths you could choose. You could become a correctional officer and work in a federal prison with adult offenders. You could also decide to work with younger clients and become an educator in a youth center. Finally, you could work in the community network with destitute people.

Choice 1 : Become a correctional officer.

Choice 2 : Become an educator.

Choice 3 : Work in the community network.

Federal Prison

Become a correctional officer.

You now have become a correctional officer in a federal prison. As a new employee, a group of inmates is trying to intimidate you, to show you you are not the boss. You could decide to let them be so you won't get any trouble or do an intervention to indicate that you will not let them intimidate you and misconduct themselves.

Choice 1 : Be intimidated.

Choice 2 : Do an intervention.

Be intimidated.

Since you ignored the intimidation, the inmates know that you are malleable and scared to interpose yourself. One day, they succeed to isolate you and they try to convince you to take in drugs for them in exchange for an important income. They would also stop intimidating you.

Choice 1 : Accept the offer.

Choice 2 : Decline the offer.

Inmate in his celll

Accept the offer.

You accepted the offer and receive your first order. When you arrive at work, the drugs are detected. You immediately lose your job and you undergo criminal prosecutions. You end up in prison for your crime.

Choice 1 : Start again

Inmate in his celll

Decline the offer.

Since you declined the offer, as an act of vengeance, the group of inmates manages to hide drugs in your personal effects at work. A coworker finds them and brings them to your superior saying it is yours. You automatically lose your job and have to undergo criminal prosecutions.

Choice 1 : Start again


Do an intervention.

Since you interposed yourself in front of the intimidation of the group, you are now its target. They look at you with fierce eyes and continue the intimidation despite your interventions. One day, you hear weird noises in the cell of one of the inmates of the group. Security is your number one priority so you must know what is going on in the cell but you could decide to ignore the noises to avoid reprisals from the group.

Choice 1 : Go take a look.

Choice 2 : Ignore the noises.

Physical handicap

Go take a look.

It was an ambush. You get seriously beaten and you keep important sequelaes from this event that make you no longer able to keep your job. Traumatised by this attack, you stay home, living with a compensation package from the government.

Choice 1 : Start again

Ignore the noises.

You ignore the noises and continue your round. A bit later, a colleague takes the same round as you but he enters the cell when he hears the noises. He catches inmates preparing drugs for further sells. On the security cameras, all of your colleagues see that you did nothing on purpose when you heard the noises. Everyone thinks that you are one of the perpetrators of the drugs sells and no one can trust you anymore.

Choice 1 : Start again


Become an educator.

As a new educator, you have to be placed. Two vacant positions are offered to you. You have to choose between working in Youth Protection with abused and neglected teenagers or in Youth Criminal Justice with young offenders.

Choice 1 : Work in Youth Protection.

Choice 2 : Work in Youth Criminal Justice.

Work in Youth Protection.

It's your first week as an educator in Youth Protection. You notice that one of the teenagers looks very depressed. Other educators told you about him that he regularly takes a depressive attitude when he wants to get attention and it always turns out that it's nothing important. You have to decide if you ask the teenager about his feelings or if you do nothing about it.

Choice 1 : Ask the teenager about his feelings.

Choice 2 : Do nothing about it.


Ask the teenager about his feelings.

He won't tell you anything. He says you are just a newbie and you won't understand him.

Choice 1 : Start again

Do nothing about it.

You decide to ignore him. Later, still in his depressed mood, he asks you if he can go in his room even if it is free time in the common room.

Choice 1 : Say yes.

Choice 2 : Say no.

Say yes.

You say yes and he goes in his room. An hour later, you go check if everything is alright but the sight you get when you open the door fills you with dread. The teenager hanged himself. This image will haunt you for the rest of your days.

Choice 1 : Start again

Say no.

You say no and he gets really pissed off. He rushes towards the door and runs outside. He ran away.

Choice 1 : Start again


Work in Youth Criminal Justice.

It is your first day as an educator with a Youth Criminal Justice group. One of the teenagers starts to look at you with flirting eyes and doesn't stop complimenting you. You also think he is really cute and mature for his age but flirting back would be against your code of ethics.

Choice 1 : Flirt Back.

Choice 2 : Stop the flirt.


Flirt Back.

Weeks go by and the flirt between you two intensifies. You are more and more physically attracted to him and you feel like you are falling in love with him. The danger of you getting caught flirting is also very high. Should you put an end to the relation to save your job or follow your heart and continue the relation?

Choice 1 : Put an end to the relation.

Choice 2 : Continue the relation.

Breaking up

Put an end to the relation.

As you tell him you are ending the relation, he gets up very angry and goes in his room. He comes out with the pile of love letters you wrote him and shows them to one of your colleagues as an act of revenge. You lose your job.

Choice 1 : Start again

Passionate kiss

Continue the relation.

You decide to follow your heart and continue the relation. One day, the sexual tension between you two gets too high and you can't get over of lack of withholding. A colleague enters the room as you are passionately kissing each other. You lose your job.

Choice 1 : Start again


Stop the flirt.

He can't take your rejection and gets very angry and out of control. He starts screaming and breaking everything around him. He then throws a chair at you that hits your head. You fall and die.

Choice 1 : Start again


Work in the community network.

No one wants to work in the community network. You don't get enough money to feed your goldfish.

Choice 1 : Start again

The End.