Chemical Choices.

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will lll

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Word count: 937

Choice count: 44

Section count: 10

Image count: 7

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Field Related Analysis:

Computer Science : 18 matches (bit, call, choice, close, computer, exit, Facebook, group, location, min, object, open, path, Programming, recognize, Section, table, unpack)

Chemistry : 16 matches (air, basic, biology, chemical, chemical engineering, chemistry, concentration, engineering, fire, heat, lead, matter, organic chemistry, physics, section, thermodynamics)

Archaeology : 15 matches (bit, close, college, community, group, HER, lead, Min, provenance, Re, section, study, tell, text, thing)

Target Structure:


Chemical Choices.

The college

Good life.

You woke up this morning, everything was going all right. Your mother prepared your lunch with your favorite sandwich. You took your car as if nothing was about to happen. You arrived at the college and were the first to go in the M section of the college.

Choice 1 : You go see your chemistry teacher to talk about chemical engineering.

Choice 2 : You go find your friends to discuss politics.

Choice 3 : You decide you want to read your organic chemistry book in a quiet corner.

Choice 4 : You walk to the M section of the college to enjoy the sun.

Chemistry notes !

You went studying your chemistry. You read about the thermodynamics of the matter.

Choice 1 : You read about how to transform the matter into heat.

Choice 2 : You read about how to calculate the quantity of heat of an object.

Choice 3 : You close your book and go run a mile.

Choice 4 : You call your mom and you tell her how much you love her.

School is fun.

You went to your favorite table that is right under the bright morning sunlight. You started to unpack your bag and you were getting ready to start studying some chemistry. You smelled a weird thing flowing through the air, but it vanished quickly.

Choice 1 : Forget it and start to study.

Choice 2 : Investigate the smell by walking through the direction of its provenance.

Choice 3 : Put your headphone on and focus on learning about chemical engineering.

Choice 4 : Thinking to yourself that you should take more English lessons.

Unveil the mystery.

You saw someone starting to walk fast as he saw you arriving at the M section, he was alone. You didn't recognize his face, but you do know it was a mans. You can follow him if you wanted.

Choice 1 : You are a bit scared and decide go to the opposite direction.

Choice 2 : You go up the stairs to go study as if you didn't see him.

Choice 3 : You follow him through the dark alley where he went.

Choice 4 : You go outside to see where he could have gone.


You followed his path. You went through the dark alley and felt a cold wind. You understood that he probably got out. He went pretty fast, you start to wonder what could he had been doing.

Choice 1 : You go back to where you entered and go up stairs to study and forget what you just lived.

Choice 2 : You continue walking in the direction where he went.

Choice 3 : You quickly turn your back and head straight to your teacher's location.

Choice 4 : You understand that this was really bizarre but you still continue in your path.

Chemistry !

You are discussing with your teacher. He once studied in chemical engineering and is open to talk about his experience. He started by saying that it's the hardest Engineering program because it unites all of the basic sciences like electric physics, maths, biology, computer programming etc.

Choice 1 : Ask him about the salary.

Choice 2 : Ask him if there are group projects.

Choice 3 : Ask him what's the best University to study Chemical engineering according to him.

Choice 4 : Tell him you are now a bit scared about the difficulty.


You saw him abruptly enter his car. You made sure you noted every information that you could see. You thought to yourself that maybe you were a little bit too suspicious.

Choice 1 : Forget it and calm yourself.

Choice 2 : You walk towards his car.

Choice 3 : Stand by to see what he will do next.

Choice 4 : Text your friend about it right now.

Choice 5 : Judge yourself for being too suspicious and walk away.


Investigating the smell has lead you to quickly understand that something was wrong when you started having breathing difficulties.

Choice 1 : Cover your nose and see if there's someone else in trouble.

Choice 2 : Run to the exit.

Choice 3 : Run in the direction of the smell and scream to attract someone's attention.

Choice 4 : Go back and text someone about it.

Choice 5 : Turn on the fire alarm.

Choice 6 : Stand still to see if it's not just your imagination.

The future.

Bringing in the group project's topic has made your teacher start talking about his first year in Chemical engineering. He told you that an engineer must learn how to work in team. An engineer is a problem-solver.

Choice 1 : Tell him you know it will be difficult and that you will know how to deal with the challenges.

Choice 2 : Ask him if he liked the community of his University.

Choice 3 : Ask him if there're some courses about Organic chemistry.

Choice 4 : Ask him if you should practice English speaking more.

Choice 5 : Ask him what are the salaries of the internships.


A few hours later, the police went to the college and started investigating about the CO leak in the M section. You heard that if someone had stayed 20 min in the building with this concentration, that person would have died.

Choice 1 : Tell them the information you noted about the guy.

Choice 2 : Post something on Facebook about it.

Choice 3 : Ask them if a quick exposition can do any harm.

Choice 4 : Go inside the college section and forget it.

The End.