The Ice Queen

A hypertext narrative by

Ash Jackson

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The Ice Queen

Chapter 1: Accepted.

Chapter 1: Accepted ''Honey you have mail.'' are the words that my mother says to me when I come downstairs for breakfast. I hope that it's not another one of those fake invitations from my equally fake friends. ''Who do I have mail from this time oh and good morning mom.'' note the sarcasm. ''Well you have to read it to find out silly.'' I love my mom but how can she be so happy when we all know that the mail is just a scam. But just to make her happy I get the mail and sift through it. '' Mom its just Jessica trying to embarrass me again.'' ''Look at the bottom.'' I do as she says and that's when I see the letter. Its one of those fancy ones that look like its super important, at the front it has my name in gold. I open it and it says. Miss Ryia Crystal Storm, you have been accepted into the Academy of Magic for your outstanding knowledge of magic as shown in the entrance exam. We are aware of your situation and are deeply sorry but you show the potential to be a great user of the magic, maybe your powers will come to you in time. When they do come you need to be prepared to use them and I believe we can help you. Sincerely, Headmistress Agatha ''Mom what is this.'' ''Well you know that I got a job offer there, so I pulled some strings for you to get accepted because I don't want you to be alone and you'll be a great magic user some day. What do you say come with me.'' ''Okay mom I'll come.'' She squealed and tackled me into a bear hug. And that people was how I suddenly moved from the human realm to the greatest academy of magic ever. This is only a filter chapter all the drama begins later in the next chapters. The calm before the storm. Hope you enjoy and give me your feedback because I can't make the story better if I don't know what's wrong. I put the Goddess out because I want to make it even better but it will be back.

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