The journey of an accountant.

A hypertext narrative by

marven fabre

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Word count: 447

Choice count: 10

Section count: 7

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Error count: 8

Field Related Analysis:

Computer Science : 10 matches (call, carrier, choice, local, pass, path, predecessor, restart, search, Statement)

Business : 9 matches (accountant, accounting, bankruptcy, company, financial, offer, pay, salary, statement)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 9 matches (bankruptcy, carrier, company, director, Financial, Local, offer, predecessor, statement)

Target Structure:

internship (3 matches)

retirement (1 match)


The journey of an accountant.

Heading out of university.

You have completed all of your studies that are necessary to acquire all the knowledge needed to perform at your best in accounting. Now you have to decide on your carrier path.

Choice 1 : You decide to directly go looking for a job.

Choice 2 : You decide to take an internship.

First week as an accountant for a local restaurant.

You have an unstable job because you work on a little company and you find a lot of mistakes in the existing accounting program and it keeps annoying you because you have to correct the mistake your predecessor.

Choice 1 : Working over past mistakes without correcting them.

Choice 2 : You quit the job because you don't want to work for a company who seems lost.

Working over past mistakes.

You keep working over those mistakes without correcting them. The company starts growing and they keep you because you're a good accountant. You present your financial statement there are mistakes everywhere nothing balances.You have forgotten to adjust the mistakes of your predecessor. The director fires you because they cannot tolerate those type of mistake and they can't think you are reliable enough now that they're growing well.

Choice 1 : Restart at the beginning

Quit your current job for another one.

You quit the job because you don't want to work for a company who seems lost. Then, you keep looking for jobs. You've founded a more organized entreprise you work there for 5 year and the company call bankruptcy. Company are no longer looking for accountant which means it becomes near impossible to find yourself a new job as an accountant. You end your carrer at the McDonald.

Choice 1 : Restart at the beginning.

Taking an internship.

You decide to take a internship first to confirm that accountability is made for you the company really liked the way you've worked thorought the internship so they offer you a post as their accountant.

Choice 1 : You've accepted the post offered.

Choice 2 : You've refused to post offered.

You've accepted the post offered.

You pass the rest of your carrier working for their company with a good salary and many social advantages. You take retirement and live peacefully for the rest of your life.

Choice 1 : Restart from the beginning.

You've refused to post offered.

You search for a better company without success. Indeed, you find yourself working for a smaller company than the one you've done the stage in. You find it hard to pay your bills and your are always stressed.

Choice 1 : Restart from the beginning.

The End.