My Academic Background

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Marika Kamel

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Education : 16 matches (Down, School, academic, assignment, choice, class, classmate, classmates, college, first, research, school, social, students, teacher, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 8 matches (assignment, brief, court, law, lawyer, month, office, plead)

Sociology : 7 matches (class, School, sociology, interests, psychology, school, social science)

Target Structure:

internship (9 matches)


My Academic Background

Which University Should I Go?

In a month I must decide which university I would like to go to because next year is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. It makes me very anxious, because all of my friends already know where they would like to apply, but not me. I've studied Social Science for three years and I've really liked it. For now, I'm trying to figure out if I should apply for the Law program or even for Psychology program. Both interests me a lot.

Choice 1 : Apply for the Law program

Choice 2 : Apply for the Psychology program

I Have Made My Choice.

I finally made my choice. I decided to go to the University of Ottawa to study law. My classmates are all very nice, but there is a boy that I find attractive. Should I team up with him for our first assignment?

Choice 1 : Team up with him

Choice 2 : Paired with another person in my class

Team up with Him.

It was a disaster I should not have teamed with him for the first assignment. I have to find a new partner because the teacher told us this morning that we had to be paired with a classmate for an internship in a lawyer's office. Some students will be paid during the internship, but the workload will be bigger. It's up to us to decide.

Choice 1 : Do a smaller internship but not getting paid.

Choice 2 : Do a bigger internship and getting paid.

Do a Bigger Internship.

I love this internship I think I made the right choice for me. My partner is very kind and my colleagues too. My boss offered me a promotion, but that will be more challenging with the school. However, if I accept the promotion that is very interesting it could be good for my resume.

Choice 1 : Refused the promotion and focus on school

Choice 2 : Accept the promotion

Accept the promotion.

I finally decided to accept the promotion because I realized that this internship is very beneficial for me. I see a lot of topics that I studied when I was in college, such as politics, psychology and sociology. My boss is making me do research for cases that he will plead in court. However, my classmate with whom I do this internship jealous me a lot and this make problems in our workplace. Should I talk to my boss about it?

Choice 1 : Keep that for me

Choice 2 : Talk to my boss

I've Talk to My Boss.

I decided to talk to my boss about the situation and he was surprised by the comportment of my colleague toward me. He told me that this type of comportment is not accepted in this establishment and that he will talk to her. He looks very upset. I need to calm him down.

Choice 1 : Calm him down

I Tried to Calm Him Down.

I was so concerned that my partner would have problems because of me, I instantly regretted it.I saw that our boss was pissed by the situation and I thought that I should calm him down. Unfortunately, it was a really bad idea because he got mad at me too. He told me that we both had childish comportment and that we were not qualified to finish our internship there. Brief, we have been fired.

Choice 1 : Quit the job

The End.