The hesitations of a Cinematography student.

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Eloi Tousignant

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The hesitations of a Cinematography student.

Ahuntsic college

The Beginning.

Hi! My name is Éloi, and I just finished my Cinematography program at Ahuntsic College. During my school path, I was able to play in the student films of my classmates. It made me want to become a comedian in my professional life. But there is a problem: I don't know where to start!

Choice 1 : Search on Internet

Google Logo

Search on Internet.

While doing an internet search, I managed to find different options that could help me to achieve my goal: I could be self-taught, or study at "L'École de Cinéma et Télévision de Québec", in Quebec City. They are all tempting, but I do not know what to take. What should I choose?

Choice 1 : Self-taughting.

Choice 2 : Travel to Quebec city!

Question mark


It seems to be the least easy solution, but a lot of actors have managed their lives without training, so why not me? Let's look at the paths opened by this choice.

Choice 1 : Suscribe to a page of amateur comedians on Facebook

Choice 2 : Fend for myself

Quebec city

Travel to Quebec city!

This choice may be longer than the previous one, but I will have at least some training that will help me to refine my talents. I finally arrived in Quebec, where I meet new people wanting to become actors, like me. Should I try to become friends with them so that we can help each other, or do I have to stay in my corner and perform on my own?

Choice 1 : Becoming friend with people

Choice 2 : Stay alone

Facebook logo

Subscribe to a page of amateur comedians on Facebook.

That's a good choice! The chances of finding a role in a movie are indeed greater on a classifieds page than by working alone. This idea may be basic, but even the best Hollywood actors who have won several Oscars have started somewhere! A few days after my registration, I managed to find a role that could suit me. On the other hand, the director gives priority to people who have already had real experience...

Choice 1 : I already have on-the-job-training and a diploma

Choice 2 : I only have experience on very small student films ...


To fend for myself, without help, or anyone.

I finally decided to act alone. However, I realize that it is not easy to succeed, without contact or news... I should perhaps reconsider my choice, or give up this career.

Choice 1 : Make another choice

Becoming friends with Quebec people.

I decided to become friends with the people of Quebec. They are very kind and we help each other to pass our exams. However, the day before an exam, they ask me if I want to go out and party with them. What should I choose?

Choice 1 : Study

Choice 2 : Party hard!

050527-N-0295M-001 Annapolis, Maryland (May 27, 2005)—Newly commissioned officers celebrate their new positions by throwing their midshipmen covers into the air as part of the U.S. Naval Academy class of 2005 graduation and commissioning ceremony.  The

Serious mind.

I would love to go feasting with them, but becoming a comedian and succeeding in my life is stronger than anything. With joy, I learn that my exam was successful! I am finally graduated from school and I will be able to start a real actor career!

Choice 1 : Start at the beginning of the ladder


Big Hangover.

You have to relax, there is not only work in life! But I realize that I would not have had... I drank too much and I could not pass the exam, I did not get my degree... I do not see any other choice to try to become an amateur actor, or to give up this idea definitively.

Choice 1 : Becoming an amateur actor

Choice 2 : Give up.


Give up.

Because of my bad choices, I could not fulfill my dream of being an actor. I should have worked so much more! At least I managed to find a job in the same field, as a grip...

Choice 1 : The End. Click on choice 1 to start again!


My first real role!

I'm really proud of me, I finally got my first role! On the other hand, I realize that the work to be done is much more complicated than I thought at the beginning. I do not know if I feel ready to embark on this adventure or not...

Choice 1 : I am ready!

Choice 2 : I don't think I'm ready yet...

Better luck next time!

Ouch! Well, I had a failure, but I must not stop there, especially for a first audition! I must improve myself and never let go to finally get a role I want!

Choice 1 : I'm trying another audition!

16 mm film camera

Lights, Camera, Action!

The big day is finally arrived! I'm a little nervous about attending a more technical shoot than I've known before, but I'm quickly at ease. The shooting is going well. After a few weeks of filming and post-production, the film is finally unveiled at various film festivals across the province. A young ambitious director noticed me, and he approaches me to propose a role in his film...

Choice 1 : Go!

I have to take my time!

Obviously, a short film made and produced by a real director is not at all the same thing as a student film. But to succeed my goal, I have to evolve, right? So, I must take confidence and start this project!

Choice 1 : Make the movie!

A critical situation.

I introduce myself on the set and meet the director, the technical team and the actors. All look friendly and the shooting is going well. Until one night, after a big day, I see the director sexually harassing a partner. As I intervene, the director threatens me: I denounce him to the police and my acting career is over, or I do not denounce him and I continue my life as before. What to do? My choice could be fraught with consequences...

Choice 1 : Report the director to the police

Choice 2 : Do nothing.

Report the director to the police.

I am very attached to my career, but human dignity comes first. The famous #Metoo movement was not created for nothing. I report the director to the police. Some time later, I learn his arrest. Good! At the same time, I learn that the producer of the film hired a new director for his film, filming can continue as usual. However, this story shocked me. I hesitate to continue knowing that I could work with potential sex offenders. On the other hand, I can live from my passion. What should I do?

Choice 1 : Continue working.

Choice 2 : Give up.

Golden horse

Continue working.

The worst is over and I have done well, so I can continue to live my life normally. After a few films, I finally learn that I am eligible to become a member of the Union des Artistes! This application will finally allow me to be recognized as an actor, and to be able to live from my work! Finally!

Write a choice here.

La Presse logo

Give up.

It is sad enough, but the environment seems too unhealthy for me to continue to work normally. One way to keep me in touch with the community might be to become a film critic in La Presse...

Choice 1 : The End. Start again at the beginning

Do nothing.

I am too attached to my career to risk compromising, especially with all the efforts I have made. I do not denounce the director and the film is a great success. However, my colleague denounces the director and accuses me of complicity. I have to testify in court... what should I do?

Choice 1 : Recognize my mistake

Choice 2 : Support the director.

Recognize my mistake.

I testified before the judge and apologized for wrongdoing. The director is sent to prison. As for me, my reputation has been slightly broken, but I can at least continue my career...

Write a choice here.

Support the director.

Uh-oh! I made a very bad decision! Security cameras have captured the director's actions. Since I am an accomplice, we are both sent to prison with a fine to pay. At least we will have time to discuss a movie project about our adventure during our imprisonment ....

Choice 1 : Bad ending! You can try again!

The End.