The life of Connor.

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maxime duchesne

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 16 matches (account, action, Child, claim, company, compensation, director, family, Financial, harassment, hire, insurance, offer, office, pension, young)

Business : 15 matches (account, accountant, accounting, business, company, finance, financial, insurance, money, offer, office, opportunity, pay, president, team)

Education : 12 matches (School, choice, class, college, compensation, first, head, high school, scholarship, school, student, university)

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compensation package (1 match)

income (1 match)

lack of (1 match)

more often than not (1 match)

pension (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

retirement (16 matches)

set aside (1 match)

wage (2 matches)


The life of Connor.


Connor was raised in an accounting family and dreamed to be the best account in the world, he was always the best student in his math class at school. Connor was a young boy that always thought about money and be richer than his father and he knew he could do more money and have a better income if he starts his own company. During his childhood the question was kept in his head : (what will he do in the future)?

Choice 1 : Choose an accounting program at high school.

Choice 2 : Choose a business program at high school.

Choose an accounting program at high school.

Connor finally chose to be in the accounting world just like his father. He went to Montmorency college to make his accounting program. Accounting is a very hard job and Connor was struggling at sometimes and loose confident and hope. He told himself that he would try to persevered and finish his program successfully and make his family proud.

Choice 1 : Finish his accounting program.

Choice 2 : Drop it and choose a business program instead

Choose a business program at high school.

Connor do not follow his father's career and put aside the accounting side of him and finally decide to go his own way and take a business program at high school. Connor had no problem in the program and was doing really well in it and made a lot of good friends who had the same aspirations as him. After completing the program, he had a big choice to make : go to university to pursuit his school path even more or stop it and start his own business.

Choice 1 : Go to university.

Choice 2 : Start his own company.

Finish his accounting program.

Connor decided to continue and finish his accounting program at high school to aspire to become a man like his dad. After he successfully finishes the program, he receives an offer by a small business to become an accountant and finally accomplish his dream. But he has another choice : to continue his school path at an American University which he receives a scholarship and he knows he will have more interesting offer if he took the offer.

Choice 1 : Go to the American University.

Choice 2 : Start working as an accountant.

Go to university.

Connor decided to go at the UQAM University in Montreal in a business program to finally finish his school path and go in the business world. During university, he met a boy who became one of his best friends. One day, Jack (his business friend) ask him if he wanted to start a business with him but Connor Always wanted to start his own company and be the only president.

Choice 1 : Start a company with Jack.

Choice 2 : Start his own company.

Start his own company.

Connor finally decided to start his company and start making money. Connor grew up in an accounting family and really loves the accounting job so he had this idea to start this company about selling his accounting services to people and company. After a couple of years, he started to see that his company began to grow so he wanted to expand it and hired other accountant and give their services in other area of Canada.But he didn't know if it were the best move for his business.

Choice 1 : expand the company.

Choice 2 : keep the company that way.

Go to the American University.

For Connor, the scholarship offer by Harvard University was the one he had to take fir the better of himself. He said to himself that if he finishes his program at Harvard, he could find the best job in the world with the best wage possible. Connor was always the best in his class at school so he had confidence in himself. After Harvard, he receives a job offer from Google, one of the biggest electronics company in the world and he also receives one from Apple.

Choice 1 : go work for google.

Choice 2 : go work for Apple.

Start working as an accountant.

Connor took the path to achieve his dream right away and accept the offer from a small business based in Montreal, his hometown so he was very happy. After 45 years of working in this business which he achieves to be the Financial Director of the company, he started to think about retirement.

Choice 1 : retirement.

Start a company with Jack.

Connor chooses to start a company with his good friend Jack. Before that, they had a talk about this and agreed on starting an application for mobile devices. Trough the years, the app made millions of dollars, it was an app to help people with their insurance. At 35 years old, jack decided to stop working and claim his money for retirement, Connor didn't know what to do, continue with the app to make even more money or do like Jack.

Choice 1 : Continue with the app.

Choice 2 : Retirement.

expand the company.

Connor decided to expand his accounting company and hire new people and open more office in different area in Canada. Where should Connor started to expand his company first to be the more successful?

Choice 1 : Expand in Ontario

Choice 2 : Expand in Edmonton

Choice 3 : Expand in the United States of America

keep the company that way.

Connor decided to keep the company simple and be the only one in the business and selling his own services to different people or business. Connor continues to do this for many years and earned not much money but made what he liked in his life.

Choice 1 : retirement.

go work for google.

After Harvard, Connor receives an offer from Google to go work as an accountant and accept it. His dream to become an accountant is now accomplished and in one of the biggest companies in the world. During is time at Google, he receives an offer from them to become the finance director of the American area. But it got one problem, if he takes the job, he has to move to New York.

Choice 1 : Take the offer.

Choice 2 : Keep the job at Google.

Go work for Apple.

Connor made a choice and decided to go work for Apple instead of Google, this work was pretty hard and Connor had some pretty difficult moment there and became overwhelmed because of the number of problems and work. He had to decide if he would stay for Apple and try to solve the problems or to quit his job and search for another one.

Choice 1 : Stay for Apple.

Choice 2 : Search for another job.

continue with the app.

Connor saw the Opportunity to make even more money without Jack in the company so he decided to continue working on the app to make it even better for a couple more years.

Choice 1 : Retirement.


After a lot of years of working, Connor finally decided to set aside everything he built and go into retirement where he could claim his pension and spend all of his money in anything he wants more often than not without being lack of it.

Choice 1 : After retirement.

Take the offer.

Connor decided to take the offer from Google and be their finance director for the American area but he had to move to New York for his new job but that was an opportunity he couldn't pass. Sadly, job like this never last for long because the director is always the one who is fired first so Connor was fired after 8 years of doing it. He had an important choice to make.

Choice 1 : Retirement.

Choice 2 : Take an other accountant for the rest of his career.

Keep the job at Google.

Connor refused to go to New York and decided to keep his normal accountant job in his hometown with a decent wage because everything was going right for him in his job and wanted to do that until he retires.

Choice 1 : Retirement.

Stay for Apple.

Even with all of problems at Apple, Connor decided to take action and solve them with the other employees because there was some harassment going on between them and Connor didn't like that. After the problems were solved, Connor finishes his career at Apple.

Choice 1 : Retirement.

Search for another job.

Connor finally decided to quit his job at Apple because of all of the problems there. Connor had three choice to how he wanted to finish his career : start his own company like he wanted to do since he was a child, go work in an accounting office in Montreal or take the offer from the Hockey team the Montreal Canadiens to become an accountant.

Choice 1 : Start his own company.

Choice 2 : Accounting office.

Choice 3 : Montreal Canadiens.

The end.

The end of the story of Connor.

Write a choice here.

Take an other accountant for the rest of his career.

To finish his career, Connor took a simple path and decided to just work as an accountant in a small business until he retires.

Choice 1 : Retirement.

Accounting office.

He decided to finish his career as an accountant in an accounting office in Montreal, his hometown.

Choice 1 : Retirement.

Montreal Canadiens.

Connor was a hockey fan, so when he receives an offer from the Montreal Canadiens to become an accountant for them he jumped directly on the opportunity and loved it so much that he finishes his career there.

Choice 1 : Retirement.

After retirement.

After he retires, Connor wanted to travel the world so he uses his compensation package to pay for it and he went for 6 months with his wife to travel the world. That was his last wishes.

Choice 1 : The end.

The End.