A very weird day in the life of a dentist.

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mehdi berrada

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Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 25 matches (absence, answer, appointment, arrest, Cabinet, client, clients, construction, driving, House, justification, living, Local, minimum wage, minutes, murder, offer, office, premium, road, sale, schedule, silence, test, truth)

Computer Science : 17 matches (bit, call, check, choice, client, local, manager, name, pass, path, Random, running, skip, sleep, speed, store, traffic)

Dance : 15 matches (Back, Check, Face, Front, grand, Lady, Out, Position, Routine, Run, Running, Side, Skip, Spot, Time)

Target Structure:

lack of (1 match)

more often than not (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

premium wage (2 matches)

straight A's (1 match)

test drive (1 match)

though (1 match)

trainee (1 match)

wage (3 matches)


A very weird day in the life of a dentist.


The beginning.

You are a trainee at your local dentist, and you are still fresh off university. You had straight A’s in all of your classes to be in this position. Unfortunately, you had a problem with your car this morning. It simply would not start. You are, therefore, late the appointment you've scheduled for this morning. Your boss is a crazy old guy and he more often than not complains about late arrivals, especially when there is a client waiting for you. Last time, he withheld the pay of the old janitor because he arrived 10 minutes late. This poor guy is stuck in a dead end job earning minimum wage and he didn’t even care. Right now, you are in a very weird mood and you don't want to get in trouble, especially because you are already 15 minutes late. You can either stay home, and call sick, it will give you the time to do the groceries and relax, or you could go and confront your boss and do all of the appointment's you had planned for the day.

Choice 1 : Call the manager and stay home.

Choice 2 : Go to work.


Call the manager.

You call the manager and owner of the dentist.He doesn't answer.What is the purspose of him having having a phone!You start getting angry.Do you call back?or do you set the situation aside and continue the rest of your day.

Choice 1 : Call him back.

Choice 2 : Set the situation aside.

going to work

Go to work.

There is traffic in front of you and because of construction,there is a lack of lanes,and you can't get out of it.You then try to speed up and overtake few cars.You manage to pull it off.You finally got to the dentist cabinet,you are 32 minutes late.You come in the clinic,do you say hi to everybody,or do you try to sneak in to your office.

Choice 1 : Say hi to everybody.

Choice 2 : Sneak in your office.


Call him back.

He doesn't answer.You start sweating a lot and panicking.You are scared that you lose the premium wage that you've worked so hard for.If you get a doctor's paper,it could help you a bit because it would be a valid justification for your absence.If you choose to continue your day,it could create some further tension at the office.

Choice 1 : Go to a doctor.

Choice 2 : Continue your day.


Continue your day.

You chose to skip work and take the day off with no stress.You go change clothes to get ready to go outside.You get in your car,thankfully she started up this time.You are on your way to get all the groceries missing for the rest of your bodybuilding meal plan.While driving, you see all of the big posters on the side of the road and they remind you that your car isn't ready to spend a full winter because its approaching,and there are some amazing deals right now because of the Black Friday sale.You can either go to the dealership or continue what you've planned for the day.

Choice 1 : Go to the dealership.

Choice 2 : Continue your day.


Say hi to everybody.

You say hi to everyone.You see so many people in the waiting room.You spot the client that you were supposed to see at 8,and you try explaining to her the situation.She starts raging at you and everybody is looking at you.Do you tell her to come to your office and do her treatment,if you do that,it will mess up all of the appointments for the day,it means that you might be stuck to do some overtime,or you can tell her to reschedule another appointment.

Choice 1 : Tell her to come in your office.

Choice 2 : Tell her to reschedule another appointment.

Sneak in your office.

To go to your cabinet, you need to pass by your manager's office.You decide to run to your office but your manager starts shouting your name.You could either do like you haven't heard anything and ignore him or stop and tell him why you are this late.

Choice 1 : Ignore him.

Choice 2 : Tell him the truth.


Go to a doctor.

You go to a random doctor,both of you start talking about life and he asks you what do you do as a living.Do you tell him do truth or do you lie to him?

Choice 1 : Tell the truth.

Choice 2 : Lie.


Go to a car dealership.

You decide to go to the dealership ,to test drive a new car,that you can offer to yourself because of the premium wage you earn.Once you come in, you spot the lady that had the appointment this morning.You can either leave the place or come in.

Choice 1 : Leave.

Choice 2 : Come in.

Tell her to come in your office.

You finish treating all of her cavities,she had a total of 4.For a dentist,treating this much cavities takes about 1 hour,but you've managed to do it in about 35 minutes.You are proud of yourself.Once you finished you bring Sophie to the receptionist so she could go pay for her treatment and leave.Half way on the way there,she asks you to see the manager.Do you bring her to the manager's office? or do you lie to her and tell him that he is not here?

Choice 1 : Bring her to the managers office.

Choice 2 : Lie and telle her the manager is not here


Tell her to reschedule another appointment.

When you tell her to reschedule another appointment,she starts screaming.She gets out of the office and vandalizes your car and leaves.You cannot do anything because she already left.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning.

Ignore him.

You make like you haven't heard anything.He runs towards you and stops you.He asks for explanations.You can either tell him what you have been trough this morning or lie to him.

Choice 1 : Tell him the truth.

Choice 2 : Lie.


Tell him the truth.

You tell him that you had issues with your car.He understands the situation,but he then tells you that you've been appreciated by all of the clients and he offers you a raise so you could go and offer yourself a new car.He also tells you to continue today's schedule and he would take care of the clients at the end of the day, so you dont stay extra hours.You thank him and you go to do the 4 cavity's treatment you had planned and the 3 yearly check ups.Turns out that one of your clients didn't come to his appointment so you even had 25 minutes to do some advanced chemestry and morphology studying,to get you better at what you do.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning.


Tell the truth.

You tell him that you are a dentist and you work at the dentist down the block.The doctor then tells you that the manager of the dentist came in this morning and he was suffering.He finishes by telling you that he might even have to retire,if the problems he has continues.You leave the doctor's office shocked and return back home.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning.


You tell him that you are a physician,because it was your second choice at university.He then starts asking you questions about earth and some other things,that thankfully,your studying path ,in Health science helped you to answer his questions.After the talk,he finally gave you the paper.Because you've lied so much,you start felling very bad and anxious.You go back to your house and decide to sleep for the rest of your day.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning.



You start running back to your car.You try so start your car,but it doesn't work.You can either come back in or call an Uber back home.

Choice 1 : Come back in.

Choice 2 : Call an Uber


Come back in.

The lady,Sophie spots you once you come in.You try to go the other way,but she comes straight at you.She looks very angry but stops following you and grabs a phone.When you finished looking at the cars,you get out of the dealership and 6 police cars are waiting for you.One of the officers screams throughout his microphone.You are under arrest for the murder of Henri Pierre,your boss.Confused, you get in the car and starts thinking on ways to survive in prison.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning.

Bring her to the manager's office.

Once you bring her at the manager's office,she starts telling about how well you are working and how great you treated her,even though you came in late.She starts complimenting you and tells that you are the best at your job.Your manager is very happy .He brings the lady out of the office to the receptionist and confesses you that he will soon retire.He wants you to take his position.He even tells you to take the day off to think about the offer.

Choice 1 : Go back to the begining.

Lie and tell her the manager is not here.

The manager got out of his office while you were lying to her.She spotst him and looks at you disgusted, She goes to talk with your manager and start complaining, She tells him that you didn't even finish your job thouroughly. The manager is very dissapointed and he suspends you for a week.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning


You tell him that your grand mother was sick and you needed to talk to her on the phone.He understandds and even tells you that you can leave for the day,He told you that he was going to take care of your clients .All happy ,you come back home. You , later, get a phone call from you dad,and he tells you that you grand mother has passed away.

Choice 1 : Go back to the begining.


Call an Uber.

You call an Uber and he will arrive in 15 minutes.You go hide in a local coffee shop,while waiting, you see your boss.Once he saw you,he threw his coffee at you and started screaming.He shouted : ''You are fired !''

Choice 1 : Go back to the begining.

Continue your day.

You choose to continue your day.You get to the grocery store and you see your bosses car parked at the front.Once you come in,you are face to face with your manager,who is with a woman,but not his wife.You understand that he has an affair with this lady.He beggs you not to say anything and he even forgot that you were supposed to be at work.He offers 20 000 $ for your silence and you accept the offer.Once you get out of the grocery store,you go do your usual routine and come back home like nothing had happened.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning.

The End.