The choices of a student in early childhood education field.

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Cindy Joseph

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Section count: 31

Image count: 31

Error count: 75

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 31 matches (blood, charge, Child, children, clients, complaint, contact, courthouse, criminal, director, drugs, family, hire, House, illegal, Information, interest, loss, minutes, misconduct, notice, offer, order, parent, possibility, power, premium, restraint order, sanction, Sexual, surprise)

Education : 27 matches (Down, Education, School, behavior, choice, class, classes, don, education in, field, field of study, first, goals, grades, head, learn, learning, level, management, memory, sanction, school, semester, social, student, training, university)

Psychology : 22 matches (behavior, blood, class, depression, drive, environment, family, field, hit, information, learning, love, memory, miss, need, order, perspective, psychology, race, run, thinking, weed)

Target Structure:

dead-end job (1 match)

drudgery (1 match)

flirtation (1 match)

HR (3 matches)

internship (1 match)

maddening (1 match)

misconduct (2 matches)

on-the-job-training (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

overwhelm (1 match)

premium wage (1 match)

purpose (1 match)

time management (1 match)

wage (1 match)


The choices of a student in early childhood education field.


University or nah?

You are gratuating in Early childhood education in 2 months. It is Febuary 28, the last day to make an application for university. You have to decide what you are going to do...

Choice 1 : Go to university

Choice 2 : Start working as an Early childhood educator


Choice of program.

You have to choose a program that you are interest in.

Choice 1 : School/Applied Child Psychology

Choice 2 : Social Work

clin d'oeil

A stressfull situation.

You move out from your parent's house and take a dead-end job to help you pay your bills. Unfortunatly, one your fist day, you met a colleague who has flirtation behavior with you.

Choice 1 : Do nothing thinking that he will eventually stop

Choice 2 : You go to see Human ressources to make a complaint


Need to do something!

You share everything that happened with your colleague friend. But she decide to reveal everything about the misconduct of your colleague to the HR. Unfortunaly, he gets fired! You feel really bad for him...

Choice 1 : You confront your colleague friend about what she did

Choice 2 : You ask an other collegue for his address and drive at his place to apologize.


You are in the hospital!

You got into a fight with your friend and she kicked you in the face. You lost your balance and hit you head on the corner of the table. You completely lost your memory.

Choice 1 : Start again


Bad luck!

Unfortunatly, you did not make it. On your way to the man's house, you hit a car because you were texting!

Choice 1 : Start again


Next level of misconduct.

You decide to talk to the HR. They give him a sanction but he never stops flirting with you. Shortly, it is becoming bad. He tries to grab your breast in the elevator. You know that this is sexual harassement!

Choice 1 : You decided to call the police

Choice 2 : You decide to call his wife


Illegal move.

His brother is an officer and have all the police stations in charge. When he saw your complaint and your name, he destroyed everything, he went to see you personnal information, he followed you, and gave you a ticket!

Choice 1 : Start again



You called her and she invited you at her house. Sadly, herself and her husband was waiting for you. They kept you captive for months.

Choice 1 : Start again


The intership.

Now that you are in the Social work program in Quebec, you have the possibility to do an intership at the and of the semester.

Choice 1 : Thinking that it will be a great experience, you do it

Choice 2 : Thinking that it will be too overwhelm to do it in your first semester, you decline

palais de justice

Follow your feelings.

The school found a place for you to do your internship at The courthouse of Laval. But you met a guy in class who knows someone who works in the HR at the Director of Youth Protection (DYP). He tells you that you could easily apply for a job, get picked and receive an on-the-job-training.

Choice 1 : The Coursehouse of Laval

Choice 2 : Director of Youth Protection (DYP)


A love story.

You started your intership but one day, you crossed a dangerous criminal who fell in love with you. You decided to quit your program and ran away with him in Thailand.

Choice 1 : Start again


An ugly side of the world.

You got the job! At first, you are excited to work with children who need helps but as time passes, you see a lot of situation who are difficult to watch. As a social worker, you start to see the world in a bad perspective. You finally decided to quit your job and change your field of study.

Choice 1 : Start again



At the end of the day, you find your program boring and lose interest in everything. You start to oversleep during the week and miss many classes. One day, your roomate ask you if you want to try some weed.

Choice 1 : You strongly refuse

Choice 2 : You say "Why not. It doesn't kill right?"


Too bad!

You are proud of your decision and it definaty was a wake up call for you to not go down the path. Unfortunatly, the next Morning you receive a letter from the university to inform you that you got expelled because of your dopping grades.

Choice 1 : Start again.


A life changing decision.

You started to smoke all kinds of drugs. Then you became a dealer. One of your friend ask you to get in a big organization of dealers. But it was a catch. You took 10 years of prison.

Choice 1 : Start again


Employee or employer?

You graduated in May and you decided to travel all summer long. When you came back, you sent few resume at different places and 2 called you back. But you are still thinking about opening your own family child care.

Choice 1 : Call back the two places

Choice 2 : Open your home child care


The environment.

You called back the two places and had two interviews. It went well so both of them called you back a second time to offer you a premium wage to start. Now you really have to chose one of them.

Choice 1 : Childhood center

Choice 2 : School


The desire to make a difference.

You love this job and starting to think about helping preteens outside work. You decide to go in a youth center near your house to work with children from 9 to 15 years old. Unfortunatly, they tell you that you are overqualified and they can't afford to hire you.

Choice 1 : You work for free but keep your other job in the school

Choice 2 : You accept their best offer and quit your other job in the school


The power of guilt.

You eventually stopped going to help at the youth center because of your other job. But you felt so bad that you decide to go back to find out that they are closed. You think that it is your fault and you should have help them more… you fell into a depression because of guilt!

Choice 1 : Start again


A very bad position.

You started to work at Pirouet an early childhood center. It is more dificult than you thought. You have troubles about your time management and you do many overtime shifts. One day, a mother comes to pick his child 20 minutes past the closing time. You notice that she smells alcool.

Choice 1 : You say nothing. You just want to go home

Choice 2 : You decide to run away with the child



You told the mother that you had to go take a drawing with the child at the main floor. You took the child and run to the police. Bad idea!! They thought that you kidnapped the kid and decided to lock you up!

Choice 1 : Start again


The race of life.

You left the place in the rush. Sadly, you ran throught the cliff while texting. You died on the spot!

Choice 1 : Sart again


A new start.

You did all the steps that it takes to open your buisness. You are so happy to start but you don't know how to find clients. You know few people who has a good network.

Choice 1 : You ask your rich neighbour

Choice 2 : You ask your sister who is a comedian


New challenge.

She refers you to all kinds of families who needed a place to put their children. So your buisness starts to get really well. You have 7 children in charge and have one more place to filed. Two parents with an autistic child come and ask for the last place.

Choice 1 : You refuse, because you think it would be drudgery to take care of him

Choice 2 : You accept the family thinking that it would be a life learning experience to learn how to take care of him


Should have said yes!

Their dog bite you. You died from a severe blood loss!

Choice 1 : Start again

burn out

Risks of the job.

You loved your job but it was too maddening. You did a burn out and closed your family daycare.

Choice 1 : Start again


Big oppotunities.

Hourra! He says that he could help you. He ask you about your goals and show you an endless list of people that you could contact. He also offers to fund your buisness. Then he adds that if you want all that, you need to do one thing only, kiss him.

Choice 1 : You call him names and get up to leave

Choice 2 : You make the deal


A cold ending.

He grabbed your hands and dragged you into the basement. You ended up in the freezer.

Choice 1 : Start again



You did it! But when you tried to contact him, he blocked you on everything and got a restraint order against you. The entire neighbourhood learn about the story. You finaly decides to move out and reconsider your purpose in life!

Choice 1 : Start again


Should have known.

2 months later, they went bankrupt! You have to find a new job… again!

Choice 1 : Start again

The End.