Your Destiny As A Biochemist.

A hypertext narrative by

Emma Racine

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Education : 23 matches (Down, School, choice, class, classes, course, courses, don, exam, first, high school, learned, options, pilot, professor, scholarship, school, semester, student, teach, teacher, teachers, university)

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dead-end job (2 matches)

fulfillment (1 match)

purpose (1 match)

recipient (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

though (3 matches)


Your Destiny As A Biochemist.

The Biggest Choice Of Your LIfe.

It's already the end of April and you finish your program this year. You are currently finishing a DEC in Natural Science and between all the subject that you saw your favorites are Chemistry and Biology. Now, you have to choose what you are doing with your life before the first of March.

Choice 1 : Go to university.

Choice 2 : Take a year off and go volunteering abroad.

Starting A New Year Of School.

It's your first day of university. Being at the University of Montreal is very stressful for you, you are beginning to doubt whether you made the right choice or not of deciding to go in Biochemistry.

Choice 1 : Take only compulsory courses to see what it's like.

Choice 2 : Get over your stress and continue in your program.

Choice 3 : Drop out.

Where Will You Go ?

You check your options. You want to stay at least 3 months over there so you have to make a wise choice.

Choice 1 : Go to Costa Rica

Choice 2 : Go to Haiti

Choice 3 : Go to India

Unexpected Encounter.

It's not that bad after all ! Your now in one of your compulsory classes and a girl name Tanya in your class sit right next to you. By the end of the class, you notice that Tanya and you just have created a special bound. After, she is inviting you to a party tonight but your not sure if you want to go.

Choice 1 : Go to the party and have fun.

Choice 2 : Stay home and relax.

You Love It.

After getting over you stress, you are now attending your practical lab course. You are a good student, you get straight A's ! At the end of one class, your weird professor ask you to stay because he wants to talk to you. Surprisingly, he asks you if you want to join him to do a secret experiment that would possibly revolutionize sciences.

Choice 1 : Accept the offer.

Choice 2 : Refuse the offer.

What Are You Doing With Your Life ?

You are questioning your preceding choices you made but it's too late to go back. You now have 2 opportunities.

Choice 1 : Work for you step dad's pharmacy

Choice 2 : Find a job in a restaurant

Party Time!

Your now at the party. In the beginning of the night, you observe that a tall guy is watching you. You find him kind of cute even though he seems a little strange. In the middle of the night, that guy come and invite you to go downstairs with him as the time as Tanya ask you if you want to leave with her.

Choice 1 : Go with the guy.

Choice 2 : Go with Tanya.

Not A Great Choice.

Tanya ends up kidnap by some guy at the party. You were the only one that could have help, you feel terrible when you hear it in the news. Tanya's spirit will haunt you forever.

Choice 1 : Start Again.

Oh No...

You go downstairs with the guy and turns out you get kidnapped and never see the light of the sun again.

Choice 1 : Start again.

Good Choice.

You leave with Tanya and end up at a McDonalds eating fries. Life is great.

Choice 1 : Let's try other choices. Start Again !


Your professor has set you a date to meet in the laboratory. When the big day arrived, your professor text you that he will arrive a little bit late because he is stuck in traffic. He says that you can start without him, you just have to follow the protocol on the counter.

Choice 1 : Start without him.

Choice 2 : Wait until he arrives.

End Of The Semester.

Times flies, it's already your final exam in 3 days. However, your friend is not doing well, she needs you to comfort her. You are already late in your studies, you don't know what to do.

Choice 1 : Help her.

Choice 2 : Keep studying.


You start to mix the reagent of the reaction but you didn't do it in order. So, it has created a big explosion and you are now dead.

Choice 1 : Start Again.

Laboratory Rat.

When your professor finally arrives, he asks you to sit down and he suddenly ties you up. The experiment will be performed on you and you will spend the rest of your life in the laboratory.

Choice 1 : Start Again.

Your A Good Friend.

Your friend is doing better because of you, you should be proud of that! Although you helped her, you didn't pass your semester.

Choice 1 : Start Again.


Even though you're not a good friend, you have passed your final and you will become a successful Biochemist.

Choice 1 : Let's try other choices. Start Again !

Idea Of the Century.

With years working in the pharmacy, you develop a revolutionary idea that will change sciences. Progressively, you decided to write down your idea but you don't know if you want to apply it to the compagny.

Choice 1 : Take over your step dad's pharmacy.

Choice 2 : Wait and do it together

Worst Decision Ever.

Only after weeks of working there, you realize this is a dead end job and you don't like your working condition.

Choice 1 : Stop working there

Choice 2 : Continu working there

New Pharmacy.

You take over the compagny and fire your step dad and become an important pharmacy in Quebec.

Choice 1 : Let's try other choices. Start Again!

Wrong Choice.

Your step dad found what you wrote down and take the idea from you and fires you. His pharmacy will become powerful and you will become homeless.

Choice 1 : Start Again.

Returning To School.

When you decided to quit your job at the restaurant, you decided to go back to school. You have think once again about what you are doing with your life.

Choice 1 : Start Again.

Miserable Life.

You hate it even more working there, you're sad and you end up in depression.

Choice 1 : Start Again.

What Do You Want to Do Over There?

You are currently in a flight going to Costa Rica. You have the intention to go help in a hospital. They need some help with some notion of Chemistry and the use of a Buret, Florence flask, Volumetric pipet and some other tools. On the plane, there is a guy sitting right next to you and you begin to talk about the reason you are in this flight. Turns out is doing some volunteering too but in a high school, he is helping some teachers with Chemistry. You are now wondering whether if it could be a good idea to join him.

Choice 1 : Go help the school.

Choice 2 : Go help the hospital.


You are so fascinated by this country. You want to explore every inch of this island but you didn't come here for this.

Choice 1 : Go explore.

Choice 2 : Continue volunteering.


Many flights are proposed for your trip. Choose one of them.

Choice 1 : Air India.

Choice 2 : Air Canada.

In Love.

You did your 3 months, but you love it over there. Your thinking about staying. What do you do?

Choice 1 : Stay.

Choice 2 : Leave.


When you arrive at the hospital, there a dangerous virus spreading.

Choice 1 : You save yourself and go far away from the hospital.

Choice 2 : You stay and try to help others.

A New Life.

You become a teacher and teach Chemistry and sometimes Biology. You love your new life!

Choice 1 : Let's try other choices. Start Again!

Going Home.

You regret your decision. You should have stayed. Now your life is filled with no purpose.

Choice 1 : Start Again.

Nice Try.

Even though you were trying to save yourself from the propagation, you caught a viral infection that leads to your death.

Choice 1 : Start Again.

Bless Your Soul.

You helped to save so many lives, you are basically a hero. After this event, you stayed to help the staff of the hospital and then peacefully got back home forever changed. You had your fulfillment and you are now recipient of a scholarship.

Choice 1 : Let's try other choices. Start Again!


You decided to explore on your own the island. Here comes a moment when you're not sure where to go.

Choice 1 : Cut through the woods.

Choice 2 : Continue straight.

Natural Disaster.

It's the day that you start your volunteering, but suddenly, an earthquake appears.

Choice 1 : Save yourself.

Choice 2 : Help to save others.


You got lost in the woods, you are now in survival mode. You will never get out of these woods.

Choice 1 : Start Again.


Miles after you decided to continue straight, there is a little school that needs to be rebuilt. You help the population over there and stay forever.

Choice 1 : Let's try other choices. Start Again!

It Doesn't Work Like That.

You can't save yourself, you end up crushed under a building.

Choice 1 : Start Again.


You have survived the earthquake, but you're now staying for one year, because of the damaged.

Choice 1 : Start Again.


Once arrived to India, It's the total escape for you. You're not sure if you're going to be able to stay.

Choice 1 : Stay.

Choice 2 : Go back home.

Rest In Peace.

The pilot lost control of the plane. Your plane crash resulting in your death like every passenger aboard.

Choice 1 : Start Again.

A Biochemist.

You end up helping in a laboratory a biochemist and you never have learned so much in your life.

Choice 1 : Let's try other choices. Start Again!

Dead-end Job.

You go back home and start to work in a dead-end job for the rest of your life.

Write a choice here.

The End.