Welcome to the Labor Market.

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Beatrice Tessier

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Choice count: 32

Section count: 21

Image count: 21

Error count: 15

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 31 matches (absence, agency, animals, Budget, character, client, clients, close, company, compensation, fact, family, fine, force, four, hire, House, insurance, interest, market, misconduct, month, mortgage, motion, objects, occupation, offer, promise, Special, suit, vacations)

Psychology : 26 matches (absence, affect, bit, character, client, compensation, drive, family, FAST, field, focus, illustrator, interview, love, miss, need, perception, performance, reason, risk, set, stress, subject, superior, thinking, vision)

Tourism : 23 matches (Agency, Budget, Client, Deal, Employee, Event, Motion, Opportunity, Package, Program, bit, compensation, course, door, event, field, forward, insurance, package, program, stand, taxes, times)

Target Structure:

a foot in the door (1 match)

compensation package (2 matches)

cursory (1 match)

dead-end job (1 match)

in-depth (1 match)

income (4 matches)

invaluable (1 match)

lack of (2 matches)

learn the ropes (1 match)

leave of absence (4 matches)

maddening (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

more often than not (1 match)

mortgage (2 matches)

overtime (11 matches)

purpose (2 matches)

put aside (1 match)

recipient (1 match)

set aside (1 match)

thoroughly (1 match)

thoughtful (2 matches)

time management (1 match)

trainee (1 match)

wage (1 match)


Welcome to the Labor Market.

Graphic design's studio

It is only the beginning.

You completed the program in Graphic Design. You're now ready to go on the labor market! You started looking for a new job in this field and have sent few applications. During this week, your father presented you to someone who works in motion graphic design. You were please to meet him and he offered you to work for him soon without many details. Meanwhile, someone called you for an interview for a job in illustration. You went to the interview to have a foot in the door and they wanted to hire you right away! You said that you have to think about it and that you will call them tomorrow. You love both jobs, but you needed to make a choice. Motion Graphics offer you a better salary and maybe a better future, but, in the same time, you really don't know if the person who your father presented you, is going to call you again. So, should you choose to wait for it or go straight to the agency who is ready to hire you by now?

Choice 1 : Wait for the motion graphics job.

Choice 2 : Go work as an illustrator in the agency.

Waiting for a call

No call, no news...

You chose to wait for your dreams' job, but it seems that they didn't call you yet. It's been more than two weeks, so you're a bit worried. You're dreading the fact that they won't give you news ever. You've started searching for another opportunity. For some reasons, a company invited you to his studio. They appear to be so happy and determine to work with you. It was only for a freelancer's job but in animation. Their budget was not really good but they offer you a lot of time for doing this project. It's a part of the drawbacks in this field. Many clients don't have the right budget for what they want. As a Graphic Designer, you need to be very careful when it's the time to choose to take a project or not. You don't want to get sucked up in a bad situation and lose time for no good income. So, do you choose to take the job or not?

Choice 1 : Take the job.

Choice 2 : Refuse the job.

Meet your client

You took the chance.

You decided to do their project. It appears to be very interesting and pleasant to do. Your collaboration with this client happens to be invaluable in some way because it makes you learn the ropes about being a freelancer. You need to calculate your wage carefully and keep your bills to organise your taxes. Suddenly, you received a call from the guy that your father presented you. He wants you right now. That call was cursory, but they really need you by now. You already have a lot of work with the other company, but it’s not well-paid. You can choose to help the new company and work later on the project you accepted or you can focus on the project and finish it faster.

Choice 1 : Accept to help the new client.

Choice 2 : Focus on the project you accepted earlier.

New client

The choice that changed your life.

You accepted to help the new client. You’ve already learned the basics to deal with new clients. His name is Matthew and he is very happy to welcome you. Today is the first day at his studio and it was pretty tough. He wanted you to make a lot of things and you didn’t have many times. After that drive of work, Matthew was impressed by your performance and started an important conversation. He promised you that he will offer you to work here for a long time. He wants you to stay and you realized that it was the best choice to come here. He knows that you have other clients and he is happy for you. He is also open to let you work at home and offer you to come three days out of five with a pretty good salary.

Choice 1 : End

Macbook at home

Put all the efforts in the same place.

You’re not the kind of person which is heading for all opportunities. You want to stay available and honest with the commitments you accepted. So, you said to Matthew, the guy that you father presented you, that you were not available these days. He was fine with that and understood that you were busy. He offered you to write to him when you are going to be available. You were satisfied by your choices and started working on the project of the other company.

Choice 1 : End


Maybe another time...

You didn’t want to risk and you don’t really know how to deal with that situation. You need experience in a great place before taking any project. In the same time, you don’t get income and you start to stress a bit about your future. The lack of confidence in yourself increased a lot. You start thinking that you should have take the project, but it’s too late. In that field, your decision are pretty important, but you still junior. Finally, you received a call from the first company your father presented you. He really needs you today to work on something. You were not prepared for that at all. Should you go there by now?

Choice 1 : Go work in that place you waited for so long!

Choice 2 : Choose to stay home, you were not ready


You’ve waited for it!

You came at Matthew’s studio. You were stressed by this moment but Matthew put you at ease and he explains you in-depth what he wants. You’ve started working and you were happy to be there. You didn’t have many times to achieve this job but you did it! He was satisfied by your work and congratulated you. Maybe it would have help to accept the first project of the other company to deal with the stress and your time management, but the important thing was to make Matthew proud of your work.

Choice 1 : End


Is that job is made for you?

You chose to stay lazy at home. Why that? You realized that you’re not ready to take the client's responsibility and you’re thoughtful about that field. Maybe it’s not made to suit with you? All you know for now is that you should have chosen to accept the job at the agency. Maybe it was not the best job in the universe but it would have help you because you’re not an enterprising person. You need to make more experience to get better and improve your confidence before performing as a Freelancer.

Choice 1 : End


The safer choice.

You accepted to work to the agency in illustration. You’re pretty excited about this new job that offer you good conditions and a decent salary. They asked you to do some sketches and research about a certain subject. You really did your job thoroughly and they were proud of that. They were wondering if you like your new job. Obviously you didn’t hesitate to say that it was wonderful and that you are overwhelmed by all the works you’ve made! Your boss smiled at you and said that it will have a lot more projects like this. The same week, they offered you to do some overtime. It’s a pretty big agency and you’re lucky to have the chance to make some more money so early. You still a trainee after all! Tonight you were supposed to lift someone to Trois-Rivieres, so you’re thinking about your decision. You were going to accept when someone approached you. He said that you are not force to stay if you are not available. He was deterring you and it makes it a lot more difficult. He offers you to take your place and encourage you to lift the person that you have made a promise. You’re an honest person, but you don’t want your boss to think that you are lazy… What will you do?

Choice 1 : Never enough work.

Choice 2 : Refuse the overtime and keep your promise.


Never enough work.

You’re tireless and you’re ready to work more. You knew that your colleague just wanted to take your chance to make more money. You called the person you were supposed to lift and he understood the situation. You started working on the illustrations you needed to do. You were asked to draw simple objects. It was a bit maddening considering you’ve been doing this all day, but you keep doing it without complain. The time passed and you were a bit tired to do the same thing all day. You have been drawing decoration, furniture, accessories… Nothing exciting. You started thinking about your colleague who’s drawing nice stuff like characters and animals. Maybe you could talk to your boss about that? Or, are you just done working here? All your friends are working in a graphic design agency who make logos, posters, web design and their job are more diversify. Maybe you can also call the guy your father presented you? It’s not an easy decision.

Choice 1 : Talk to your boss about your thoughts.

Choice 2 : Apply to work in another agency who offer a more diversify job.

Choice 3 : Call the guy that your father presented you.


Clarify some things….

You chose to talk to your boss. At least you will be informed of what can be possible and what solution you should take. You started your conversation and explained the situation. You still love the job, you love making illustrations, but you need to do something more creative. Your boss were happy that you decided to talk to him about that. He said that this is a pretty competitive field and there is a lack of people who want to do those illustrations. Everyone who has been doing this job were tired after a year. The compensation package was what they keep them at this post. Of course, you were thinking about that too. You can do overtime often, you have a lot of vacations and dentistry insurance. He said that he will be looking for a solution. For now, he proposes you to take a leave of absence of work to think about your choice because he understands your feelings well.

Choice 1 : Take the leave of absence.

Choice 2 : Continue working there without taking a pause.

Choice 3 : Quit the job.


Change is fructifying.

You chose to start applying in other places without quit your present job. You kept it to yourself because you didn’t want to be involved in a bad situation with your boss. It’s nothing against him, but you won’t risk anything. Some agencies interest you and they started calling you. You went to four interview and one of them really stand out. The place is closer to your home and the salary is the same as your. You decided to announce to your boss your decision to quit your present occupation. He was surprised and would have liked to know that you were searching for another job. He said that he could have find a solution to keep you here. It was too late and your choice were made. You really like your new job and people here are more convivial. You’re looking forward and you don’t have any regrets.

Choice 1 : End


An important call.

You decided to call Matthew, the guy your father presented you. He answered and was surprised to get a call from you! He was going to ask you some help. You explained that you are presently working in an agency in illustration, but that you were tired of this repetitive job and that’s the purpose of your call. He understood pretty well and point out the drawbacks in agency. A lot of post there are seen as dead-end job and monotonous. He offers you to work for him and assure you that it will be a lot more diversify. After that call, you were decided. You explain to your boss that a better opportunity has been presented to you and that you can’t refuse it. You’re now a part of a little company which suits you perfectly!

Choice 1 : End


Time to think.

You enjoyed your leave of absence to think about your job. Your employer is pretty nice and you’re aware of the compensation package. There is great advantage to stay, but your family always said that it is important to love what we do. You’re thoughtful and it’s normal to be. You’re also looking for a house with your boyfriend and you need to set aside some money to get a good mortgage. Should you leave your job and try your best to find a place that suits you more? Or should you stay and try to make it works?

Choice 1 : Leave your job

Choice 2 : Stay at your job

Time to say goodbye

That’s not made for you.

You decided to leave your job. You said goodbye to your colleagues and your boss and you thanked them for the experience they gave you. They were understanding and wished the best for your future! You started searching for a new job and you easily find what you wanted. A smaller company near your home wanted you as a freelancer. You decided to offer your services for them. You have no regrets, but you are still looking for a job with a better salary and conditions.

Choice 1 : End


Leave yourself a chance.

The last conversation you had with your boss made you keep your job. You still have hope to be promoted to a better post so you decided to wait for it. You keep working hard and be a good worker for your employer. They finally decided to give you the post you wanted. Few people are not really happy to learn that because you’re not the only one who is hoping to be promoted. It seems that you have something special in you! You’re now a character designer and you’re proud that you did make it!

Choice 1 : End

Hard worker

No pause.

You decided to stay a hard worker and hope that your boss will find a better post for you. It’s a competitive field like he said but your know you got some talents and that you’re able to make your place in this agency. You are competitive and ready to make all your effort to convince your boss that your talent is to consider. After one month, your choice began to bear fruits. Your boss told you that you can be promoted and that you will be requested to illustrate characters. You’re so happy and you are proud of you. Everyone in your family were surprised to learn this new. In agency, it’s pretty hard to progress, but you did it!

Choice 1 : End

No women

No questioning.

You were pretty tired of this job and despite of your conversation with your superior, you decided to quit your job. Your boss was a bit disappointed but he understood and let you go. You will need to find another job pretty fast because you need a certain income. Your family and your relatives support you in all your choices. Let’s find that job which suits you!

Choice 1 : End


You kept your promise.

Being influenced is not a good thing in that field, but you’re new and you think that your friend really needs you to lift him tonight. Your boss looked a bit disappointed. More often than not, people won’t miss the chance to make a better income. Maybe you’re not the most enterprising person, but when you’re working on something, you’re working well. The time passed and you didn’t accept much overtime. Your boss wants to clarify some things with you. He does love your work, but he wants to know why you’re never available to work more. You explain that after a hard day, you’re pretty tired and it will affect your performance as an illustrator. It’s not that you have a problem with your job. In contrary, it helps you to continue loving your post! If you were doing overtime often, maybe you would be pretty tired of your job by now. It is repetitive. Your boss were confused. He knew that you can’t force someone to do overtime, but he doesn't like lazy workers. He wants you to consider more the chance when he asks you your time.

Choice 1 : Keep working like you do.

Choice 2 : Make your boss happy and accept overtime in the time to come.


Stay yourself.

You put aside this event on purpose. It’s not normal to play with the feelings of people to deliver a better job to a recipient. It still your boss, but his misconduct really affects your perception of him. You decided to stay the same. You won’t do more overtime than usual. You pulled of something so remarkable that even if your boss wants to switch you with another employee he just can’t. There’s no union in this kind of place, so your post is never promised forever, but because your colleagues and the superiors of your boss are so amazed by your job he can’t succeed to expel you. Your relation isn’t the best, but there is no clear reason to this. Your vision is different, that’s all. With the time, your relation improved. You love your job and your colleagues, you were satisfied of being here.

Choice 1 : End

Overtime accepted

Follow the advice.

It’s not false that a good worker is supposed to be more than happy to get the chance of doing overtime. You’re close to get a house with your boyfriend and you need to prepare the mortgage. Your overtime will help to get that money and you will be able to enjoy your life more. You started accepting more overtime and keep doing your wonderful work. Your boss is proud of that and offer you to take a leave of absence for being a hard worker. You're surprised by that and you decided to take a pause and stay at home. You’re now thinking about how this job is wonderful and how you like it!

Choice 1 : End

The End.