How to decide what to do?

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Sarah-kim Painchaud

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Education : 18 matches (Education, P, School, choice, college, don, field, goal, high school, learn, project, research, school, student, teach, teacher, teaches, university)

Tourism : 13 matches (Australia, Deal, Goal, Program, Sport, US, adventure, ceiling, field, p.m, program, sitting, through)

Nuclear Medicine : 12 matches (back, bed, breathe, cancer, coat, comfortable, glasses, hand, health, healthy, heart, surgery)

Target Structure:


How to decide what to do?


Start from the beginning of the day.

This morning, I woke up in my bed like every day. But, today, I have an important choice to make. This morning, I have to choose which program I want to go in University. I have been studying Health Science for the past three years at Montmorency College. But the thing is… I am not sure if I want to stay in this field.

Choice 1 : Don't stay in Sciences.

Choice 2 : Stay in Sciences.

Choice 3 : You could travel instead of going to school.

dont know

Don't stay in Sciences.

So, now that I am not going in Sciences, what should I do?

Choice 1 : Work at McDonalds for the rest of your life.

Choice 2 : Be a Physical Education Teacher.


Work at McDonalds for the rest of your life.

If I work at McDonalds, I have a choice to make here. Should I be in the kitchen or should I serve beverages?

Choice 1 : Kitchen.

Choice 2 : Beverage.

 big mac


Making burgers all day long… seriously? No thanks.

Choice 1 : Try again.



I went through Science for the past 3 years… Do you really think that I want to work here 5 days a week making coffee all day?

Choice 1 : Not me. Try again


Be a Physical Education Teacher.

I always loved sport. I played Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball too. I also did Gymnastic and Cheerleading. Teaching might be he right field for me. Am I right?

Choice 1 : Yes!

Choice 2 : No.



Teaching to some kids how to have a good life, healthy life. Inspire them to become someone good. That is the goal!

Choice 1 : Try again.



You are right. I went through Science for 3 whole years. I should go in sciences instead.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Stay in Sciences.

There are a lot of choices in sciences. It is hard to decide. I could be a chemist, mathematician or biologist. I could be so much more. Help me to decide!

Choice 1 : Chemist.

Choice 2 : Mathematician.

Choice 3 : Biologist.



When I was in High School, Chemistry was my favorite subject. Here, in sciences at Montmorency College, it got complicated. Chemistry is harder than it was, but it supposed to be like that. I still like it. But the real question here is do I want to be in a lab for the rest of my life, doing some experimentation?

Choice 1 : Yes definitely.

Choice 2 : No, change your choice of career.


Yes definitely.

Let's think about a story here about what could happen in a lab in one day. In the morning, I drank coffee like any other day. I arrive at work and, today, I have to do an experiment using a solution to discover if it is the right combination to find the cure to cancer. So, I put my my glasses on, I put on my lab coat along with some gloves. Now I can start. I take the solution. You need to know that this product is very dangerous when the solution is liquid. It can explode if you shake it too much. I have it in my hands, and I am walking. Out of nowhere there is some water on the floor. There was a hole in the ceiling. I didn't see the water so I.

Choice 1 : Shake it too much by trying to not to fall.

Choice 2 : Fell on my butt.


Shake it too much by trying to not to fall.

I was dancing on the water, so the solution was dancing too. And.

Choice 1 : Everything is fine.

Choice 2 : It exploded.


Everything is fine.

It is my lucky day I guess. I am still alive! Do you think I will get through this day?

Choice 1 : Maybe yes.

Choice 2 : Probably not.


Maybe yes.

I found the right solution that can save cancer! Can you believe it? I am going to be famous.

Choice 1 : Congrats!


Probably not.

You are right. That scared me too much. I said to my coworkers that I don't feel good, so I could go home. Be in a lab all day might not be for me. I'll think about something else.

Choice 1 : I agree.


It exploded.

Well, it exploded in my face. I will need a surgery because of it.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Fell on my butt.

I slide over the water and then I fell. I had the solution in my hand. When I realise that I am sitting on the floor, I look at my hand and the solution wasn't there anymore. I am stressing intensely right now. I look around and I see my coworker trying to save it but he.

Choice 1 : Catches it.

Choice 2 : Drops it.


Catches it.

Well everything and everyone in fine. YEAH!

Choice 1 : Try again.

cant breathe

Drops it.

All of it is on the floor. We feel the solution liberates some gas all over the lab. We can't breathe in here. We have to get out.

Choice 1 : The day is over. Try again.



Maths. Doing maths every day. Big problems, small ones, equations and more. Does it sound fun right? Or maybe teaches maths. Teach how to calculate, how to solve an equation and how to develop their mind. It sounds fun as well.

Choice 1 : Mathematician.

Choice 2 : Teacher.



So here a little scenario. I am going to work, in an office. We are in a middle of a research work for a big company. We have to find the right equations and the right formulas. But it has already been one month that we are on that project and we can't find anything. We don't know what to do… the company need this as soon as possible or we lose the project, so a lot of money.

Choice 1 : Keep going.

Choice 2 : Drop out.


Keep going.

We keep going, we keep trying. We come to work everything between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. We still can't find anything. We are tired and desperate. There is too much going on in our heads. I think we are all doing a depression. Our heads are overload. I am thinking about dropping out.

Choice 1 : You have to keep trying.

Choice 2 : It is correct if you drop out.


You have to keep trying.

Wow. You are right we have to keep trying and certainly not give up. We are stronger than that. We are going to find the right combination. Thank you for believing in us.

Choice 1 : End of the scenario. Try again.


It is correct if you drop out.

Well I can stay that you don't really believe in us. I am pretty sure that we will find it, we just need more time. My colleague and I are working are on this and we might need some help, but we are certainly not going to give up.

Choice 1 : Try again.



Should I teach to kids or teenagers?

Choice 1 : Kids.

Choice 2 : Teenagers.



I like kids. They always have a lot of energies and ready to learn. You have to deal with their problems, but except that, kids are great!

Choice 1 : End.



Teenagers. They are so much trouble. They have attitude, they are rebel. I mean most of them. They also have heart break and stuff like that. It is hard to stay focus as a teacher if you see your student having a bad day. I feel like I would be more comfortable with kids.

Choice 1 : Try again.



Trees, fishes, plants, organisms and more. Maybe, it does sound fun for you, but for me it does sound boring. You have to know so many things by heart. I am too lazy to learn all of it. It is a no for me.

Choice 1 : Sorry.


Drop out.

For real? You would give up like that? Maybe, I would, but at the same don't you want to know what is the right equation at the end? For what you have been working so hard for the past month. Being a quitter is not good, you have to be a fighter.

Choice 1 : Not a choice, I am a fighter.


You could travel instead of going to school.

I could definitely go to Australia or California. Not go to school for one year, it could be a great experience. But like my mom says every time, you are going to loss a year of salary. What do you think?

Choice 1 : Go for it.

Choice 2 : You should work or go back to school.


Go for it.

Taking a year off. All alone. It will be a great adventure.

Choice 1 : See you next year!


You should work or go back to school.

You are right, if I want to be rich, I better start working as soon as possible at a great job that I like and with a great salary.

Choice 1 : Oups. Start over.

The End.