A life of dessision

A hypertext narrative by

Antoine Montreuil

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Word count: 1154

Choice count: 33

Section count: 21

Image count: 0

Error count: 50

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 16 matches (answer, children, compensation, construction, Direction, escape, family, Financial, freedom, International, market, minutes, offer, premium, restriction, road)

Education : 15 matches (School, choice, college, compensation, continuing, field, field of study, first, goals, grade, homework, learn, market, school, university)

Computer Science : 15 matches (architecture, body, call, choice, Developer, environment, field, Package, path, plex, restriction, running, search, searching, session)

Target Structure:

compensation package (1 match)

learn the ropes (1 match)

premium wage (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

set aside (1 match)

wage (3 matches)


A life of dessision


I finally finished my last session in architecture technologies at Montmorency College. After five long years of bashing like a foul on my homework and struggling with a financial problem and loved ones. I’ve made it! Now it's up to me to seek toward my destiny. I’ve got two choices. The first one involved continuing to the university and the other one to go on the job market.

Choice 1 : a. University

Choice 2 : b. Job market


Now that I’ve chosen the university and decided to follow the path of perseverance and self-restriction. I’ve got to make the other decision. Into which program will I be going to. In engineering or architecture.

Choice 1 : a. Engineering

Choice 2 : b. Architecture


At this point, I thought I was in the right field of study, but I wasn't sure. Was I really happy always doing maths and science without any freedom of creation doomed to make other creation reality.

Choice 1 : a. Stay

Choice 2 : b. Leave


Finally it seems that I was wright at the first sight. I drop out school and started to work as an architecture technologist for a small firm. All my hopes and dreams have been destroyed, I wouldn’t be able to by the try-plex that my girl friend and I dreamed of to insure me children future.

Choice 1 : a. Try again


It seem that architecture is very much more abstract than what I’ve been expected. Maybe It’s not the right field for me.

Choice 1 : a. Stay

Choice 2 : b. Leave


It is the best decisions that I could have made. I feel happier than ever. I married my girlfriend and we bought the tri-plex that we dreamed of. Than I started my own firm and became one of the most rewarded Architect in the province of Quebec. Than I've been contacted by a Mr Ardonetti should I take the call.

Choice 1 : a. Answer the call

Choice 2 : b. Decline the call


Now that I’m on the job market I can learn the ropes and really get into the meaning of an architecture technologist. I’ve been contacted by two firms who are very interested in me. One offers me to be a developer and the other one offers me to became a modeler an a 3D maker.

Choice 1 : a. Developer

Choice 2 : b. 3D maker


So I chose what at first sight seems to be a nice and relax environment to work. The years passed and colleagues changed but I stayed there. After three years I realised that I’ve never been promoted or my wage either. So should I go ask for an augmentation stay without complaining or leave and start searching for a new job.

Choice 1 : a. Ask for an augmentation

Choice 2 : b. Stay without complain

Choice 3 : c. Search for an other job


I decided to go see my boss and ask him for an augmentation. After about fifteen minutes he finally chose to acknowledge my work and gave me a better wage. That being said I know that it will be the same every step of the way.

Choice 1 : a. Try again


I finally started my own firm of contractual architecture technologist and became a pioneer in this domain. So this was the best thing I could to for me and my family.

Choice 1 : a. Try again


Well! It seems that my boss is too busy to take care of his employee. He’d never acknowledge are work. I have no choice but leaving this place. So I called one of my friend Nicolas who had a architecture firm. He offered me to become one a co-owner of his firm.

Choice 1 : a. Accept

Choice 2 : b. Decline


I am so happy. I finally achieved my goals maybe in a different path than what I expected but still I’m happier than ever and my family is the best.

Choice 1 : a. Try again


I started working for a well-known designer firm. Have you ever heard of Conceptum international? Yes, they are kind of pioneers in their domain. To begin they made me do all of the legwork. But, as the years passed I became more and more influent in this firm. At one point the owner of the firm offered me to take the lead of the Compagnie because he was going to retire. What should I do?

Choice 1 : a. Accept

Choice 2 : b. Decline


I found my self an other job that was just about the same as the other one. Kind of boring but with good adventages.

Choice 1 : a. Try again


I accepted the grade and became the CEO of Conceptum international. At first it was amazing all the compensation package and the premium wage that came with it was astonishing. Then I started to put aside my friend and my familliy. At the end I divorced and finish my life alone as an old sad man.

Choice 1 : a. Try again


One night while I was retuning home, I've been followed by a strange man with a weird looking hat. So I finally turn myself around and scream " What do you want from me?" He dosen't responed and start running in my direction. Should I run and try to escape or call for help?

Choice 1 : a. Run

Choice 2 : b. Call for help


Mr. Andretti who wanted to by a part of my compagnie.

Choice 1 : a. Take the offer

Choice 2 : b. Decline


Too late as I'm screaming the guy has planted his cold wet blade into my chest. I fell on the ground under a cold rain and my body left for dead on the side of the road. Now that I'm looking at this from the sky I thought to my self that it wasn't a good idea to a made business with gangsters. Construction is a dangerous field you know.

Choice 1 : a. Try again


I tried to sprint as the weird guy is chasing me. I finally lost him. I came back home and told this too my wife. She let me know that this is what I get for dealing with gangsters. And that I shouldn't do it again. So I took her advice.

Choice 1 : a. Try again


I never heard of him again!

Choice 1 : a. Try again


I decided that at this point I had enough and that if I took more job I could set aside my family and that is the worst thing that could happen to a man.

Choice 1 : a. Try again

The End.