What's Next?

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Sarah-Maude Proulx

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Word count: 2835

Choice count: 54

Section count: 36

Image count: 30

Error count: 49

Field Related Analysis:

Education : 28 matches (Action for, Down, P, School, choice, class, college, course, courses, don, exam, failed, field, first, grade, graduate, head, learned, management, mark, market, marks, project, school, semester, teachers, technology, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 27 matches (action, case, client, clients, close, company, construction, crime, criminal, Development, economic, family, harassment, hire, interest, market, minutes, misconduct, month, murder, office, option, police officer, possibility, road, Sexual, victim)

Computer Science : 23 matches (architecture, body, choice, Class, client, clock, close, environment, field, group, list, mark, medium, name, pass, restart, skip, sleep, STAR, supervisor, traffic, victim, design)

Target Structure:

dead-end job (1 match)

lack of (3 matches)

misconduct (2 matches)

more often than not (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

time management (1 match)

vacant position (1 match)

wage (1 match)


What's Next?

Graduate From Montmorency College.

This year, I graduated in architectural technology at Montmorency College. I am very proud of myself because I did a lot of sacrifices to be able to finish this three years of study. Now, I'm an architecture technician and I have a big choice to make for my future career. I can go working and start making money or I can continue my studies at University. I'm very confused because I need to decide what type of life I want to have next. Do less study and have a medium wage or study more and receive more money at the end.

Choice 1 : Go To University.

Choice 2 : Go To Work Market.


Go To University.

Now that I know that I want to go to University, I need to choose witch one and what program I want to go in. There are three programs that interest me in three different universities. I can go to Laval University (ULaval) in Quebec in Architecture program, to Montreal University (UDEM) in Landscape Architecture or to Quebec University (UQAM) in Montreal in environment design.

Choice 1 : Laval University (ULaval).

Choice 2 : Montreal University (UDEM).

Choice 3 : Quebec University (UQAM).

Laval University (ULaval).

I choose to go in the architecture program at Laval University because I fell in love with the course plan and the school. Now I have another big decision to take. I need to choose where I will stay during my five years of studies. I can stay in an apartment near the university or go live with my grandmother who lives one hour away from the University. I also need to consider my economic situation.

Choice 1 : Stay In An Apartment.

Choice 2 : Leave With My Grandmother.


Stay In An Apartment.

I decide to go in an apartment that is 15 minutes away from my school. I love my new free life! My study go well and tomorrow I have a big midterm exam in my project course. But, tonight is my friend's birthday and everybody is going out to party. I don't know if I'm going with them or if I stay home to study to get a good grade.

Choice 1 : Go Out With My Friends.

Choice 2 : Stay Home And Study.


Go Out With My Friends.

Finally, I decide to go out with my friends. It was very nice and we had a lot of fun. But I drank too much, and I was sick all night long. So, I went to bed at 6 o'clock and I forgot to set my alarm clock and I woke up at 1 p.m. I missed my exam and received the mark of 0%. Now, I can forget to pass this course and become an architect.

Choice 1 : Start again

Stay Home And Study.

It was the best decision for me to take. There will be other occasions to go out with my friends. I've got 95% in the exam, and it was the best grade of the class. I was very excited! Two teachers approached me for a part-time job in their architecture firm to fill the vacant position. Both of them offered me $18 per hour, but I need to consider the kind of project that they do to decide. M. Smith specialize in commercial building and Mrs.White do residential projects. Witch one should I choose?

Choice 1 : M. Smith.

Choice 2 : Mrs. White.


M. Smith.

That was not the good decision to make... After two weeks of work with him, something went wrong. I have been victim of sexual harassment. After that, I was traumatized and stoped going to school.

Choice 1 : Start again

Mrs. White

Mrs. White.

It was the best decision I have ever made. I gained a lot of experience and I made my mark in the field of architecture.

Choice 1 : Start again

Lack of sleep

Leave With My Grandmother.

Even if I save money, it was not a good idea. More often than not, I do in-and-outs in my grandmother's home and that stresses her. I leave at 5 a.m. every morning to skip traffic and sometimes I come back very late because I have a lot of team projects to do. I also start to have a lack of sleep and my grade goes down. What should I do next?

Choice 1 : Continue To Travel.

Choice 2 : Stop Everything.


Continue To Travel.

Two weeks later I was overwhelmed. I put aside everything; school, friends, family and I just sleep. I started a big depression and never return to school.

Choice 1 : Start again


Stop Everything.

This choice was the best that I have ever taken. I stoped everything because I know that something wrong will happen to me if I continue. When I went to see my teachers to tell them that I've quit school, one of them was very choked because he believes in me and find me very good in architecture. So, he offered me a job at his firm has an architectural technologist. I accept it and I love my work now.

Choice 1 : Start again


Montreal University (UDEM).

I choose to go in the Landscape Architectural program at Montreal University because it's near my friends and family. I will also save a lot of money in traveling. In my last year of the bachelor in University, I need to decide on witch project I want to work all semester long. I had the choice to work in team on a new development in Montreal or work alone on do landscape of home and building. I don't know if it's a good idea to work in team because we didn't choose our co-workers and it's a big project. What should I do?

Choice 1 : Work In Team On A New Development In Montreal.

Choice 2 : Work Alone On Landscape Of Home And Building.

Work In Team On A New Development In Montreal.

I'm excited to do this big project for my final year! Today is the first meeting of the group and I'm stress because I don't know who is in the team yet. The team was me with five boys! We start talking and give ideas for the project but nobody listened to me. At the end, one of them came to see me and gave me work to do for the next meeting and that was a lot! I am very uncomfortable in this team. Should I stay?

Choice 1 : Stay In The Team.

Choice 2 : Quit And Change Project.


Stay In The Team.

I love the project but I hate my co-workers. They take all the decision and they give me all the work. I see the project as a dead-end job. I don't know if my body will survive to all this overtime. I'm afraid to tell my supervisor that they don't do their job.

Choice 1 : Tell My Supervisor About The Misconduct Of My Co-worker.

Choice 2 : Say Nothing And Continue To Do All The Work.

Tell My Supervisor About The Misconduct Of My Co-worker.

I choose to talk about the situation with my supervisor because it was starting to be dangerous for my health. I don't sleep because I've got too much work to do for my co-workers. So, my supervisor talked to my teammates and now they start working for real. Even if they don't like me, I know that I took the good decision.

Choice 1 : Star again

Say Nothing And Continue To Do All The Work.

That was not the good idea. Two weeks later I had enough and I left the team. I had a lack of sleep and my body couldn't continue this way. I failed my course and need to restart next year.

Choice 1 : Start again

Quit And Change Project.

I decide to quit because I know that it will be too much for myelf and that was the best decision.

Choice 1 : Start again


Work Alone On Landscape Of Home And Building.

I had so much fun doing this project and I received good grade all semester for it! I couldn't be happier. This was the best decision I had made. At the end of the semester I received the mention of having a perfect design for my project. I ended my University so well!

Choice 1 : Start again


Quebec University (UQAM).

I choose to go in environment design at Quebec University in Montreal because I just have been accepted in this program. I don't really know what I will do in this program, so I don't know if I try it or I take a year of break to travel. Let see what happens to me in this 3 years.

Choice 1 : Go Study.

Choice 2 : Go Travel The World.


Go Study.

I decided to go study in environment design even if I don't really know what the program was about. It's been two months that I'm in the program and I don't know if I really want to go throw 3 years in this program. What should I do next?

Choice 1 : Continue Studying In Environment Design.

Choice 2 : Quit And Change Program.


Continue Studying In Environment Design.

I continue studying in environment design but it didn't end well. After one year, I failed all of my courses because I had a lack of inspiration to do all of my homeworks and projects. So, I just lost one year of my life and now I have no idea what to do next. I'm depressed and I will become nothing.

Choice 1 : Start again


Quit And Change Program.

I decided to leave my program because I know that it wasn't the good one for me. I try something new now. I will become a police officer. I change career because I had enough of all the things in construction. Now that I finished all of my courses I am a police and I really like my job. Now, I need to choose if I want to work on the field or become an investigator.

Choice 1 : Be In The Field.

Choice 2 : Become An Investigator.

Police officer

Be In The Field.

I decided to go in the field and I really liked it at first. But, year after year I started to dislike my job because I just arresting people and they are always angry. Maybe that was not the right choice career for me.

Choice 1 : Start again


Become An Investigator.

Now that I choose to be an investigator, I have another big decision to take. In the world of being an investigator, there are two categories possible and you need to choose witch one you want to work for at the beginning of your career. The first possibility is being a scientific analyst to find marks of ADN. The second possibility is to be on the criminal and murder team. I don't know what to choose because both of them are very interesting.

Choice 1 : Work As A Scientific Analyst.

Choice 2 : Be On The Criminal And Murder Team.


Work As A Scientific Analyst.

I choose to become a scientific analyst and I really like it at first. But, this job had not enough action for me. I got a very good salary, but I regret my choice. Maybe, I should stay in construction?

Choice 1 : Start again


Be On The Criminal And Murder Team.

I finally chose to be on the criminal and murder team, and I really like it. It's my dream job! Everyday is different and there is always a lot of action. With my years of experience, I am now in the FBI and I have big crime to solve. The FBI offers me a big case to solve in Afganistan to have a bigger salary or to stay at the office and continue my job. Do I take risks by going there?

Choice 1 : Go In Afganistan.

Choice 2 : Stay At The Office And Continue My Job.


Go In Afganistan.

When I arrived in Afganistan, I understood that it was a very big case to solve. I worked with the army to solve the murder of 42 people. It was the biggest challenge of my entire life. After two months of battle and sacrifices we found the killer. It was the best moment! I'm very happy to have chosen this option because now I have a better salary and I'm the first woman to survive to a case like this! What a life!

Choice 1 : Start again


Stay At The Office And Continue My Job.

I didn't risk going to Afganistan because I like my job here. When the rest of the team left, my boss gave me a new murder to solve. I have been working for 1 month on it and I found that the killer had not just killed one person. Since 2016, he killed one person each month. He kills the victims for revenge. So, I found all that and I had enough to send him in prison. He is going in prison tomorrow. When I went back home after my day at the office, I've been shot in the head at my front door. I was the next person on his list...

Choice 1 : Start again


Go Travel The World.

I decided to take a year of break and realize my dream; travel the world. I left for one year and I learned so many things around the world. I loved my experience! It was the best decision of my life, I'm a new person now.

Choice 1 : Start again

Make money

Go To Work Market.

I chose to go on the work market now because I had enough of studying and made no money. It's time for me to work as an architecture technologist. Now that I made this decision, I have the choice to start my own company or to go to work in an architecture firm. It's more risky to start alone with no experience, but it can pay more.

Choice 1 : Start My Own Company.

Choice 2 : Go Work For An Architectural Firm.


Start My Own Company.

I started my own company and it's actually going well! I love being my own boss. I'm happy with my little residential project. I do one or two at the same time and I have a good salary, but I have a lot of work. Maybe, I should have an employee to help me and do more projects? I don't know if it's the right choice to make because my company is going well since the beginning, and I am alone. What should I do?

Choice 1 : Continue Working Alone.

Choice 2 : Hire An Employee.

Continue Working Alone.

That was the right choice to make. My name starts to be known by many people because I already designed nine houses! All of my clients are satisfied, and I am grateful to them because they gave me a chance. Now that I have more experience, I can rase my prices.

Choice 1 : Start again


Hire An Employee.

Hire an employee was probably my biggest mistake. I need to get a lot of time management for him. I just wasted my time and money because I needed to pay him and we were not able to do more projects as a team than when I was doing it alone. After two months I had to send him back because he made a mistake on a plan that I did not see at first and the client is pursuing me and I lost my license to make plans.

Choice 1 : Start again

Architecture office

Go Work For An Architectural Firm.

I chose to take a chance and send my resume at six architecture firms that interested me. I got two good feedbacks. The architecture firm that is named MDTP is near my home and they offered me a salary of $17 per hour. The second firm is Legüe architecture that is located at Trois-Rivière. That is 2 hours of road from my home, but they offered me $23 per hour. Do I start a new life in Trois-Rivière or I stay close to my family by working at the architecture firm near my home?

Choice 1 : MDTP.

Choice 2 : Legüe Architecture.


I really like the company and the people that are working here. Even if the salary is lower than the other office, I don't regret my choice. I will go up salary year after year with my experience.

Choice 1 : Start again

Legüe Architecture.

I really like the project that I do with the team. But, I am so far from my friends and family that I find it very difficult. Bad choice!

Choice 1 : Start again

The End.