Construction path.

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Simon GariƩpy

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Choice count: 22

Section count: 22

Image count: 22

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Field Related Analysis:

Education : 15 matches (School, choice, college, diploma, failure, field, fields of study, first, learn, lessons, project, school, skills, student, university)

Business : 13 matches (bankrupt, bankruptcy, business, company, compete, competitive, debt, money, president, request, salary, sell, trust)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 12 matches (bankruptcy, caution, company, construction, debt, guarantee, hire, House, profits, Rules, society, trust)

Target Structure:


Construction path.


The decision.

Construction is a big business in our society, many careers can be made and a lot of fields of study are related to construction. It's hard to decide what to do in construction.

Choice 1 : Decide to become a Professionnal

Choice 2 : Decide to become a construction worker.


Professionals in the field of construction are very important. They must create and solve very complicated problems related to the construction of a project. To make this easy, let's say it only has 3 types of professionals, engineer, architect and estimator.

Choice 1 : become an engeneer

Choice 2 : become an architect

Choice 3 : become an estimator


Now that my career choice has been made, I have to work hard at school and I have to develop my math skills if I want to be accepted to university in engineering.

Choice 1 : work hard at school

Choice 2 : Work as little as possible

My efforts have been rewarded.

My college studies now over, I have to ask myself one last time if I really want to be an engineer.

Choice 1 : Go for it !

Choice 2 : tried to find a job with my DEC diploma

The good life.

Ten years later, I live in a beautiful house and I drive a nice car, but I have almost no money because of my crazy spending habits.

Write a choice here.

Doing the minimum in college.

I do all my work at the last minute and I often go out to clubs.

Choice 1 : try to go to university anyway.

Choice 2 : Try to make a carreer with my student job at a restaurant

Bad idea.

After only 3 lessons, I give up my studies and I blame the school system for my failure.

Write a choice here.

the new start.

I give up my job after 3 years, to go around the world with the money I managed to save.

Write a choice here.

I can now use my creativity.

Architecture is a very difficult job and not a lot of work are available.

Choice 1 : Trust my talents and try to become an architect

Choice 2 : Learn architecture on the internet and try to make a career.

Very competitive.

The available places are small and only the best will be chosen.

Choice 1 : compete

I have to stay patient.

It's been 5 years since I graduated and I have not yet managed to get a full-time job in architecture.

Write a choice here.

My way.

I will keep my time and money to learn the architecture by myself. School is too expensive and does not guarantee a job after college.

Choice 1 : study architecture seriously on the internet

Choice 2 : I ask my parents to borrow money from the bank to build their dream home.

I am rich !

I am now the largest doghouse architect in the world. No company wanted to hire me, so I decided to start my own company.

Write a choice here.

I am in trouble.

The house I created for my parents is abandoned. Nobody wants to buy it and my parents are in debt.

Write a choice here.

Very good career choice.

This job does not require much study unlike architecture and engineering. It is an important and difficult job in a business. A simple mistake can bankrupt the company.

Choice 1 : Work with caution

Choice 2 : Work quickly without checking my results.

My boss's company makes millions because of me.

My attention to detail and my good work allowed my company to win several projects and cash in big profits.

Choice 1 : work the same way

Choice 2 : Ask my boss for a big salary increase

My good job is rewarded.

After many years of working well, my boss elected me vice president of the company.

Write a choice here.

My relationship with my boss is bad.

My boss refused my request and decided to sell the company for several million. He sends me photos every week of him on his new yacht.

Write a choice here.

Construction worker.

Working on a construction site is very difficult and dangerous. The study programs are not long and allow the workers to make money fast.

Choice 1 : Work safely avoid injuries

Choice 2 : Work quickly and without listening to safety rules on construction sites

Safety first !

It's been 10 years now that I work on construction sites. One day, I forgot to put on my safety glasses and got debris in my eyes. I am now blind.

Write a choice here.

did not last long.

I was banished from all construction sites in Quebec. My way of working puts my life and the lives of others in danger.

Write a choice here.

Work as a lazy person.

I made several miscalculations that caused the bankruptcy of the company. My boss is going back to live with his parents after the bankruptcy.

Write a choice here.

The End.