The harsh ride to the publishing house.

A hypertext narrative by

Marjolaine Massé-Patterson

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Education : 16 matches (European, School, choice, college, don, graduate, high school, learn, primary school, reading, school, second language, teach, teacher, teachers, university)

Tourism : 11 matches (City, Concordia, Program, Ride, bit, board, charge, language, master, program, single)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 9 matches (Book, charge, close, escape, European, family, House, master, reputation)

Target Structure:


The harsh ride to the publishing house.

College program.

I'm still in high school and can't choose between two programs that I truly like… Languages are around me since I was born and I love foreign cultures and languages, but books are different worlds I can discover every single time I open one. Both programs can lead to publishing houses, so I'm not wasting my time.

Choice 1 : Study linguistics.

Choice 2 : Study literature.


My passion for foreign languages took over and I decided that I want to learn to be fluent in two European languages for the next two years! But I have to choose which college I want to go to. Ahuntsic surely has a better reputation, but Montmorency is way closer to my house!

Choice 1 : Go to Ahuntsic.

Choice 2 : Go to Montmorency.


Books were always an escape and I chose them one more time. But before I apply to college, I have to choose which one I want to go to. Ahuntsic surely has a better reputation, but Montmorency is closer to my house.

Choice 1 : Go to Ahuntsic.

Choice 2 : Go to Montmorency.

Choose the right language.

I was accepted in college and I'm happy about the decision I've made. It was the best thing to do. But I now have to choose which language I want to master the most from now on.

Choice 1 : Master German language.

Choice 2 : Master Spanish language.

Choose the right University program.

Before I graduate from college, I have to decide which one is the best according to my career. The University of Montreal is a dream I've since forever, the University of Laval and the University of Sherbrooke may be far, but are well rated. I've had Concordia and McGill in my mind, but they don't have the program I'm exactly looking for. Which one should I apply to?

Choice 1 : Go to the University of Laval.

Choice 2 : Go to the University of Montreal.

Choice 3 : Go to the University of Sherbrooke.

Which program should I apply for?

Once again, I made the best decision after listing all the pros and cons of each school. But after college, my tastes have changed and I'm not sure if I still want to work in a publishing house. I could teach French Second Language in primary schools. Luckily, the teaching program has no required path.

Choice 1 : Keep up with the publishing house.

Choice 2 : Go to a different avenue and become a French Second Language teacher.

Books, books any more books.

Publishing houses it is! I'm glad I've made this decision and after university, I'll be able to make people fall deeper in love with reading. I know that it won't be easy. Nothing is and I've made tough choices to be where I am today. I'll have to engrave the ladder and it'll take time, but I'll make it to the top. One day I'll be the one who translates books and after that, I'll be the one in charge of making a book happen. I made it!

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Twenty five and back to primary school.

French second language it is! I'm happy of every decision I've made that have led my to this day. It was everything but easy, that's for sure. Montreal's school board needs teachers and I'm there for it. But I've lived in Ontario and kind of miss it. Which territory should I teach in?

Choice 1 : Teach FSL in Quebec.

Choice 2 : Teach FSL in Ontario.


I was born in Montreal and have always loved this city. I'll be able to work close to my family and friends! I made it!

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Not only will I be able to discover Canada a bit more, but moving to Ontario will also allow me to speak English even more and become fluent. I can go see my family in Quebec whenever I want because it's not that far away. I made it!

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The End.