The Future of a Normal Student.

A hypertext narrative by

Delphine Caissy

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Word count: 2258

Choice count: 36

Section count: 24

Image count: 24

Error count: 11

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 32 matches (absence, arrest, capital, club, company, condition, crimes, criminal, delivery, director, district, drugs, family, harassment, House, Information, interest, majority, mission, month, offer, order, parties, port, property, recourse, secure, Sexual, Special, tenure, test, theft)

Education : 25 matches (School, advanced, choice, class, classes, college, courses, deliver, fails, field, first, goals, graduate, major, management, school, senior, social, student, teachers, technology, test, testing, training, university)

Business : 22 matches (accountant, accounting, business, capital, company, deal, gain, interest, leadership, management, meeting, money, offer, partner, pay, pressure, profit, promotion, request, team, technology, transaction)

Target Structure:

HR (2 matches)

internship (2 matches)

lack of (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

vacant position (2 matches)


The Future of a Normal Student.


Start at the beginning.

Brendan is studying Business at Montmorency College to become a certified accountant. It's his final session of college, and he is very stressed out. He isn't sure if he is accepted to university.

Choice 1 : Yes. He is accepted.

Choice 2 : No. He isn't accepted

Choice 3 : He has to make other plans.


Yes. He is accepted.

Yes. Brendan is finally accepted at the university. He is so excited. He tells the good news to all his family and his friends. They are so excited for him. But he has to decide where he wants to go. He was accepted at two universities. He has to choose between McGill University or University of Vermont?

Choice 1 : McGill University

Choice 2 : The University of Vermont


No. He isn't accepted.

Oh no. He isn't accepted to go to university. He is lost and he doesn't know what to do. He makes some searches to see other interesting areas to study. He discovered an interest in the field of police or working in human resources. He has to decide what field he wants to try.

Choice 1 : He goes into the HR field

Choice 2 : He goes into the police field


He has to make other plans.

Finally, Brendan doesn't want to go to university. Since his absence of interest in his studies, he spends his evenings in mafia bars. After many visits to theses bars, he is intercepted by the Russian Mafia. They talk to Brendan about becoming a member of them mafia. Also, the next day, it's the turn of the Sicilian mafia to come see him about becoming a member of them mafia. Brendan doesn't know what gang he wants to go with. What should he do?

Choice 1 : Russian mafia

Choice 2 : Sicilian mafia


McGill University.

Since that he is finally getting into McGill, he feels more confident to have a perfect future. He chose all these classes in order to begin his university studies. After a few months, he saw all of his colleagues going to party while he spent his days studying. He wondered if he should take a break and have fun or continue working hard.

Choice 1 : Live your best life

Choice 2 : Work hard


The University of Vermont.

Arrival at University of Vermont, he is very excited like when he knew he was accepted. Like all universities, they all have clicks. They have the click of sportsmen, science, popular girls and many others. Brendan was attracted by the click of revelers. But for his future and his school experiences, he wants to do a sport whose university has a team. He's interested on the hockey team called Catamounts as he's a hockey player. What choices should he decide to do?

Choice 1 : Life is a party

Choice 2 : University omnisports club


He goes into the HR field.

He chooses to discover the field of human resources. The more these sessions progress, the more he finds interest in this field. Everything is going so well for him that he receives a request to come and do an internship in a big company. After a few months in the company, the director offers him a vacant position into his business after his internship. Brendan, after his experience in the company, isn't sure if this vacant position were the best decision for him. He thinks about change, again, his field. What should he do?

Choice 1 : Nice job, nice pay.

Choice 2 : He goes into another field again.


He goes into the police field.

He decided to do his Police Technology in Ahuntsic. During his school career, he went on to go internships in many districts of the SPVM, with the SQ and the RCMP. After a few internships, Brendan became increasingly interested in becoming a detective in the SPVM. But, he also discovered an interest in becoming an outlaw. What should he do?

Choice 1 : Become a detective lieutenant.

Choice 2 : Become a criminal


Russian mafia.

Brendan became a member of the Russian Mafia. He had to do many tests to stand out to be part of their business. At a special evening, he heard the chief talking about a drug delivery the next morning. Another member went to tell the chief that the new kid had heard the whole story of the delivery. The boss, not too happy, headed for Brendan to test him with a new challenge. He then offers an ultimatum, quit or double, try to survive or deliver drugs.

Choice 1 : Try to be not killed.

Choice 2 : Drug delivery


Sicilian mafia.

Brendan became a member of the Sicilian Mafia. Obviously, he had to do many proofs to stand out to be part of their business. Some proofs were easier than others, but some proofs were difficult too. Like all kings of testing, he has the last and not the least that is always the most difficult. The choice to become the irreplaceable man or to become the one who has no great interest. This test is to become the new member or to go on a big mission, which unfortunately takes place in jail. This decision will prove his loyalty as well as he will for the Mafia business.

Choice 1 : Become the new member

Choice 2 : Go on a mission into prison.


Live your best life.

Brendan, exhausted by these studies, he was interested in partying like those colleagues. After some party time, Brendan was much behinds in these works. The majority of these teachers didn't want to see him in their class. He had an extraordinary party session but he doesn't attend any classes, so the university kicked him out.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Work hard.

Brendan decided to focus all his time on these studies. He took more complementary courses to gain more experience and possibilities for his future choice. He did many internships in major accounting companies in Montreal. After all these internships, one of the biggest chartered accounting companies offered him a job training and he could then work in their business.

Choice 1 : Good choice. Start again.


Life is a party.

Studies are good, but he has to have fun too. Brendan had created affinities with the revelers. A few days ago, these revelers friends wanted to create the biggest party ever. The problem was that he had no ideal place to do it. Brendan thought why not make the big party in the sorority of revelers! These friends excited by the new idea, prepare the party as it should. The house party opened and debauchery began. Like all big parties, it came with big drinks that led some people to make huge bullshit. This brought the police, the school management and they decided to kick out the entire sorority, So, Brendan found himself out of the university and without recourse.

Choice 1 : Start again.


University omnisports club.

Brendan inquired about the sports offered by the University of Vermont. These favorite sports are hockey and basketball. He is a good hockey player and he has a lot of leadership. He decided to join the hockey team Catamounts. Since that, Brendan has counted more than 2 goals per game, he brought his team to the final and to finish well, his team and himself won the final. It was the best decision of his life and he won the leadership medal. Brendan finally felt ready to face everything in his future.

Choice 1 : Good choice. Start again.


Nice job, nice pay.

After finishing university, one of the companies where he hid one these internships, offered him a job training as well as a 3 month period to gain the experience to do the job. These first two months were the most rewarding and the most interesting to follow, but the arrival of a new one put pressure on him to succeed. Despite the pressure, Brendan managed to secure his tenure. His new supervisor also offered him a promotion with more responsibility but with the help of a team to accomplish the professional challenges of their future.

Choice 1 : Good choice. Start again.


He goes into another field again.

Brendan's lack of interest in his new field led him to drop all these courses. He was kicked out and found himself without a graduate or a job. He spent these days bored in his couch in front of the TV. He tried to work part-time in grocery stores or convenience stores, but without success. So, he decided to take all his money of social well-being and go spend it at the casino.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Become a detective lieutenant.

He decided to become a detective lieutenant. Unfortunately, he had to patrol like everyone else, but the commander had hope in him to become their new lieutenant. After months as a man on patrol, he received his promotion as Detective Lieutenant of the SPVM for District 31.

Choice 1 : Be the best detective lieutenant. Start again.


Become a criminal.

He thought that after being in the police environment, he could be an exceptional criminal. He began with little crimes, such as the theft of convenience stores or grocery stores. The grocery stores didn't bring him any profit. He decided to attack the biggest bank in Montreal. While he was preparing these arms and transmitting the information to his partner, the police landed at his home to arrest him for wanting to carry out an attack.

Choice 1 : He fails. Start again.


Try to be not killed.

Brendan didn't accept his mission. The boss, not very happy, asked his right ally to go on the mission in question. A few days passed and Brendan still had no news of the boss. He decided to go back to the property where the members met. He found two ropes suspended from the roof. Two men went out to tie him up after these ropes. After he was tied up, the boss arrived behind in order to interrogate him. Brendan begged him to not kill him and he would do whatever the boss asked him to do. But it was too late, the boss had already made his decision.

Choice 1 : He tried but they killed him. Start again.


Drug delivery.

Brendan accepted the mission. He was trained by the other members of the gang to find out and to do everything. The meeting for the transaction took place the next day. Arrival at this day, the meeting took place in the port of Montreal. During the transaction, the police in order to arrest them all. Brendan ran as fast as he could but the police found him.

Choice 1 : The police finally caught him. Busted. Start again.


Become the new member.

Brendan was the new member for a few months before the newcomer joined them. Some commands of the boss here and there so that finally the boss offers him a big command. The command of the boss was the next one, he will have to make a transaction with the previous mafia of the new member, The Primeiro Comando da Capital. Arrived at the transaction, the boss had ordered him to kill all the members of the other gang in front of the new member. Unable to do, when the deal was an over, the boss's right ally killed Brendan.

Choice 1 : He missed the test. They killed him. Start again.


Go on a mission into prison.

Brendan's mission is to do business with a prison gang. The first days were no good for Brendan, this type of environment wasn't made for him. But, he has to do the job right. He was placed in cells where there were or senior members of the Sicilian Mafia. These colleagues told him about the various gangs that the prison had. They gave him the choice between bikers or gangsters. What choice should he do?

Choice 1 : Doing business with bikers

Choice 2 : Doing business with gangsters


Doing business with bikers.

Brendan went to the bikers, named Hells Angels. He explained to them what the boss of the Sicilian Mafia wants to do with them. Bikers are interested but on one condition. The condition is that Brendan will have to kill the leader of another gang in the prison. The bikers insisted that he kills the leader of the Japanese gang. Brendan accepted the condition and went to the gang. Arrived in front of the Japanese, he rushed to the leader to kill him. Even before he reached it, the leader's right hand cut Brendan's throat with a knife.

Choice 1 : He is dead. Start again.


Doing business with gangsters.

Brendan headed for the gangsters. He explained the offer his boss wants to make with them. The gangsters will accept the deal only on one condition, if Brendan becomes the whore of the leader's right hand. Brendan, surprised and unhappy, refused to suffer the sexual harassment of another prisoner knowing that Brendan isn't a real prisoner. He attacked the leader by insulting him the pervert and he will never be the whore of anyone. The gangsters advanced to defend their leader but they see the guards arrived. The gangsters moved on leaving the guards handcuffed Brendan and brought him into solitary confinement.

Choice 1 : They put him in isolation. He missed. Start again

The End.