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Zacch Pomeranz

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Word count: 1722

Choice count: 43

Section count: 22

Image count: 22

Error count: 37

Field Related Analysis:

Nursing : 19 matches (accident, adrenaline, bandage, body, pressure, contact, Doctor, environment, hospital, injury, medical, O, physiotherapy, position, severe, solution, specific, trust, injured)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 18 matches (accident, blood, close, condition, construction, contact, estate, fine, House, houses in, injury, issue, living, real estate, road, trust, truth, vacations)

Dance : 18 matches (Back, break, Close, Cut, Follow, In Place, Out, Point, Position, Running, show, Side, Slip, Step, step, technique, Time, Wrap)

Target Structure:

in-depth (1 match)


Zacchary Pomeranz Hypertext narrative.

college montmorency

A new beginning.

I am finishing a program called Real Estate Appraiser in Montmorency College. I don't really like construction but I ended up there. I am more passionate about the human body while being in contact with people. So, I have the opportunity to finish this program and then work in this field of study or to go in a program called Physiotherapy technique that I will enjoy. If you were me, what choice would you take?

Choice 1 : Finish the programme called Real Estate Appraiser.

Choice 2 : Switching program for Physiotherapy technique.


Interesting program.

I decided to finish my Real Estate Appraiser program and work in this field of study. Should I stay in Laval and find a job in this field of study but it will be very hard to find or move to Montreal and find one there, because it will be easier, but apparently the area has a bad environment?

Choice 1 : Find a job in Laval, but very hard to find there in this field of study

Choice 2 : Move to Montreal because this job will be easier to find but with a bad environmentin this area.


Follow your destiny.

I chose to move to Montreal and I also find a job there has a Real Estate Apraiser, but in the area that I am living is quite dangerous. I didn't investigate the houses that were in my area yet, but apparently they are in bad condition.

Choice 1 : Should I investigate? Because I am a Real Estate Appraiser now, but I am stil a rookie.

Choice 2 : Should I call a Real Estate Apraiser that has more experience than me?


Make a choice.

I made the decision to investigate by myself, because I know that I can do it on my own. The goal of this investigation is to look at the structure problems that houses have in this specific area. There is two houses in particular that have major structure issues. The first one has very big foundation problems and the second one has major beam issues (apparently). Which one should I go for first?

Choice 1 : The first house with foundation problems.

Choice 2 : The second house with major beam problems.


Bad choice?

Arriving to the second house, I was kind of scare to enter, because those beam can fall at any time, I knew that they were problems in those two houses, because I had an old report about the issues from those two houses. Suddenly, just before I enter the house, a piece of wood from the roof fell on the ground. At this point, this house had me really worried.

Choice 1 : Enter the house like a man.

Choice 2 : Call some help for an in-depth investigation.



I chose to enter the house. For a first look, it looks fine but I know that it wasn't. When I saw the beams it was kind of scary because there was sharp cracks and holes in the beams. Also, there was a ladder nearby, so I could take a closer look.

Choice 1 : Find other problems in the house

Choice 2 : Climb the ladder.


Worst mistake.

I decided to climb the ladder. While taking a closer look at the beams issues, my feet slip from the ladder and I fell on the ground. I got a really bad injury in the back while doing my investigations.

Choice 1 : Continue my investigations.

Choice 2 : Go to the hospital.



I chose to go to the hospital. I think that it was the right choice. So I needed time to recuperate from this incident. This was very painful.

Choice 1 : Tell this incident to my boss so we can plan on investigate even deeper on those houses.

Choice 2 : Looking for a new job that is less dangerous.


Is trust an issue or not?

I have decided to tell the tragedy to my boss. We made the choice that I will go back there and investigate again, but with one more person that will be by my side in the investigation. He is a rookie too by the way.

Choice 1 : Trust my partner in the investigation.

Choice 2 : Give up on the investigation.


Don't make the same mistake twice.

I made the choice to trust my partner. We are both rookie, so we have to try our best to find the ideal solution to these structure problems. We arrived to the houses.

Choice 1 : Visit the first house.

Choice 2 : Show to my partner the issues and the incident of the second house.


Go up or go down?

I decided to show him the second house, the issues and the incident. He was also scared to investigate too because of this so we decided to go step by step. This house is full of problems.

Choice 1 : Start the visit upstairs.

Choice 2 : Start the visit underground.



We decided to start upstairs, where other beams has major issues and also has a roof top issue. The house was such in a bad condition that some pieces from the roof were falling down. At some point my partner got hit by one of the pieces and was badly injured.

Choice 1 : Get out of here quickly.

Choice 2 : Help him and continue.


Fight for your life.

We chose to stay again! Even if he was badly injured I couldn't call for help because my cellphone ran out of batterie. We were stuck there technically.

Choice 1 : Try to find some medical care in the house.

Choice 2 : Go outside to try to find someone that can help.



I decided to try to find some medical care in the house for my partner. The only thing that was kind of useful was plasters but he was badly injured so it was useless in this situation. I had to find something otherwise he could get infected very easily because he was badly wounded by the piece of wood that fallen on his leg.

Choice 1 : Go back upstairs and try to remove the piece of wood in his leg.

Choice 2 : Take the little scarf that I have on me (because it's winter) and try to make a bandage.


Make the right choice.

This decision was very hard to make because if I remove the piece of wood from his leg, the blood is going to come out a lot quicker and it is going to be more problematic. But if I don't remove it and just wrap the scarf around his leg with the piece of wood at least the blood will not come out very quickly. But there is an even bigger problem, the scarf is not long enough for his leg. So at this moment, I was very scared and on the adrenaline so I did a stupid mistake.

Choice 1 : Remove the piece of wood from his leg.

Choice 2 : Try to make a bandage with the little scarf and some plasters.


You are close to the end.

I did a stupid mistake, I removed the piece of wood from his leg. There was a lot of blood that came out from his leg and now we were in a very bad situation. So I told him to make a pressure on his injury with the little scarf to stop the blood. At this point, I had enough of being in this scary house.

Choice 1 : Find help quickly.

Choice 2 : Stay there and find mediacl care again.



I decided to go outside to call for some help. There was one person on the other side of the road and I was running towards him, something tragic happened, I got hit by a car. I was not hurt badly but still a another random accident during this bad day of work. The person in the car that hit me, apologize to me.

Choice 1 : Tell the person to go help my partner upstairs in the house.

Choice 2 : Call the 911 for help.


Truth or lie?

I told them to go help my partner upstairs. The person with the car that hit me took him to the hospital. We made it out alive of this house.

Choice 1 : Tell my boss what happened.

Choice 2 : Hide the truth from him.


Bad job.

I decided to tell my boss all the incidents that has occurred. He was shocked. He said that I will maybe get suspended for a week of work for everything that has happened, because I didn't do my job correctly and safely.

Choice 1 : Investigate the (first) house anyway.

Choice 2 : Let's go see my partner at the hospital.


Would you take a break?

I went to the hospital to go take a look at my partner. When I arrive the doctor told me that his was infected way too much and also that the injury was too severe so they will cut his leg. I was shook. I put all the blame on myself because I put in danger not just myself but also my partner in a house with a lot of problems. It was just not safe.

Choice 1 : Go on vacations after all these incident and also because I am suspended for a week.

Choice 2 : Stay with my partner to support him.


Decide your future wisely.

I chose to go on vacation for a week in Gasp├ęsie just to think about my position has a Real Estate Appraiser, about my mistakes and try to put all my thoughts in place.

Choice 1 : Find a new job for a new beggining.

Choice 2 : Continue has a Real Estate Appraiser.


A new beginning? Again?

When I came back from my vacations, I received a call from my boss that now, he knows everything from the incidents that has occurred and that I will be fired. So, in the end I think I will find a new job. Maybe, comeback to Montmorency College and do a technique to become a physiotherapist.

Choice 1 : The end.

The End.