Young filmmaker's obstacles.

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Martha Sosa

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 40 matches (action, arrested, assault, Book, case, charge, company, compensation, contract, corruption, credit, criminal, director, driving, fact, family, harassment, House, issue, justice, misconduct, notice, offer, office, pardon, power, process, punishment, record, sabotage, security, Sexual, shock, silence, society, stalking, sue, test, witness, young)

Psychology : 37 matches (action, anxiety, behaviour, brightness, compensation, concept, creativity, data, depression, dream, environment, family, FAST, field, game, harassment, learning, love, obsession, paranoia, perception, predator, press, process, proposition, punishment, risk, rumour, run, script, set, sexual harassment, shadow, shock, sleep, stalking, thinking)

Film : 30 matches (actor, actress, beats, camera, cast, crew, director, experience, film society, film, filmmakers, Hollywood, movie, pleasure, production assistant, production assistants, production, promotion, scene, screenplay, script, set, stars, story, studio, take, text, time, video, writers)

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background check (1 match)

compensation package (2 matches)

deter (2 matches)

getting sucked up in (1 match)

HR (6 matches)

invaluable (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

office politics (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

purpose (1 match)

recipient (2 matches)

sexual harassment (1 match)

thoroughly (1 match)

though (2 matches)

trainee (20 matches)

worthwhile (1 match)


Young filmmaker's obstacles.

The end of school, time to get a job.

As time passed by, Jenny became a high school senior. At the beginning, Jenny wasn't too sure about what college program she should've taken. With help of her school career counselor, Jenny could finally choose the field that she truly liked. Now, Jenny is a film student. After getting nothing but straight-A's, she successfully graduates and already has two contract propositions from two different movie companies. One of those two film studios is in Los Angeles and the second one is based in Montreal.

Choice 1 : Learning the robes in Hollywood.

Choice 2 : Starting a bright future in her hometown.

Learning the robes in Hollywood.

Jenny decides to take a risk of starting a new life far from home and goes to LA. She thinks this is a very worthwhile chance to start working in Hollywood. Nevertheless, Jenny can feel a very uncomfortable ambiance.

Choice 1 : Mister X : the director and the predator.

Choice 2 : The trainee.

Choice 3 : Insolent actors.

Starting a bright future in her hometown.

Jenny analyses thoroughly both contracts and decides to stay in her hometown near her family to become a scenarist for a very prestigious film society. However, Jenny is not welcomed by the scenarists crew.

Choice 1 : Lucy, the bully boss.

Choice 2 : Competition between scenarists.

Choice 3 : Sabotage

Mister X : the director and the predator.

At her first day at work, Jenny meets her boss Mister X. At the workplace, Mister X tries different ways to start inappropriate approaches towards Jenny. Sometimes physical approaches or verbal approaches.

Choice 1 : Reporting her boss, a famous director

Choice 2 : Keep silence to keep a job.

The trainee.

As soon as Jenny arrives at her new job, a trainee starts a certain filtration with her. His behaviour increase and intensify more and more. Jenny knows that dating coworkers is. She wonders is she should deter him right away or give him a chance secretly.

Choice 1 : Jenny stops the trainee's filtration.

Choice 2 : Dating a trainee secretly.

Insolent actors.

According to Jenny's new experience, learning the robes in Hollywood, she realizes the rumors about tons of the Hollywood actors are real. When she starts working on movie sets and gets to know the actors with whom she will work with, she notices that those actors being nice to the press are mostly arrogant and insolent when it comes to working.

Choice 1 : Decide to endure evil treats from them.

Choice 2 : Fight for her rights.

Lucy, the bully boss.

Lucy is the Jenny’s new boss at the Montreal film society, her first job as a filmmaker graduated but she was also Jenny’s senior at High School. Lucy welcomes Jenny and smiles at her. But Jenny can feel chills running through her spin.

Choice 1 : Having coworkers support.

Choice 2 : Jenny's memories.

Competition between scenarists.

Jenny’s team is very demanding and reject every idea, moodboard, film story proposition or any script drafted by her or even by her. Jenny starts doubting of her capacities and skills due to the competitive tension between her and her seniors. It feels like a test for Jenny.

Choice 1 : Jenny cheers herself up.

Write a choice here.


One night, Jenny stays at the office to work overtime. When she’s done, she stops at the restroom. When she comes out, she sees the shadow of what it seems to be a person sit at Jenny’s desk place.

Choice 1 : The hacker.

Choice 2 : A weird and hateful obsession.

Reporting her boss, a famous director.

Jenny meets her boss Mister X. Later on, at the workplace, Mister X tries different ways to start inappropriate approaches with Jenny. Sometimes physical approaches or verbal approaches. So, without any hesitation, Jenny reports her boss to the HR.

Choice 1 : Exposing a sexual predator.

Choice 2 : Abolishing Mister X.

Keep silence to keep a job.

Jenny resign herself and accepts to be a recipient because she is too scared to lose the invaluable chance of being a filmmaker in Hollywood. Despite Jenny’s silence, Mister X spread the rumour that Jenny intended to have sexual relationships to get a promotion.

Choice 1 : Being bullied because of a rumor.

Choice 2 : Giving up.

Being bullied because of a rumor.

Once she arrives at the studio where she works along with Mister X and the film team, she feels everyone staring at her. The producers, the cameramen, the writers and even the actors see her and laugh at her. Then, Jenny notice that Mister X took revenge for being rejected by her.

Choice 1 : Giving up.

Choice 2 : Exposing a sexual predator.

Giving up.

After several weeks on bearing being bullied by a whole film society, Jenny has a breakdown and quits her job. She comes back to Montreal where she puts aside her dream of being a movie director.

Choice 1 : Try again

Exposing a sexual predator.

Jenny risks it all and takes the courage to report publicly her case of sexual harassment did by her boss. After making strong statements, many other filmmakers and actors raiser their voices against Mister X. She feels proud of have had the courage of speak out on such a taboo issue.

Choice 1 : Try again

Abolishing Mister X.

The HR starts a background check concerning the movie director. They find out that Mister X have had previous criminal records that have been hide with corruption. However, this time Jenny succeeds and Mister X get the punishment he deserves. Also, Jenny receives a compensation package for having the courage of exposing a man with such a power and of course she keeps her job.

Choice 1 : Try again

Jenny stops the trainee's filtration.

Though Jenny appreciates that guy's sincere intentions, she still concerned about getting in trouble or even possibly losing her job.

Choice 1 : The trainee's reaction after being rejected by Jenny.

Choice 2 : An unexpected revenge.

Dating a trainee secretly.

Though Jenny and the trainee are aware that dating is prohibited by the office politics, they decide to start a secret relationship anyway.

Choice 1 : A coworker unmasks Jenny's relationship.

Choice 2 : A message text that expose Jenny's relationship.

A coworker unmasks Jenny's relationship.

One day, Jenny and her new boyfriend, the trainee, kiss each other at work. Unfortunately, a production assistant sees them and report them to her superiors. The producers and directors turn down their relationship, kick out the trainee and warn Jenny of the future repercussion on her. However, Jenny follows her love and not her job. She quits, look for a new post in a new film studio, keeps dating the trainee and cherish her relationship.

Choice 1 : Try again

A message text that expose Jenny's relationship.

Jenny receives a text message from her new boyfriend while she was working with her bosses. They accidentally see the message coming from the trainee, her boyfriend. They make her come to their office and tell her that they know about her and the trainee. Jenny lies and denies her relationship with him. The directors and producers believe her. That same day, Jenny breaks up with the trainee.

Choice 1 : Try again.

The trainee's reaction after being rejected by Jenny.

Embarrassed, the trainee apologizes. Nonetheless, Jenny and her friend still being good friends and keep a healthy work relationship.

Choice 1 : Try again.

An unexpected revenge.

Jenny confesses to the trainee that she has a crush on someone inside the film company. The trainee gets extremely furious and attacks Jenny verbally and even physically. The security, the production assistants and pretty much everyone that sees the scene run to help Jenny. Of course, the trainee got hired. Despite the great shock, Jenny gets over it and keeps working along the movie crew, learning new filming skills every day.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Decide to endure evil treats from them.

Every day on set, she has to endure their misconduct and their excessive requests. Many actors and actresses are aggressive towards Jenny. Jenny can do nothing but obey them. But a worker that witness those misconducts daily record secretly the moment when Jenny is being humiliated by a cast. That person post on divers social media the way those celebrities treat Jenny.

Choice 1 : Social media miraculously save Jenny.

Choice 2 : Beaten down.

Social media miraculously save Jenny.

The video gets viral on the internet, the actors uncovered in the video lose their roles in the film that Jenny is working in and also lose their contracts with various Hollywood productions. Jenny sue them and gets a huge compensation package which she shares with the person who exposed them for Jenny.

Choice 1 : Try again

Beaten down.

After weeks of being offended by her perpetrators, Jenny talks about her situation to the staff and the movie director. They ignore Jenny’s issue since those actors have a lot of power and popularity in Hollywood, they can’t let them go or punish them. The production needs those stars. Jenny fall into a big depression and leave the company.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Be brave and speak up.

Jenny takes charge of what happen. She refuses to be a recipient nor getting sucked up in that stressing situation. Then, she uses all the resources she has to protect herself. She talks about it to the HR and her bosses too. They all support her and manage the delicate situation by sue those celebrates. They also offer protection to Jenny and take the actors away from her.

Choice 1 : Try again.

No more humiliations.

Jenny is over it. She can’t stand their behaviors any longer. However, she takes the wrong way to protect her rights. An actress comes to Jenny and throws water on her saying that the water is cold enough. Jenny loses her mind and assault her. The repercussions are tremendous. Jenny gets sued, loses her job and loses the right to work in the US.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Fighting for her rights.

Jenny processes herself that any actor will ever intimidate her systematically again.

Choice 1 : Be brave and speak up.

Choice 2 : No more humiliations.

Jenny cheers herself up.

Jenny doesn’t allow that situation to deter her, she cheers herself up and takes that difficulty as a challenge and push herself to be better than other filmmakers.

Choice 1 : Jenny, a charismatic junior.

Choice 2 : Jenny believes in her talent.

Jenny, a charismatic junior.

Thanks to her charisma and her enthusiastic work, Jenny persuade them and makes them change their perception of her. The scenarists start feeling more comfortable with Jenny’s presence and notice that she is not a greedy junior as they thought at first. Their unnecessary feeling of competition against vanish away.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Jenny believes in her talent.

Jenny believes in her capacities until the end, and she comes back home, she stays up until very late night. Her effort putted on her scenarios revile that her ideas are getting better compared to others’. Little by little, the jealous crew members start accepting her ideas and eventually apologize to her for being so narrow-minded at the beginning.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Destructive and hateful critics.

Jenny feels overwhelmed by the massive amount of destructive and hateful critics made by her superiors about her work. Being criticized is making Jenny lose confidence on her work creativity.

Choice 1 : Jenny's hope is fading out.

Choice 2 : Awarding cheaters.

Jenny's hope is fading out.

Instead of creating and writing as she used to do, Jenny stops her creative process and doesn’t suggest any new idea or concept. Henceforth, Jenny follows her team’s propositions, she doesn’t take action or even talk during the scenarists’ meetings. Jenny’s dream of having a prosper scenarist career in that company starts fading out.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Awarding cheaters.

All the ideas that Jenny gave to her crew members are recycled by them. The film society awards them thinking that they came up with those ideas by themselves when in reality, all the effort came from Jenny. The seniors take credit of Jenny’s work and get promotions or rises. Afterwards, Jenny leaves the film society and takes a chance to be a scenarist in a better work environment.

Choice 1 : Try again.

The hacker.

Jenny hurries to ask that person who is it, as soon as the shadow sees Jenny, it runs away and disappears. When Jenny takes a look in her computer, see notices that all of her scripts and screenplays have been stolen. When she verifies her files, she notices that all her personal data and work have disappeared for good. Jenny doesn’t even tell that to her boss, she directly calls the police.

Choice 1 : Paranoia.

Choice 2 : Waiting for news and justice.


Jenny is sure that someone planned to use her personal data against her. Every night when she walks home, she is always alert of the people around her. Jenny feels like she is driving crazy, she can feel someone following her steps and even staring at her while she tries to sleep. Jenny is thinking of quitting her job and even move out.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Waiting for news and justice.

The police look at the security videos and discover that no camera was recording. The police could not find out who was the person who stole Jenny’s work and personal data. However, thanks to a computer engineer, the police could restore the lost files. The film society keeps working on finding the stranger who hacked Jenny. It is a mystery.

Choice 1 : Try again.

A weird and hateful obsession.

Jenny shouts at the person sit on her desk place and runs towards the dark figure in the dark. Jenny catches the stranger and take off its hood. She is facing a man younger than her, a young shy man who avoids Jenny’s eyes. The security guards arrive at the office desks place and ask Jenny what’s wrong. The security calls the police. The man admits that he is indeed a worker of the company. He confesses that is tried to sabotage Jenny’s new screenplay because he envied her success and her promotion.

Choice 1 : A strange book about Jenny.

Choice 2 : A fanatic.

A strange book about Jenny.

The police investigate the young scenarist searching in his house. The detectives come across a spooky discover. The young man was stalking Jenny and making a book about her and all her personal details. Jenny sue him and gets incarnate for many years.

Choice 1 : Try again.

A fanatic.

The police investigate the man and discover that is had been following Jenny’s trace for already a year. He seems to be very interested on Jenny in a lot of ways and also likes to stalk her constantly. He gets arrested and he spends several days in prison. Time after, when he gets released, the film society fires the young scenarist and no one sees him again.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Jenny's memories.

Lucy, the team leader, was also Jenny’s senior in college. Since then, that girl has been jealous of Jenny’s brightness despite her young age. Lucy finds pleasure on commanding Jenny.

Choice 1 : Once again.

Choice 2 : Giving up.

Old days are back.

Jenny remembers the time when she used to be harassed and bullied by her boss when she was just a teen. When Jenny sees Lucy passing near her office, she freezes, her heart beats twice as fast and she starts sweating. Lucy notices it and likes it, she must think is pretty amusing. The terror felt by Jenny is too much. She has nightmares at night and has new anxiety attacks. Jenny falls once again into Lucy’s game.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Giving up.

Jenny kindly refuses their help and prefer to be to one who gives up in that battle, she lefts Lucy win again. Jenny quits her job, she desperately wants to go away from her as soon as possible and never hear of her again.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Having coworkers support.

Some other scenarists are witness of what Lucy provokes on Jenny. Many of them are also bullied or blackmailed by her. All of them encourage Jenny to go report Lucy to the HR.

Choice 1 : A new beginning.

Choice 2 : Regrets.

A new beginning.

The HR approves the case and in fact, they find many proves that show that Lucy is an oppressing boss. The HR gets to make Lucy leave the company and purpose Jenny to have her place in the company.

Choice 1 : Try again.


After Lucy gets fired, she comes to Jenny and beg her for pardon. She tells Jenny that she has a lot of depths to pay and that she really needs her job. Jenny refuses and tells her that she should’ve have thought twice before.

Choice 1 : Try again.

The End.