My career choices.

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Exaucée Manaka

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My career choices.


What to do?

It was almost the end of my last year of high school and my mother started putting pressure on me to choose a career for college. She told me that if I don't have an idea of what to do then I should try studying Radiology. I, myself didn't know what I wanted to do, but I was always interested in the human mind and behaviors.

Choice 1 : The choice to go study Psychology

Choice 2 : Go to study Radiology


The choice to go study Psychology.

I went to study in Psychology and at first, it was easy. I had some difficulties, but decided to continue trying my best. At some point in my second session of college, I started to really struggle a lot and not paying attention in classes. Then, I started to think about continuing in that way or looking for help.

Choice 1 : Changing the way I work.

Choice 2 : Look for help.

Choice 3 : Continue like that.


Go to study Radiology.

I decided to follow what my mother wanted for me and went to study in Radiography at Ahuntsic College. At first, it was fascinating, I was getting a lot of new knowledge out of the medical field, but then things started to get out of control.

Choice 1 : Go find help.

Choice 2 : Continue struggling.

Choice 3 : Change program.


Changing the way I work.

I decided to try helping myself by changing the way I was studying. I tried to pay more attention in classes. Tried to listen more than I take notes. And tried to always revise my notes each day. But I had other issues that make it not work. I had to start worrying.

Choice 1 : Dropped the program.

Choice 2 : Make a change.


Dropped the program.

I decided to drop the program I was in because it was really getting out of my control. My mother wasn't okay with me doing that even though she saw me struggle the entire time. But I just Think it was the best solution. That experience made me understand that I wasn't ready for college. So, I was thinking of taking a break or Start working at some fast food.

Choice 1 : Start working at a fast food store.

Choice 2 : Take a break.

Which way?

Make a change.

I started working with my mental state. See what was not going well in my life. And tried to change it, then I went back to change the way I worked in classes. I started noticing great improvement. Still, I started questioning myself about if I was really happy studying in Psychology. I started doing research about the field related to Psychology and find the technique of social worker and it made me start to doubt my career choice.

Choice 1 : Go to social worker technique.

Choice 2 : Stay in Psychology.


Go a social worker technique.

I decided to convince my mother to let me change programs and it was hard at first but I really needed that change.

Choice 1 : From the beginning


Stay in Psychology.

I decide to stay in Psychology program and maybe change my career in university from Psychology to Social Worker.

Choice 1 : From the beginning

Fast food

Start working at a fast food store.

I decided to start working at a fast food store where they had a vacant position and it was refreshing and the wage was acceptable. The interview was very stressful but in the end I got the job. They gave me an on-the-job-training. It helped me to get more sense of priorities and help me to become more organized. I worked overtime to have enough income to go back to college but the disadvantage was that it got hard to get back to college after so long.

Choice 1 : From the beginning


Take a break.

I decided to put aside my education and take a break of at least one year to take my time and decide what would be the best for my future. Even though my mother, wasn't okay with that and tried to Deter me from doing it. My only purpose at that moment was to take care of myself by taking a break. I went on vacation but still took some private classes to keep my brain working. It really helped me to get back on track.

Choice 1 : From the beginning

Don't care

Continue like that.

I decided to let things be like it is and the struggle continued. I finished my second session and ended up with a contract to report either I'm getting help or not. I have the choice to do the same old thing or finally go look for help.

Choice 1 : Continue doing the same old thing.

Choice 2 : Go look for help.


Continue doing the same old thing.

I continued to do the same old thing and just gave up on trying which get me to have to wait for a whole year before I can come back study in college.

Choice 1 : From the beginning


Go look for help.

I went to see my guidance counselor and she helped me to organize my schedule for the next session, Remove some lesson and helps me understand how my next session could be longer. I'm okay with that because it would give me more time to do my classes.

Choice 1 : From the beginning


Go find help.

I went to see my guidance counselor and she helped me to organize my schedule for the next session, removed some course and help me understand how my next session could be longer. And asked me if I wanted to change programs because I told her about not feeling in my place in this program.

Choice 1 : Change program.

Choice 2 : Continuing in this program.



Things started to get out of hands and I got sucked up in my own wrong doing, but I didn't change much in my behavior and it got worse, resulting with me being kicked out of the college.

Choice 1 : From the beginning


Change programs.

I decided to try out the Psychology and because of the experiences I gain from my previous program, that came in handy, I made every change possible to succeed and it paid off. While studying Psychology, I fell in love with the social work program.

Choice 1 : From the beginning


Continuing in this program.

I decided to continue in Radiology and after some time of adaptation I ended up feeling a sense of fulfillment, finding my place and loving what I was doing.

Choice 1 : From the beginning

The End.