A choice of a lifetime.

A hypertext narrative by

Carla Adima

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Section count: 44

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 36 matches (agency, apology, argumentative, Article, blackmail, case, children, deportation, director, exposure, fact, family, freedom, gift, government, guardian, hello, illegal, justice, month, nomination, office, opinion, order, promise, protest, schedule, section, short title, state, sue, surprise, threat, title, torture, truth)

Computer Science : 20 matches (bit, choice, click, closed, core, dynamic, Element, email, Expression, open, path, reader, safety, Section, STAR, station, temporal, threat, track, True)

Psychology : 18 matches (bit, coma, dream, dynamic, est, expression, family, hit, love, nightmare, opinion, order, panic attack, performance, press, response, self, sense)

Target Structure:

though (1 match)


A choice of a lifetime.

Where,it all begins.

Maria a brilliant and dynamic student of University of Stanford was caught up in some tough decisions to make. Her passion for dance was her strength to hold on on life but her love for journalism was everything she dreamed of. Where should she go?

Choice 1 : Dance academy

Choice 2 : A part-time job at the New York times

decisions making

Who am I?

Dancing was her passion. Her life, her emotions, her everything and being able to express all that at the dance academy of Australia was a dream come true. Maria schedule was pretty tight. Dance practice at 6 a.m till 7 p.m every week plus a chance to perform every week on stage.

Choice 1 : My first show.

New York

Hello New York !

Finally she's here. Starting an adult life. She was dreaming about this new life and click ! Her alarm wakes her off her dream. It was time for Maria to star her new life as a journalist of the New York times and better not be late for her first work.

Choice 1 : Arriving at work 1 hour early

Choice 2 : Arriving 1 hour late.

The newbie.

Maria definitely made a great impression on the director. He told her that she had the habits of a good journalist who was to always be one step ahead. Happy and reassured, she thought that she would have a great time at the New York press. While Visiting her new workplace by one of her co-workers, she realized that the competition between journalists was pretty hard-core and that scares her.

Choice 1 : My first case


Lost in the metro.

Bad choices, she was definitely lost in the metro and did not know how to get back on her track. In a state of a panic, she crossed the path of a generous man who offered to guide her to the right station. During the journey, they both discover that they were going to be co-workers at the same workplace. Suddenly, all the pressure on her shoulders dropped, she was feeling a little bit reassured. The fact that she was late made her the target.

Choice 1 : Back row assistant.

Point ballet shoes

Just like a Broadway show.

She was excited but stressed about it. It was her first big show with recruter all over the place. Will she make it without fainting?

Choice 1 : Time to shine

Choice 2 : She is having a panic attack.

Journalist all the way up!

Maria receive her first case after 1 month of work. She was supposed to present and give a argumentative opinion at the people of New York about the life of illegal immigrants who get deported and separate of their children just because they wanted to live the American dream and a better life for their children. This case was really important for her because her mom was fifteen years ago an illegal immigrant and she has to go throw this torture.

Choice 1 : Meetings with the family.

Choice 2 : Past travelling.


Just a dream?

Waking up in some odd place, with people that I barely know and looking for my mother.

Choice 1 : the disappearance of her mother.

Choice 2 : Waking up to her mother.

Knock Knock.

Visiting those families was hard for Maria, but the fact that she did go throw this gave her strength to help them.

Choice 1 : Confrontation.



Mommy was not there anymore, was the only response she got from the guardian. How will she survived without her mom? Where will she go?

Write a choice here.


The deportation.

Bags backed, It was 6 a.m and it was time to leave after 1 week of terror.

Choice 1 : Help from some outsiders.

Choice 2 : Ambushed.


The car that was supposed to bring them back to their country was being attacked.

Choice 1 : By the US army.

Choice 2 : By the illegal immigrants.

2 days later.

Our deportation was in suspension because of some protesters.

Choice 1 : Deportation cancel.

Choice 2 : Deportation reported.

Will we survive?

Maria, her mother and the other immigrants were under attack by the Us army because of the retard of their deportation. Some of them wanted them to be gone.

Choice 1 : yes.

Choice 2 : no.

Fight for help.

The illegal immigrants were fighting against the car that was supposed to deport them in this Tuesday afternoon.

Choice 1 : The end of a nightmare.

A chance for a new life?.

After days of protestation, the government decided to re-look at his decision and see if their will be deportations or not.

Write a choice here.

Praying for hope.

Because of the protest some shelters of deportation are closed for safety.

Write a choice here.

the end

The end of a nightmare.

Finally, some back ups came for help.

Write a choice here.


After terrorizing those families, they decided to let them go. I left the hometown that welcomed me at first, and gave me hope and now it is all gone.

Write a choice here.

The director pet.

In order to save her place, Maria had to start as the assistance of the director.

Choice 1 : She finally got credits for her work.

Choice 2 : She is still the director's pet.

Time for a new chapter.

After weeks and weeks of hard work, she finally gets the chance to prove what she capable of and it will start with this new article but there is a twist.

Write a choice here.

Time to let it go?

After weeks and weeks of hard work and not a single chance to prove herself, Maria decided to quit. Her dream became her nightmare. Will she find something way more better?

Write a choice here.

Time to work.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Choice 1 : She fainted.

Choice 2 : She controlled herself.


Let the show begin.

In place for the show, Maria started to be in her element. While entering the scene, something was not right.

Choice 1 : Her mother was missing.

Choice 2 : Her mother was present.

Temporal coma.

While talking to these family, she started to have a little glimpse of her life and promise herself to help them to not go throw that misery.

Choice 1 : Going back to her office.


Coming back to her sense, she got back on track and killed this performance.

Choice 1 : She got a scholarship to the Evelite Ballet School.


Maria wishes that her mother was there to see how she improved.

Choice 1 : The show must go on.


The fact that she saw her mother in the audience gave her strength to perform at her best and also gave her the chance to be spotted by on of the scouts.

Choice 1 : Maria got a bourse to the Evelite Ballet School.

ballet school

The Evelite Ballet School.

Happy ending for Maria, she is now a big star at Broadway and all over the world.

Write a choice here.

The end of a hope.

Arriving at the office, her boss told her to drop this case because they were being attacked by the government after her first article.

Choice 1 : Stubborn she decided to keep this case.

Choice 2 : She decided to drop the article but.

The battle begin.

Maria was one of a girls. Decided to not drop the case, she immediately publishes a new article.

Choice 1 : The truth behind those deportations.


In honor to express herself and defend the feeling of those family letting go was not really her. So, Maria decided to send an email to the president where she addressed him her sincere excuses about this misunderstanding. Shocked the president drop all of his charges and accepted her deal. What was this letter about?

Choice 1 : An apology excuses.

Choice 2 : A threat

Government Vs Maria.

Her article certainly did not make some people happy but who cares? At this moment she new that she was engaged in a long and maybe dangerous battle but her passion for self expression was much powerful.

Choice 1 : Facing the truth.

Give this section a short title.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Write a choice here.

Facing the truth.

After some good dirt exposure about the president, he gently resigned to sue her agency and decided to do something about those families.

Choice 1 : Case closed



She was happy to provide freedom and safety to these families that she could not get. Proud and relieved she hit another case when.

Choice 1 : She received an important email.


She received an interesting but surprising invitation. What was it?

Choice 1 : For a Nobel prize.

Choice 2 : For a Grammy's.

Nobel prize.

She was nominated as an influent woman for peace and justice.

Choice 1 : A fascinating night.


Grammy's night.

The night was full of surprise but the most surprising was that she was nominated for an interesting prize. What was it?

Choice 1 : Prizes?


Maria was nominated beside all the important people in the world.

Choice 1 : Will she win?

Choice 2 : Or not?


She was nominated among all those journalists about being the best one.

Choice 1 : Ang the prize goes to?


Winner of this Nobel prize, she decided to help more people with her gift of reporting messages.

Write a choice here.

Life goes on.

Even though she did not win, she is still determined to work as an investigating journalist to help more people.

Write a choice here.

Another chapters opens.

Maria won the prize of the est journalist of the year and a new way to develop her work and decided to open her own agency.

Write a choice here.

The End.