The psychology of life

A hypertext narrative by

jeremy Petit-Frère

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 20 matches (agency, children, close, custody, drugs, family, four, House, living, misconduct, month, offer, option, premium, profession, Special, title, trust, truth, waste)

Dance : 13 matches (Back, break, Close, Couple, Draw, draw, Face, Out, Slow, social, Step, step, Time)

Education : 12 matches (Down, Ivan, School, choice, college, don, journal, learning, management, reading, school, social)

Target Structure:

a foot in the door (1 match)

fulfillment (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

premium wage (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

thoughtful (1 match)

time management (1 match)

wage (2 matches)


The psychology of life

One way

Where, It all begins.

Before I decided to spend two years of my life in psychology at the College of Montmorency, I went to three different programs which extended the time I spent there. In the end, I spent a total of four years at this College. Now I have to decide which path I will choose. My mom always wanted me to find an easy way to make money and become a social worker but since forever I wanted to become an author.

Choice 1 : Chose the social worker profession.

Choice 2 : Become an author.

Social Worker

Chose the social worker profession.

I decided to go the Concordia College to help me get a foot in the door. Unfortunately my time management was just as bad as ever so it was hard for me to get straight A's. Nevertheless I didn't give up and it paid off in the end, I finished my studies and now I have a choice to make I can work for a children’s aid agencies or in a psychiatric hospital.

Choice 1 : Work in a children's aid agencies.

Choice 2 : psychiatric hospitals

Work in a children's aid agencies.

Now that I'm working on a children's aid agency I have to work with a lot of children and help the ones that are neglected. I sometime find it hard to see how are the children in very poor situations. On my way home after work I saw this kid on the alley, he was 8 years old, he had bruises all over his face and he was doing drugs in the middle of the night.

Choice 1 : Help the kid.

Choice 2 : Leave him and get some rest.


Help the kid.

When, I approached the kid, he pushed me away, he seemed like someone who's been around a lot of social workers and when I asked him where was his parents he wouldn't let me know. So, I tried to approach him once again and out of the blue he took out a knife.I could tell this was the same knife he used against the people that tried to outsmart him. He was looking me in the eyes like a real killer, nevertheless, I could tell he was just as afraid as I was.

Choice 1 : Back down, I might get hurt.

Choice 2 : Take the chance.

Kid crying

Take the chance.

I decide to stay and use my years of learning to smooth the situation. After telling him that I know a lot of kids like him and couldn't let him mess up his future. He then starts shaking when he realizes how deep he've gotten and starts crying. When, I told him I could help him he shouted that he'll never go back into a foster house, he said that he rather die than go live with these fake people.

Choice 1 : Call the police.

Choice 2 : Take the kid with me.


Take the kid with me.

I couldn't let this kid give up on his life and I knew that he meant what he said about killing himself so, I decided to take him with me. He trusted me so when we got back into my apartment I told him he had to stop doing drugs and go back to school. He told me he will. Things were going well one day after my day from work I heard noises in the living room there he was doing drugs inside the house. He quickly told me that this was truly the last time he would do drugs.

Choice 1 : Trust him.

Choice 2 : Call for rehab.


Call for rehab.

I couldn't risk it so, the next day I called for rehab. He was mad at me he felt like I betrayed him and I told him I would come visit him he told me that he wouldn't want to see me ever again.

Choice 1 : Go see him.

Choice 2 : Leave him in the hand of people I trust.

Go see him.

After a couple of days I went to see him even after what he told me. I couldn't give him up we became a family the moment he stepped a foot into my house. Most of the time I was talking alone, he wouldn't even look at me so, one day I brought something that I thought could help him. I brought him my old notebook, that still had a couple of blank pages left, I told him that all of my stories I wrote when I was younger were in this notebook and that maybe he should use the pages left to write his own story. When I came back the next day I couldn't find him when I asked the workers where he was, they told me his 24 years old sister who, was sober for two years now got custody for him and took him on a trip to visit another rehab facility. She probably figured a change of scenery would be good for the both of them. On my way back home I was happy for him he finally found the family he needed, but at same time I couldn't help but feel sad. When, I opened the door I saw my notebook on the floor I look into it and all the pages that were blank was now full of writings. The kid had wrote his story and the title of it was "The day I found myself a real father".

Choice 1 : The end

Broken cup

Leave him and get some rest.

I had a long day so I figured the police would probably find this kid and the next day I'd had to find him a new family. A month later when I was drinking my coffee, I opened up the journal and saw a story that made me drop my cup the story said, "8 year old kid named Ivan found dead in an alley "

Choice 1 : What If

Back down, I might get hurt.

This kid was clearly on drugs it would be dangerous to try anything so I decided to back down and leave him there. A month later when I was drinking my coffee, I opened up the journal and saw a story that made me drop my cup the story said, "8 year old kid named Ivan found dead in an alley"

Choice 1 : What if

Call the police.

I couldn't risk to having this troubled kid in my house he could try to kill me or steal me. So, this option was off the table I thought maybe if I called the police they would know what to do and so I did while I was waiting for the police I had to make him wait with me but he soon found out I was up to something so he rush into me stabbed me and left me there in the streets. Thankfully the police came just in time to save me but unfortunately not soon enough for the kid, I never saw him after that.

Choice 1 : What If

Trust him.

I decided to trust him and let him handle this on his own but unfortunately he didn't so I had to let him go. A couple of months later he ended up dying on these same streets I took him.

Choice 1 : What If

Leave him in the hand of people I trust.

I had to respect his choice he didn't want to see me and I understand it made me sad but I had to let him go. In the end, we never spoke or see each other again.

Choice 1 : What If

psychiatric hospitals.

For a year I've been working in a psychiatric hospital. I've met this colleague of mine her name is Jennifer, she's very sweet and she thinks I'm funny I think I'm going to ask her out.

Choice 1 : Ask her out.

Choice 2 : Devocate myself to my work.

Ask her out.

I asked her out but she said she had a boyfriend.

Choice 1 : Don't give up

Choice 2 : Give Up.

Don't give up.

After being rejected I told myself I would not give up and try my chance when her and her boyfriend break up and so, we became close friends, she would tell me everything, we would set an example of a good friendship for the patients in the hospital, I would even work overtime to make sure I can spend more time with her. Then one day she dumped her boyfriend, that's when I seized my opportunity and made her my girlfriend. One day during a conversation she had with a patient, out of passion I decided I kiss her.The patient started screaming and freaking out after seeing us kiss. Turned out the patient had feeling for Jennifer and told my superiors what I've done.

Choice 1 : Tell the truth

Choice 2 : Lie.

Tell the truth.

I decided to tell the truth so me and jennifer ended losing our job for misconduct and after many apologies Jennifer forgave me and moved in with me.

Choice 1 : What if


I told my superiors that the patient was hallucinating and that he's being having very strange behaviors towards Jennifer. So, they put him away, Jennifer heard about what I said and asked me why I lied and I told her we couldn't afford to lose her job and so she slapped me and dumped me. I was now all alone. Working alone, eating alone, sleeping alone, living alone I had lose all sense of fulfillment.

Choice 1 : What If

Give Up.

I didn't have time to waste on a girl that's already taken I preferred to dedicate my life to my work something that's always been there for me. After a couple of months I earned myself a premium wage, I had two cars at home and a lot of luxury, yet I would still feel like I'm lacking something.

Choice 1 : What If

Devocate myself to my work.

I knew enough to know that love wouldn't bring me anything productive and that it might slow me down. So, I decided to dedicate my life to my work and my wage was beyond most of my colleague nevertheless Sometimes I can help but to think what If I asked her to go out with me this day would I still be so lonely?

Choice 1 : What If

Become an author.

I decided to drop school and go to New York, on my way there I've met a lot of interesting people, two of them really stuck with me. They both invited me to events that could help me in my future, the only problem was that both of them were happening at the same time.

Choice 1 : Graffiti group

Choice 2 : Reading group

Graffiti group.

I joined the graffitti group we did some cool sketches and after a couple more graffitis I became well-known. I knew that I was just one step closer to become what I always wanted to be. One day a man came to me and asked me if I wanted to work with him he had a special job for me, he told me that I could write, draw, film and create anything I wanted I finally my own studio and I could create whatever I wanted. This was more than I could ask for.

Choice 1 : The end

Reading group.

I decided to join the reading group they had very thoughtful discussion, I felt kind of left our since I've dropped out of college. I came to see some important people and showed them my work one of them was very impressed by my work she told me she could find a way to get me into one of the best Universities for authors.

Choice 1 : Accept the offer

Choice 2 : Refuse the offer and go to the graffiti gathering.

From dropping out to getting in.

After a couple of years I've finished my studies and my stories are wiser than ever I've been granted the trophy of the youngest man to ever wrote this much top sellers. I'm fill with such contentment and there isn't a day that I doubt the path that I took.

Choice 1 : The End

The End.