My pharmacy hypertext

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soumia mahidjiba

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 18 matches (apology, case, clients, close, Direction, drugs, fact, family, General, harassment, House, lawyer, misconduct, order, profession, proof, Sexual, working hours)

Nursing : 14 matches (environment, exercise, Health, hospital, HR, pharmacist, pharmacy, physical, position, recipient, reflection, solution, sick, patients)

Education : 14 matches (School, behavior, choice, class, classes, degree, diploma, first, general, project, school, teach, training, university)

Target Structure:

deter (1 match)

HR (1 match)

lack of (2 matches)

leg work (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

on-the-job-training (1 match)

recipient (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

wage (1 match)


My pharmacy hypertext


How it began.

Finally! After all these years of pharmacy studies, I can now start working. During all these years, I was extremely impatient to finally get my degree in pharmacy and now that it is the case, I am stressing about the choice of career that I have to choose. I am very hesitant to start working in a small pharmacy that just opened next to my home, or to venture into Alberta, away from my family and friends and find a job there.

Choice 1 : Work in the parmacy next to my house.

Choice 2 : Go to Alberta.


Work in the parmacy next to my house.

I like working in this pharmacy, but the only thing that bothers me is the fact that there are almost no customers. I'm bored during my working hours and I find that it lacks a lot of challenge. I do not work at the counter because I am back shop so I spend my days counting drugs. My boss therefore offered me to occupy a place at the counter to referrer customers. I do not know if I should change positions.

Choice 1 : Stay where I am.

Choice 2 : Change position.

Choice 3 : Work in a hospital.

Stay where I am.

I knew it! I should never have stayed behind. I was so bored to count the medicines that I was wrong compared to the quantities! My boss quickly realized and tomorrow I will know if I am dismissed from my post. I do not know what to do in the meantime.

Choice 1 : Go talk to by boss.

Choice 2 : Resign


Go talk to my boss.

I finally went to talk with my boss about the stupidity I made. I asked him for an apology and I promised him that if he does not send me back, I will make sure to be very involved in the pharmacy in general. He explained to me that I had the choice between choosing a function other than working in the back shop or he would be obliged to send me back. I really do not know what choice I will make!

Choice 1 : Resign.

Choice 2 : Change position.



It is done! I decided to make the wise decision to demote myself from my post because I realized the extent of what I did. I feel very bad about this situation and I wonder if it is better for me to take a break to change my mind.

Choice 1 : Take time off

Choice 2 : Find another job

Change position.

I am so happy! So, I decided that I may be less bored if I went to work at the counter to be able to advise and refer customers of the pharmacy. It's been several days since I started and to be honest, I love my new job. I really like referring clients and at the end of the day I feel really helpful. Only, there is a small problem. One of my colleagues is starting to have a bad behavior towards me. He often tells me about inappropriate things and I think its sexual harassment. He threats me to get me fired if I talk about it Do I have to denounce his misconduct or do nothing?

Choice 1 : Denounce him.

Choice 2 : Do nothing

Denounce him.

I was finally brave and went to the HR to tell them about the embarrassing situation I was experiencing. I hesitated for several weeks before going to talk about it because I was convinced that they would not believe me, and after telling them my story, they told me that if I did not have formal proof, they could not do anything. I was sure of it! I now have the choice of staying at work and enduring the harassment of my colleague or looking for another job.

Choice 1 : Stay in my job

Choice 2 : Change job

Work in a hospital.

Today, I started working at a hospital as a pharmacist for the patients who are there. I am so involved in my work that my boss told me to go and teach at the university by doing, among other things, training for pharmacists who will soon have their diploma! I'm super excited to teach but I do not know if I am going to be up to it.

Choice 1 : Stay at the hospital.

Choice 2 : Teach at the university.

Stay at the hospital.

It's a catastrophe! I just broke my leg and lower back because of the ice that was outside so I have a lot of difficulty coming to work every day I do not know if I should take sick leave or else occupy another position that requires no physical effort.

Choice 1 : Take a sick leave

Choice 2 : Change position

Teach at the university.

Teaching in front of a complete class is not at all for me! I am not at all comfortable when I teach and I have trouble concentrating in such an environment. I do not know if it's the normal start-of-career difficulties or if I should change positions.

Choice 1 : Stop teaching

Choice 2 : Try to get used to my new job

Do nothing.

After a long reflection, I decided that it was better for me to say nothing about this situation because this colleague in question had been working here for more than 10 years and I would never be credible in front of him. But I did not expect it to be so hard for me to endure and I do not have the strength to live with this decision I made. I absolutely have to find a solution.

Choice 1 : Stay at the job

Choice 2 : Change job

Go to Alberta.

It's been two weeks since I moved to Alberta. I was very stressed at first, but for now everything is going well. I just moved into my new apartment and now I have to know what I'm going to do about my career. I hesitate between opening my own pharmacy because it has always been my dream, work in a hospital or change career altogether by studying rights.

Choice 1 : Opening my own pharmacy.

Choice 2 : Work in a hospital.

Choice 3 : Study in rights.

Opening my own pharmacy.

After a lot of work, I managed to open my own pharmacy in Alberta. This obviously took me a long time, but I am proud of the result of my efforts. In order to get to know my pharmacy, I distributed flyer in my neighborhood; a lot of leg work! The only problem I have right now is the lack of employees. Indeed, the wage that I propose is not very high and I do not provide an on-the-job-training. I'm really starting to get overwhelmed with work and I do not know if I'm going in the same direction.

Choice 1 : Close the pharmacy.

Choice 2 : Continue and found a solution.

Close the pharmacy.

I decided to close my pharmacy because I was doing almost no benefit and I worked days and nights because of my lack of employees. This work fatigued me greatly and my health deteriorated a lot. It remains to be seen if I return to Quebec or if I find another job.

Choice 1 : Come back to Quebec

Choice 2 : Find another job

Continue and found a solution.

I tried for several weeks to find a problem solution but unfortunately, I ended up being deter and I decided to abandon this project. I still have to see what I do to my career!

Choice 1 : Unemployment

Choice 2 : Back to school

Work in a hospital.

I started working at the hospital and I hate the environment. I feel depressed to be working in a middle of sick places, and I sincerely believe that I am not just going to work in this place. I would like to go on a human trip.

Choice 1 : Human trip.

Choice 2 : Endure environment and stay.

Human trip.

I went to Africa to do humanitarian work and I love it. The inhabitants are very welcoming and the recipient of the care I give are very happy. I think that I want to go live in Africa so I can be fully engage in my work.

Choice 1 : Live in Africa

Choice 2 : Come back to Quebec

Endure environment and stay.

I tried the best I could endure the environment, but I am no longer able to work here. I miss my family so much and I'm thinking of going back to Quebec.

Choice 1 : Found another job

Choice 2 : Come back to Quebec

Study in rights.

I started my studies in rights at the university, and I was surprised to see that it interests me a lot! When I finish my studies, I wonder if I find work in this area. Only, I was robbed in my apartment and the thief absolutely stole everything and I can not afford to pay for my classes at university. I do not know what to do.

Choice 1 : Make a bank loan.

Choice 2 : Stop my studies.

Make a bank loan.

Thanks to the bank loan, I managed to finish my studies and I can now start working as a lawyer. I wonder if I would better return to Quebec to exercise my new profession.

Choice 1 : Comme back to Quebec

Choice 2 : Stay in Alberta

Stop my studies.

In stopping my studies in rights, I suffered a great blow morally and my health deteriorates. I'm thinking of going back to my family and taking a career break.

Choice 1 : Stay in Alberta

Choice 2 : Come back to Quebec

The End.