My new boss.

A hypertext narrative by

Ariane Geoffrion

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Word count: 790

Choice count: 11

Section count: 6

Image count: 6

Error count: 10

Field Related Analysis:

Archaeology : 8 matches (Bath, dog, here, keep, mine, sex, tell, thing)

Dance : 7 matches (Back, Behind, break, Face, Out, Time, Together)

Tourism : 7 matches (Fair, Human, Internet, Restaurant, US, sex, stop)

Target Structure:

drawback (1 match)

flirtation (1 match)

HR (1 match)

ins-and-outs (1 match)

purpose (1 match)

wage (1 match)


My new boss.

It all started like this. xx.

I was newly graduated and I was searching a job in psychology. After a big day of research and hard work, I finally took a bath and getting ready for my date. Some guys I met on the internet wanted to see me. After the great night at the restaurant, he came at my place and we had sex. Two days later I found a job at a CLSC. When I arrived, the boss was waiting for me. Unfortunately it was the guys from two days ago...

Choice 1 : Quit my job

Choice 2 : Keep my job and tell anything.

Keep my job and tell anything.

I decided to stay and tell anything because I really needed money to paid all my bills and it's a great job with a lot of wage. This job was my purpose in life and didn't have a lot of drawback Carl, the guys I met on the internet, who is also my boss, is giving me a lot of advantages and the rest of the team seem to notice it. I had two choices, it's either I talk to the team of what happened before I was hired or I talk to Carl and tell him to stop.

Choice 1 : Talk to the team.

Choice 2 : Keep my job and tell anything.

Talk to the team.

I decided to talk to the team about what happen between me and Carl before I was hired. The team was frustrated and they think it is not fair. I totally get it and it is human to think that. I understood that and I told them that I will talk to Carl because I'm not good with the facts that he is giving me some advantages. They are still mad at me. It's either I talk to Carl or I search for another job.

Choice 1 : Talk to Carl and tell him to stop.

Choice 2 : Find another job

Talk to Carl and tell him to stop.

Carl was the cause of all of my problems at my new work. I had to talk to him, communication is the key. So, I asked him to take his lunch break with me and he said yes. When the time came, I told him that I want him to stop all the advantages he is giving me because I'm not good with that and neither the team. He understood perfectly and we started talking about my job, which is a psychologist. Human behavior is very fascinating and I'm glad to help people with they psychology struggle. While we were talking, a colleague started to undermined us. Carl got upset and threats him. Our colleague hit Carl in the face. At the time, I had two choices: either I call the police or I hit him back.

Choice 1 : Call the police.

Choice 2 : Talk to Carl and tell him to stop.

Call the police.

I decided to call the police because it's was ins-and-outs, in other word, it was the right thing to do. The police came and arrested him. Our colleague was out of his mind and threats me. He said that he will sexually harass me the next time we'll see each other, because according to him I was a slut. The police finally took him out of the CLCS and drive him to the police station, where all the thefts and the psychopaths are and where he belong. Finally, the next day Carl stopped to give me advantages and started to treat me like the other. This story was behind us, but I noticed since my colleague was arrested, that his job was free. This is interesting because the wages are better. So, I asked the HR if I can take the job.

Choice 1 : I have the job.

Choice 2 : I keep my job

I have the job.

I finally got the job, and I was so happy than I brought a dog and I named it Romeo. Carl and I got together because we realized we really like each other. He was the love of my life and all this time I never knew it. After, we had a little boy, James, he was so beautiful, like his father. Some years later we brought a house and Carl was promoted for his hard work. Some of his employees tried to bribe him, but he resisted because he had a bad experience with that. Also, some women try to first with him everyday. Flirtation is current this day and I accepted it. He is still mine.

Choice 1 : Write a choice here.

The End.