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Nursing : 81 matches (acute, adult, disease, professional, analysis, anatomy, assessment, autonomy, blood pressure, breathing, cancer, capacity, pressure, chronic, clinic, clinical, cold, admission, consultant, contact, death, drug, evaluation, effects, general practitioner, Scale, Health, heart, hesitation, hospital, implant, implementation, impulse, infectious disease, injury, intensive care, introspection, scale, medical, medication, medicine, mental illness, Monitor, musculoskeletal, neurology, neurosurgery, nurse, practitioner, observations, obstetrics, occupational, occupational therapy, oncology, perinatal, pharmacist, physical, physiology, physiotherapy, planning, play, population, practice, psychiatry, psychosocial, reflection, rehabilitation, respiratory, rigor, sense, social, specific, status, stress, superior, surgery, tolerance, nursing, trust, treatment, pediatrics, patients)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 72 matches (access, accounts, act, action, admission, analytical, assurance, blood, case, Cause, character, charge, children, client, clients, Clinical, code, community, company, construction, contact, corruption, court, crime, criminal, death, Development, distribution, doctrine, documents, draft, drugs, fact, Financial, four, General, government, handling, implementation, Independent, Information, injury, insurance, intervention, jurisprudence, legal research, living, master, maturity, occupation, offer, office, option, police officer, premium, process, profession, promoter, proof, public, Registry, rehabilitation, rent, road, satisfaction, Speaker, state, status, term, terrorism, trust, victim)

Education : 61 matches (CEGEP, Education, School, ability, activity, adult, assessment, bachelor's degree, behavior, choice, class, classes, courses, curriculum, degree, diagnostic, diploma, discipline, don, evaluate, evaluates, evaluating, evaluation, faculty, field, field of study, first, general, goal, goals, grades, head, high school, inspection, intervention, knowledge, learn, learning, major, management, master's degree, method, monitor, project, report, research, school, semester, skills, social, specific, student, students, teach, teacher, technology, term, training, unit, university, words and expressions)

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internship (10 matches)

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Hypertext Narrative Project

It all started like this.

After five years of hard work in high school, you need to choose what you want to do next with you life. Most of the students go to CEGEP. Right before entering this school you need to choose your field of study. This is where it becomes more difficult. What would I want to be; study to become a technical physiotherapist or go into a tremplin DEC.

Choice 1 : Technical physiotherapy.

Choice 2 : Tremplin DEC.

Technical physiotherapy.

Now that I got accepted in this program, I am studying to become a physiotherapist. The first semester has a lot of theory. This means that there is a lot of studying to do. But since I am a bright student, I will be able to pass all of my seven classes. Since I live far away from the school and that the next semester had eight courses, I had to choose between leaving my school diploma with only three years of study or four years. But after reflection I might want to change program.

Choice 1 : Three years of study.

Choice 2 : Four years of study.

Choice 3 : Decide to change program.

Three years of study.

I know the fact of taking this technical program with only three years of studies means a lot of studying. I will put a lot of activities aside to be able to have good grades and achieve all of the courses. After three years in this program, I finally got my diploma. Now I have an important choice to make between going to university or finding myself a job.

Choice 1 : Go to university.

Choice 2 : Find myself a job.

Find myself a job.

With my diploma I can finally work as a technical physiotherapist. There are a lot of different places to work. I need to choose something that will make me love my job. I brought my curriculum vitae to two different places. They both called me to meet them in person to see if I am the right person for this job. About a week later the two places called me. Now I have to choose between working in a rehabilitation hospital or in a CLSC.

Choice 1 : Work in a rehabilitation hospital.

Choice 2 : Work in a CLSC.

Go to university.

With my diploma I decided to continue my studies. I got accepted to l'Université de Sherbrooke because I had good grades. I applied to two different programs. What I need to do is to choose between becoming a physiotherapist or becoming a kinesiologist.

Choice 1 : Become a physiotherapist.

Choice 2 : Become a kinesiologist.

Work in a rehabilitation hospital.

This is amazing, I got engaged by the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital, in Laval. What is funny about working here is that my mother also works here. Rehabilitation hospitals are committed to the rehabilitation of patients that have different medical conditions, such as; neurological, musculo-skeletal, othopedic, etc. Since the patients progress, we need to follow their stabilisation of their acute medical issues. Each patient is different. I need to make a training program that is personal to each patient. If the patient wants to feel better and stronger, they need to respect their their appointments. They also need to do the exercises that we give them so they can get their maximum function back.

Write a choice here.

Work in a CLSC.

The CLSC's are the point of entry to the health and social service network. They offer medical and psychosocial services to any patients in need. My job as a technical physiotherapist in this business is to help the patients maintain their physical heath and if it is possible, to improve their physical capacity to do everything they were doing before their injury. My goal is to help as many patients as possible.

Write a choice here.

Become a physiotherapist.

I want to continue to superior studies. I have decided to study as a physiotherapist to obtain a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in physiotherapy. My goal will be to restore, maintain and promote mobility and function. My path will look like this: 1st year Develop my biomedical and psychosocial knowledge as well as my clinical skills. We also have the chance to go on a one week internship. 2nd year We will browse the principles and methods of evaluation, as well as the key concepts of the intervention. We will apply our knowledge during a five-week internship. 3rd year We will continue our training by specialized assessment in neurology, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory. We learn about the principles and methods of therapeutic intervention. We will also prepare ourselves for a 7 week internship. 4th year We will complete our program by integrating optional courses and performing 3 internships of 7 weeks.

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Become a kinesiologist.

I wanted to continue my studies to superior studies. By studying to become a knesiologist, I will become a health professional, a specialist in physical activity. Here is what my path looks like; 1st year We will acquire basic knowledge, especially in anatomy and physiology and we will learn the roles of kinesiology, that include observations at the University Clinic of Kinesiology. 2nd year We will develop our intervention capabilities with a variety of individuals. We will practice structuring and conducting a consultation process. 3rd and 4th year We will learn how to analyze, evaluate and implant public health intervention strategies based on the target population, with the goal of promoting health and preventing disease. We are going to build up a real project for a population. As a kinesiologist, I will be able to assess the fitness of various clients and prescribe adapted exercises or prepare intervention plans with other health professionals, both in healthcare institutions and in a community or in business.

Write a choice here.

Four years of study.

I completed my first year with only three years of study. After reflection and hard work, I wanted to do better in school so I changed for four years of study. The fact of living far away from the school was very hard. First of all, I had a minimum of 1 hour and a half of road to do only to get to class. Since the third semester had a total of nine classes, I decided to finish my diploma in four years. I knew that with little hours of studying, I will be able to complete this program with higher grades. But now I have to choose between finding a job of going to university.

Choice 1 : Look for a job.

Choice 2 : Go to university.

Look for a job.

YES!!! I finally got my diploma. Now I can work as a technical physiotherapist. There are many places where I can apply for work. I need to choose something that I will love for the rest of my working days. I love sports so much that I might thing of working for a sport center. But I also had another idea. I want to open my own company. Now I need to choose between these two choices.

Choice 1 : Sport center.

Choice 2 : Open my own company.

Sport center.

Here I am starting my new job in a GYM. Many people think that going to the gym is only about being in a better shape. It is a lot more complicated than it can seem. This is where I come in. I help people obtain their goals. I guide my client so he or she can work all types of muscles without any injury. I guide them during their workout, help them get stronger or healthier. I make sure that their blood pressure and heart rate is okay. I give them a training program that they can follow to keep them healthy. I love my job.

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Open my own company.

I worked for a company for over two years, but now I want to open my own company. I want to have my own business and be more independent. Since I already worked for a company I made myself a name. This means that people already know me, so it will not be too difficult to start my company. I will rent a place and make this clinic as great as I can make it. There will be different types of sport equipment. Other technical physiotherapists will be work for me, as well as a physiotherapist and a receptionist that will take care of all the appointments for the patients.

Write a choice here.

Go to university.

I finally got my diploma. This means that I can go to university. I want to go to l'Université de Sherbrooke. I applied in two different programs and this means that I need to choose between becoming an occupation therapist or teach in physical education and health.

Choice 1 : Become an occupational therapist.

Choice 2 : Teach in physical education and health.

Become an occupational therapist.

With this program l will learn in real situations what it is to become an occupational therapist. This is what my future four years will look like. 1st year We will study the foundations of occupational therapy. We will learn about the human being as a whole, from the biomedical, psycho-logical and social sciences, and perform a one-week internship. 2nd year We will continue to acquire our medical and psychosocial knowledge. We will learn the evaluative approach in occupational therapy, then we will go on an internship for 5 weeks. 3rd year We will learn the principles and methods of intervention with children, adults and seniors, and choose courses to the option on probative or emerging practices. We will also do a 7 week internship. 4th year We will become a scholarly practitioner and promoter of your profession. We will complete our training for 3 internships totaling 21 weeks in practice.

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Teach in physical education and health.

Working as a teacher in physical education and health means to make the gym a classroom. This is what my next four years will look like. 1st year We will gain knowledge in teaching, for example, by familiarizing yourself with disciplinary skills. We will confirm our professional choice thanks to a 20-day internship 2nd year We will introduce ourselves to the teaching intervention and develop our communication and intervention skills with students. We will also perform a second 20-day internship. 3rd year We will learn the functions related to the physical education courses. We will evaluate our professional skills. We will complete with a 45-day internship. 4th year We will take charge of the planning, implementation and evaluation of class-group learning. We will consolidate our skills during the last 45-day internship.

Write a choice here.

Decide to change program.

This is something no one, not even myself would have thought of thinking of. After two years of studying as a technical physiotherapist, I don't think I want to do this for a living. Since my mother has been working for the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital for over 19 years, I think this influenced me. The reason why it would have had influenced me is because I have been going to work with her since as long as I can remember. But now I want to choose something that I want to do. The only thing that I am not sure with is; do I want to stop studying before making a choice or become an accountant, something that I have always been interested in?

Choice 1 : Take a year off.

Choice 2 : Become an accountant.

Take a year off.

My choice has been made. I want to travel all around the world. I want to visit different countries. I want to meet new people. But I need to come back to reality. This will not bring me nowhere. So, I need to stay in school and find something I want to do. But what do I do follow my head and travel or do I follow my heart and stay in school?

Choice 1 : Travel.

Choice 2 : Stay in school.

Become an accountant.

I have decided to go study in something that I have always been interested in. All I need to do is finish CEGEP with a degree in Accounting and Management Technology. Once I get this diploma I will be able to choose between finding myself a job or going to university.

Choice 1 : Go to university.

Choice 2 : Get a job.


I have decided to travel all around the word. My goal is to find out who I really am and who I want to be. I will be visiting different countries all around the world and my trip starts now. I hope when I get back, I will finally know what I want to become. Hope to see everyone soon. BYE!

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Stay in school.

I am going to stay wiser. I will stay in school and find out here what I want to become. I am going in a Tremplin DEC and find what are my strengths and my weaknesses. With this, I will be able to find who I want to be.

Write a choice here.

Go to university.

I will enter l'Université de Sherbrooke with my CEGEP diploma. I want to get a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, but in the discipline of accounting. There are three years filled with lots of studying. I better start now!

Write a choice here.

Get a job.

I want to start working now. My boyfriend's father has a construction company and he is looking for an accountant. This is the right job for me. I can't wait to start!

Write a choice here.

Tremplin DEC.

Since I am not sure of what I really want to do with my life I am going to do all of the basic classes and if I can make my mind up I with change to it. But I am only hesitation between two different programs. I can't seem to choose between going in Police Technology, going into Social Sciences, but in the administration profile, or going in Natural Sciences.

Choice 1 : Police Technology.

Choice 2 : Social Sciences, Administration profile.

Choice 3 : Natural Sciences.

Police Technology.

The Police techniques program provides general training as well as the knowledge, attitudes and skills specific to the police officer-patrol function, while preparing for admission to l'École nationale de police du Québec. We will be formed to act as a speaker on scenes of events, incidents or accidents. We will learn to quickly identify various problems, to ensure your personal safety, that of others and to choose the means of intervention appropriate to the circumstances. It will be important to stay in health. Training also develops maturity, autonomy, creativity, tolerance, the ability to manage stress, respect for customers, intellectual rigor and social commitment. All I need to do now is to choose between becoming an investigator or a criminologist because I don't really want to become a police officer.

Choice 1 : Become an investigator.

Choice 2 : Become a criminologist.

Become an investigator.

Investigators take the time to observe this that are around him, they are often secondary unlike impulse people that act without taking the time to analyze. So, they like to be absorbed in their thoughts, play with ideas. When it's time to work, people appreciate their intellectual rigor and their sense of method, but as a team, their character may seem a bit cold and distant. The behavior of the investigator -Has a distant initial contact, even suspicious - A desire to get to the bottom of things - Have a great satisfaction to understand and go into details - Like a lot of different things in the work - Has a very good capacity for introspection and self-analysis - Rationalizes a lot and tends to delay action to be sure that all facets have been studied - He or she chooses his words and expressions and easily grasp the nuances Investigator traits: - A logical, analytical mind - Having a great intellectual curiosity - Operating in a very autonomous way - Pursuing a very high ideal - Demonstrating a lot of seriousness, discipline and method to succeed Now, all I need to find out is who do I want to work with; the FBI or the police.

Choice 1 : Work for the FBI.

Choice 2 : Work for the police.

Become a criminologist.

As a criminologist I will be responsible for intervening with juveniles or adult offenders or at risk of becoming involved if no preventative measures are taken. I will plan, organize, develop and implement crime intervention programs, victim intervention programs, crime prevention programs, and community-based criminal measures. The environments where I will be able to work are numerous and you will intervene with a specific or diverse clients. But two out of all of many choices seemed a better decision for the type of person I am. I need to choose between working with the police or working with the government.

Choice 1 : Work with the police.

Choice 2 : Work with the government.

Work for the FBI.

Let me start by describing the job of an FBI. An FBI is competent to investigate terrorism, counterintelligence, public corruption, organized crime, white-collar, or large-scale. An investigator is there to help them in need if they have trouble finding proof. We are there to investigate the problem and to try to solve it.

Write a choice here.

Work for the police.

The purpose of the police inspection is to assess the functioning of the police services. There are two types of inspection: the general inspection of the police organization and the inspection of more risky police practices. This job is physically demanding so you need to stay in very good health. This job is also psychologically demanding because we see a lot of difficult things, for example, peoples death, rapes, etc.

Write a choice here.

Work with the police.

As a professional member of the Police Personnel Support Team, you will be tasked with analyzing and evaluating police officers' actions in dealing with suspects (including arrests, interrogations, and interventions in acts criminals). I will be able to help police officers make the best decisions possible and to better intervene with suspects and what will improve their work.

Write a choice here.

Work with the government.

I will be responsible for analyzing the social and psychosocial aspects of crime phenomena, evaluating and analyzing measures of crime prevention, criminal sanctions and court decisions. I will also participate in the planning and development of public programs in premium prevention and public protection in criminal matters.

Write a choice here.

Social Sciences, Administration profile.

Focused among other things on the economy and administration, this profile introduces you to business management, discovering the business world and understanding how organizations work. What I need to do now is to choose between going to university or changing program because I noticed that I don't like this program.

Choice 1 : Go to university.

Choice 2 : Change program.

Go to university.

I have decided to go to university to with my Social Science, administration profile. I have good grades so it was very easy to get accepted to l'Université de Sherbrooke. Now all I need to do is to choose between becoming a Financial Advisor or an Insurance Consultant.

Choice 1 : Financial Advisor.

Choice 2 : Insurance consultant.

Financial Advisor.

I want to be a Financial Advisor. This means that I am a professional that suggests and renders financial services to different clients. This is based on their financial situation. I will be helping people with their financial problems. We will sit in my office and we will talk about your situation.

Write a choice here.

Insurance consultant.

I am there to help people find an assurance that suits the person. People come consult me if they have a problem with their assurance. I am here to guide them.

Write a choice here.

Natural Sciences.

This program fosters the foundation of a solid scientific background that will allow teaching or research after university studies in science or engineering work after specialized studies in a faculty of applied sciences. This profile focuses on mathematics and physics. It provides access, among other things, to university studies in actuarial science, architecture, astrophysics, engineering, computer science, physics and urban planning. I got the chance to pass all the of my classes. There is only one thing that I am not sure with. What do I want to become, a nurse or a pharmacist?

Choice 1 : Become a nurse.

Choice 2 : Become a pharmacist.

Change program.

After reflection, I don't like this program. I rather help people that are physically in need by studying to become a Respiratory Therapy Technology. But there is another program that I really what to study in which is Legal Technology. What do I want to do?

Choice 1 : Legal Technology.

Choice 2 : Respiratory Therapy Technology.

Legal Technology.

Here are some main takes that I will be going. I will draft projects of judicial and administrative procedures, write draft contracts and deeds, perform legal research (laws, regulations, doctrine, jurisprudence) and report back, follow up on legal files, complete and check the files, the various documents received and the related procedures, consult the computer databases, manage a legal documentation center. Update corporate records, perform research and audits at the Registry Offices and keep the accounts in trust.

Write a choice here.

Respiratory Therapy Technology.

A Respiratory Therapist is a health professional that is recognized by the Professional Code. We are specialized in five main fields of activity which are; general cardiorespiratory care, cardiorespiratory care specializing in critical care, anesthetic assistance, pediatrics and neonatalogy and diagnostic tests of cardiorespiratory function.

Write a choice here.

Become a nurse.

A nurse evaluates the state of health of the patients, determines and ensures the realization of the plan of care and nursing treatments. He provides nursing and medical care and treatment to maintain or restore health and prevent illness. We help all types of different people. Each person is different, even if people have the same diseases each person reacts differently. This is the reason why everyone is different. The only thing I need to choose is where I want to work, in a hospital or in an Eledercare.

Choice 1 : Work in a hospital.

Choice 2 : Work in an Eldercare.

Become a pharmacist.

The responsibilities that I will have are to provide drugs to the public, to ensure proper handling, preparation, packaging and distribution of drugs.All I need to choose between working in a hospital or in a drug store.

Choice 1 : Work in a hospital.

Choice 2 : Work in a drug store.

Work in a hospital.

I will often rotate in the different units (emergency, intensive care, mental health, perinatal and pediatric) according to the needs of the institution. In my early career I will be in the emergency unit, intensive care unit or outpatient department. I will work on shifts (day / night / night / weekends / holidays). After a few years of experience I will finally be able to choose the type of unit where I prefer working: emergencies, intensive care, outpatient, obstetrics-gynecology, surgery, pediatrics, care of the elderly, psychiatry, oncology, major burns, cardiology-pneumology, neurology-neurosurgery, etc. (depending on the importance of the hospital).

Write a choice here.

Work in an Eldercare.

I will be responsible for providing the nursing care needed to improve or maintain the health status of the beneficiaries. I will give them medicine, make bandages and monitor their breathing apparatus, if necessary.

Write a choice here.

Work in a hospital.

I will be acting as the primary consultant to physicians in all aspects of hospitalized medication. Whether it's patients with cancer, people with chronic illness, people with infectious disease, people who have had major surgery, people with mental illness or chronically ill, seniors who are in long-term care duration.

Write a choice here.

Work in a drug store.

I will first need to evaluate the patient's medication needs by determining the patient's health problem as prescribed by a general practitioner or specialist or by a dentist. Then, I will have to check if this drug may cause a problem (side effects) to the person according to the contraindications identified for this product. If this is the case, I will have to change this medicine for a similar one that fully meets that person's needs. I will also have to inform patients about how to administer the drug, side effects and any other information needed when using the product.

Write a choice here.

The End.