The Story of Your Life.

A hypertext narrative by

Anna Sika

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Word count: 2690

Choice count: 65

Section count: 44

Image count: 44

Error count: 17

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 36 matches (accident, action, answer, assignment, charge, close, code, construction, criminal, criminology, detention, Direction, driving, drugs, family, four, government, House, intervention, master, minor, minutes, misconduct, notice, office, option, order, paralegal, road, robbery, test, trust, truth, Uniform, use and, vacations)

Education : 26 matches (CEGEP, Education, John, P, School, adult, assignment, choice, class, degree, detention, don, fail, faith, first, goal, high school, intervention, learn, school, skills, social, teacher, technology, test, university)

Computer Science : 24 matches (bit, body, call, cell, check, choice, Class, close, Code, data, don't care, environment, location, master, mean, message, News, open, Push, session, smart, station, superior, window)

Target Structure:

deter (1 match)

flirtation (1 match)

intern (2 matches)

internship (2 matches)

lack of (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

overwhelm (1 match)

purpose (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

though (1 match)

vacant position (4 matches)

wage (2 matches)

worthwhile (1 match)


The Story of Your Life.

An arrow pointing left

Everything starts with this choice.

Congratulations! After five years of High School, you graduated! Now, it's time for you to close this chapter and to open another one by choosing with a program you want to go in when your first session at a CEGEP will began. You hesitate between three years in Paralegal Technology or two years in Social Science.

Choice 1 : Go in Paralegal Technology.

Choice 2 : Go in Social Science.

A cross

Go in Paralegal Technology.

Your father doesn't want you to go in this program because he thinks that it's too long and not worth it. Since he is the one who pays for your education, you don't have the choice anymore. Sorry.

Choice 1 : Try again

question mark

Go in Social Science.

After your father's decision, you don't have a choice so you go in Social Science. You realize that you actually like the description of this program and maybe it's not a bad choice. But now, your family is going to move in another town. You have to decide if you want to stay at Montmorency of if you want to change your CEGEP.

Choice 1 : Stay At Montmorency.

Choice 2 : Find another CEGEP.


Stay At Montmorency.

The distance between your home and your school is really long. You feel really tired at the end of every day. It was okay in the beginning of the session but right now, you couldn't take it anymore. Today, you have a bip test in your fitness class and you feel really bad. You didn't have the time for a good breakfast and you hesitate between your fitness class or Tim Hortons because you are really hungry.

Choice 1 : Go to your fitness class.

Choice 2 : Go to Tim Hortons.

young people in conversation

Find another CEGEP.

You are lucky. There's one place in Social Science at Edouard Monpetit and the CEGEP is at fifteen minutes in a bus from your new location. It's a new beginning in a different town and you're a little stressed. There are construction work on the way you usually use and now you don't know if you ask someone or you use your data and find yourself a way to the school.

Choice 1 : Ask someone.

Choice 2 : Use your data.


Go to your fitness class.

You believe that you are strong enough to do test. When you arrive at your class, everybody seems in good form except for you. You don't lose your faith and yo go on the line. The test began but after five minutes, you faint. When you wake up, they inform you that you can't do sports because your heart is fragile so you finish your sessions and graduated without doing it anymore. Great! Now, it's time to decide in which University you are going to do your baccalaureate in Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention.

Choice 1 : University of Montreal.

Choice 2 : University of Laval.

english muffin

Go to Tim Hortons.

Well, you a straight A's so you don't care about doing or not this test because you are not going to fail. You go to the Tim Hortons next to the school and you order an English muffin and a hot chocolate. You take a bit of your meal but you start to choke. Nobody takes attention and you dying of it.

Choice 1 : Stay At Montmorency.


Ask someone.

Due to your lack of sense of direction, you decide to ask someone. Every time you try to talk to someone, they don't know or they don't have your time. You notice a parked car and decide to go check if there's someone inside. You stoop to see inside and a gun is placed right in your face. Two days later, your body is found in a river.

Choice 1 : Find another CEGEP.

close door

Use your data.

You were trying to deter yourself because you don't know how many data you have at the moment. You use it anyway and finally you find a way. You are late so you are waiting outside. There's a guy who is also late with you and he's looking at you. You notice a flirtation situation and you don't know if you ignore him or you play his game.

Choice 1 : Ignore him.

Choice 2 : Play his game.


University of Montreal.

You have a car now so it's easy for you to go to school. You really like your new university and mostly your program. Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention is perfect for you because you always wanted to learn and use the criminal code. There are two choices of internships : the first one is at a prison and the second one is at a detention for minor. It's good for you because you are going to have a foot in a door of being a criminologist.

Choice 1 : At a prison.

Choice 2 : At a detention for minor.


University of Laval.

The university is at four hours from where you live. You don't want to move in another town again so you decide to choose the other university.

Choice 1 : Try again

open door

Ignore him.

You decide to ignore him but he doesn't like that plan. He approaches you and he puts his left hand on your back near to your butt. You want to react but you don't want to make a scene. The teacher opens the door and you are wondering if you should tell him about the guys's misconduct or keep it to yourself.

Choice 1 : Tell the teacher.

Choice 2 : Keep it to yourself.


Play his game.

You find him really cute and you decide to play his little game. You open your shirt in purpose. He approaches you and he tells you that his house is empty. You know what's that mean but you are not sure if you can trust him. You play his game but do you really want to do that at this point?

Choice 1 : You want to go that far.

Choice 2 : You don't want to go that far.


At a prison.

Your goal is to have a good communication with a prisoner and make an intervention plan for him. They put you in a cell with him and you start having a conversation. He seems to trust you so you decide to take off his handcuffs. Wrong idea. He uses them to strangle you and he ran away.

Choice 1 : University of Montreal.


At a detention for minor.

Your goal is to have a good communication with a minor and make a good intervention plan for him. You met Elliot, a 15 year old teenager who is here for multiples robbery. His parents don't want to talk to him anymore and you feel his pain. You have the choice to talk to the superior and bring his parents or you can just call them without his permission.

Choice 1 : Ask his permission.

Choice 2 : Do it without his permission.


Tell the teacher.

After the class, you go to your teacher's office. You explain to him the situation but he doesn't care. He tells that his not his problem and you can always complain at a police station. Overwhelm by anger, you grab a pair of scissors on his desk:

Choice 1 : You stab him.

Choice 2 : You throw it on the wall behind him.

car accident

Keep it to yourself.

You shut your mouth and keep it yo yourself. After school, you are at the bus station when someone grab your hair. You fight back though you are not stronger than that person. He push you too hard on the road and you hit a car.

Choice 1 : Try again.


You want to go that far.

You accept to follow him at his home. You had sex with him without protection and ended up pregnant. That's wasn't the plan at all !

Choice 1 : Play his game.

question mark

You don't want to go that far.

You are a smart girl. You are worthwhile but not for someone like him. You tell him that he's a cute guy but school comes first. He rolls his eyes while the teacher opens the door. He gives you your final assignment. You have to decide where you want to be an intern: a coffee shop or a daycare.

Choice 1 : Coffee shop.

Choice 2 : Daycare.


Ask his permission.

The superior likes your idea but he is not sure about that because Elliot's parents are difficult. Elliot is from a blended family so it's not sure that both of them will be there if we call them. He lets you decide if you want to call them or meet them to talk about it.

Choice 1 : Call them.

Choice 2 : Meet them.


Do it without his permission.

You don't know their number so you break into the superior office. He surprises you in this office and your internship is done.

Choice 1 : Try again


You stab him.

You stab him hardly and ended up in jail. The plan was to work in criminology, not being a murderer.

Choice 1 : Try again.


You throw it on the wall behind him.

You are not a murderer but you are a human. You throw the pair behind him and you leave his office. You decide to take a break of the school. You receive a message from a friend about a party tonight. It's at 11 p.m. and you don't know if you ask your parents or if you sneak out.

Choice 1 : Ask your parents.

Choice 2 : Sneak out.

coffee shop

Coffee shop.

You wake up late but still manage to be on time. The problem is you forget your uniform and the boss is here today. You run in the cloakrooms and you don't know if you steal someone's uniform or you just take a blame.

Choice 1 : Steal someone's uniform.

Choice 2 : Just take the blame.



You wake up late. The women in charge calls and tells that you can stay home. She doesn't need a late girl.

Choice 1 : Try again


Call them.

You try to call them but they never respond. You thinks maybe they change their number but not their address.

Choice 1 : Meet them.


Meet them.

You are right. Their address is still the same. Eliott's mother is happy to know that her son misses her but his stepfather doesn't care about him. You don't know if you try to reason him or you just let it go.

Choice 1 : Try to reason him.

Choice 2 : Let it go.


Ask your parents.

You decide to be the good girl and ask your parents if you can go to the party. Girl, you are a born in a strict family. The answer is "no".

Choice 1 : You throw it on the wall behind him.


Sneak out.

You know that it's not a good idea to sneak out but it's your only option. At 11 p.m., you go out through the window of your room. Your friend is outside with a guy who seems drunk. You hesitate between trust his driving skills or call a taxi.

Choice 1 : Trust his driving skills.

Choice 2 : Call a taxi.


Steal someone's uniform.

The boss fired the other person who doesn't have her uniform because of you. You have regrets and decide to tell the truth. Well, it's a good action but now, you are not an intern anymore and you fail your assignment.

Choice 1 : Coffee shop.


Just take the blame.

You come out of the cloakrooms without your uniform. The boss asks you about it, and you tell him that you forget it at home. He likes the people who tell the truth so he doesn't fire you. You do a really good job during your internship. You got an "A" at your assignment and a good wage! Welcome vacations on Christmas holidays!

Choice 1 : Start again.


Try to reason him.

You try to reason Eliott's stepfather but he's a supercilious person. He close the door on your face, screaming that he doesn't care this little rat.

Choice 1 : Meet them.

question mark

Let it go.

You don't care either about him so you just convince his mother to come with you. She is very happy and grateful about this. She spends a great time with his son and Eliott decides to follow the plan intervention you are going to make for him because he really wants to get out of the detention. Great! You have his trust! The superior likes your work and ask you if you want to take the vacant position at the center.

Choice 1 : Take the vacant position.

Choice 2 : Finish your university program.

car accident

Trust his driving skills.

Nobody trusts a drunk guy. You died in a car accident.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Call a taxi.

You convince your friend and the guy with her to call a taxi. Actually, you pay for it but at least you're alive. At the party, someone offers you a drink. You hesitate to take the shot but your friend keeps telling you to take it.

Choice 1 : Accept the drink.

Choice 2 : Don't take the drink.

detention of minor

Take the vacant position.

You actually like the environment of the center so you decide to take the vacant position. Your parents don't really want to do it but the wage is really good, and it can be a good start if you want to have a career in Youth Correctional Intervention. You help Eliott and a lot of teenagers during your time at the center. You ended up working for the government. It's awesome but you are wondering why would have happened if you didn't accept the job.

Choice 1 : Change your choice and see.


Finish your university program.

You really want this baccalaureate so you decide to finish your university program. You ended up graduating with a master degree. Three months later, you work with the federal. You call the detention to take news about Eliott and you happy to know that he's out of the center and he lives with his mother. Your life is good but you are wondering what would have happened if you had taken the job.

Choice 1 : Let it go.


Accept the drink.

You are a dumb girl. There's obviously some drugs inside the drink. You died to an overdose.

Choice 1 : Call a taxi.


Don't take the drink.

That a good choice. Even if your friend is mad, you know this kind of trick and you don't fall for it. At 3 a.m., you go home. The next morning, you are wondering if you should really drop the school.

Choice 1 : Drop the school.

Choice 2 : Stay in school.


Drop the school.

Your parents will never let you do it. Forget about it.

Choice 1 : Try again.

question mark

Stay in school.

You know it's the best for you. Now, you are not sure if you want to change your program or stay in it.

Choice 1 : Change your program.

Choice 2 : Stay in Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention.


Change your program.

Your change for a business program. You realize how much you really bad with maths. You fail and you have to retry again.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Stay in Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention.

You ended up with a master degree. Three months later, you start to work with the federal. You met John. You start to date him and things became serious. Four years later, he asks you to marry him!

Choice 1 : Say Yes!


Say Yes!

You love him so for sure you say yes! One year later, you marry him and you move to Paris with him. You always wanted to learn French so this is your chance! What a great end!

Choice 1 : Do it again!

The End.