A Dangerous Day in Prison

A hypertext narrative by

Ophelie Moisan-Leduc

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Word count: 551

Choice count: 8

Section count: 9

Image count: 9

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Field Related Analysis:

Psychology : 6 matches (cell, mood, nervous, noise, patient, psychologist)

Computer Science : 6 matches (cell, check, choice, noise, security, window)

Dance : 6 matches (Back, Check, Complete, show, Time, Together)

Target Structure:

though (1 match)


A Dangerous Day in Prison

Private prison

Meeting with Steven.

Tonight, Julia had to meet Steven. Julia works in a man prison as a psychologist. She meets captives every day to talk and see if they are able to reintegrate society. Today, she had to see Steven. The police officers told her that he was in a bad mood. Julia has to decide if she sees Steven or not because of his mood.

Choice 1 : Playing it Safe.

Choice 2 : Meeting Steven

Safe judgement

Playing it Safe.

Julia decided to cancel her meeting with Steven because of his mood. She told the service it would be better to reschedule. As Steven was her last patient, Julia had to decide if she'd go back home earlier or if she'd stay to fill her files.

Choice 1 : Going Back Home.

Choice 2 : Staying at work.


Meeting Steven.

Even though Steven was in a bad mood, Julia went to meet him. She was nervous but she couldn't show it. She started slowly but she had to ask Steven why he was such angry. Asking him, she knew there would be a reaction. What would it be?

Choice 1 : Steven gets violent.

Choice 2 : Steven stays calm.

Romantic night

Going Back Home.

Julia decided to go back home. When she arrived, her husband had prepared the dinner with candles. They had a very romantic night. The end.

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Staying at Work.

Julia decided to stay at work. She had some files to complete of the previous days. She left at the same time she was suppose to but having completed all of her files. Arriving home, she prepared the dinner with her husband and they ate together. The end.

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Steven gets violent.

Julia finally asked Steven about his mood and it didn't went so well. Steven got angry. He told Julia she shouldn't mind about that but she insisted. He yelled at her, got up and jumped on her! Will the security guard help her?

Choice 1 : The security guard ears a noise.

Choice 2 : The security guard ears nothing.

Calm meeting

Steven stays calm.

Surprisingly, Steven just cried. He was angry his wife broke up with him. He didn't know what to do and he was angry he was stuck in prison. Julia helped him and everyone had a happy night finally. The end.

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The security guard ears a noise.

The security guard heard Steven yelling. He opened the door and quickly assaulted him so Steven can't hurt anyone else. Other security guards came to help and Steven went back to his cell. Julia was a little traumatized but she was fine, she got home and took the next few days off to rest. The end.

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Security guard

The security guard ears nothing.

The security guard heard nothing but as he does sometimes, he looks by the little window on the door. At this time, he saw Steven assaulting Julia so he called other security guards to help. They all got in and saved Julia. Steven got back in his cell and Julia went to this hospital for a check up. Everything was finally fine but she took some days off to rest. The end.

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The End.