They call it a Royale with cheese.

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Tourism : 43 matches (Air, Area, City, Commission, Contract, Employee, Extra, Food, Form, Gate, Guide, Hotel, Natural, Opportunity, Program, Promotion, Sabre, Take a Chance, air, beam, box, cable, captain, chef, commission, contract, dep, educational, gate, guard, guide, hotel, leg, master, memory, program, sea, sitting, split, stand, stop, watch, yield)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 30 matches (answer, arrested, bankruptcy, children, claim, close, commission, contract, Development, director, embassy, escape, fact, family, freedom, government, heir, hire, hostage, House, land, master, Military, noise, offer, office, reply, schedule, vehicle, waste)

Computer Science : 29 matches (ASP, boom, cable, call, choice, Class, close, system, document, exit, failure, group, handle, Steve, jump, mask, master, memory, name, News, noise, open, period, Push, search, split, STAR, symbol, unpack)

Target Structure:

lack of (1 match)

trainee (8 matches)


They call it a Royale with cheese.

The choice is yours

The end of the secondary school.

Now you have complete your secondary. But, life give's you only two choices. The first is to go do a DEP and become a welder. The second is to go to CEGEP and become a Childhood educator. Chose wisely.

Choice 1 : DEP

Choice 2 : CEGEP



You did go do a DEP to become a welder. You have great skills, the teachers saw that in your works. They give you a opportunity to take a chance to become a underwater welder. Only if you show the, your perfect skills in the ASP. To weld pipe. But you will have to leave your family for a long period of time if you make it. You can still create your own business. But you have no money to start with. Finally you can just take it easy and go work for someone else and make money and live with it.

Choice 1 : ASP Pipe welding

Choice 2 : Own business

Choice 3 : Work for ...



Now, you decide to go to CEGEP, in Childhood education. You are one of the best students that the school had. Your worst grade is 98%. You complete your 3 years as a master. Then now is the biggest decision that you have to make. You go working in a CPE, in a primary school or you enlist in humanitarian aid abroad.

Choice 1 : CPE

Choice 2 : School

Choice 3 : Enlist in humanitarian aid abroad.

Pipe welding

ASP Pipe welding.

As you can see, your work is flawless. You are a natural born welder. Nothing can stop you. One day, two persons in suits came to see you. They give you the opportunity to work in a pipeline project. That pays a lot. But you will work for week without seeing your family. On the other hand, your teacher give you a document to be eligible at underwater welding school. That's is the greatest dream of all welder. To become a underwater welder.

Choice 1 : Pipeline

Choice 2 : Underwater welding


Own business.

Now, you just bought a small place for your shop. The bank have give you the money to start. Your parents have help you to in your project. As you are very good, you got more and more projects. Soon you get overwhelmed by the job. You can do two thing hire some school friends to help you or take trainee.

Choice 1 : Friends

Choice 2 : Trainee

new boss

Work for ...

You can't find jobs. The time is hard. You need money. One day, you got a call form a shop you don't really want to work in. The boss give you a full time job. You start the next week. The job is boring, the boss is not gentle. You have to do some thing. You go see him and talk about your complain. The boss don't listen to you. He even said ''You talkin' to me?'' you tell him that you have to quit if he doesn't change his behavior with you. He laugh at you. You reply ''I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.'' And you leave home.

Choice 1 : Quit

Choice 2 : Stay

Pipe welding

Pipe line.

You have start in perfection. The other welders are amaze of your skills. They are not jealous of you they want to learn from you. You start to give tips and tricks to them. One day, as you working in a pipe, a truck hit the pipe and you get seriously injured. Your hand start to shake. You don't feel well. But you want to complete the job. Alsow you have to crawl a lot to get out of the pipe. What will you do? Get out and get help for your injuries or give it all you got and complete your welding requiem.

Choice 1 : Get out

Choice 2 : Requiem

Underwater welding

Underwater welding.

You got accepted in the program. You brake records. You are the best in the world. You got hire from the biggest companies. You make so much money. One day, they give two jobs at the same time. You have to chose between the team job and the super deep job.

Choice 1 : Team

Choice 2 : Solo

new job?

Get out.

So, you just made out. You feel disoriented. You don't feel your hand no more. The first aid are there and they take care of you. You got a bad news. You can't weld no more. But, they give you a inspector job for welds. You did good as inspector. But you miss the welding. You retire and relax.

Write a choice here.


Stay in.

You stay in. You know that will be your final weld. As long as you complete the job, you feel dying. The rod came shorter and shorter as your life. You can't see very well but you have to complete the job. You can't die. Black out. You fall. The job was incomplete. You feel your last breath. No oxygen in the pipe, the hit give's you haemorrhage in your hand. You feel a pressure in your chess. Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. You open a eye. With your last will you re start and success the job. After you die. As a symbol of your talent and your determination. You friends and colleagues make a statue of you. Even dead you are immortal.

Write a choice here.


Team job.

So you dive with your team. As the chef of the team you split the team in two. You are with your best friend you made. He is like a brother to you. Both of you work on a turbine. That thing have a big open area that you have to close. You did the job. As you swim up, your partner tell's you that he is in trouble. You watch him his oxygen bottle got pierce. Soon he will run out of air. Then you saw his cable was around the turbine. You hear a big noise. The turbine have started turning. You are in a safe zone but you have to watch your friend get kill by the turbine. Your other team mate bring you to the surface. You are traumatize and retire as fast as possible. You have his welding mask in your house as memory.

Write a choice here.


Deep job.

You did ask to your team to help you with the communication. You dive as deep as the job ask. You don't feel well because of the pressure of the water. You start your job. That was a pretty easy one. You came back at the surface and realise you just save the life of every one. The beam that you just weld. Was a mother beam. So if you didn't fix it the whole place would fall in the sea. You are a hero but no one will never know it.

Write a choice here.

friends welder

Hire friends.

All the jobs are doing well. Your friends have help you for the best. But one of them become more bossy with the other and even with you. You have two options. The first is to fire him. But you will lose your best welder. The other one, is to give him a promotion so he could become the team captain and you would be able to focus on bigger contracts and job for your team.

Choice 1 : Fire

Choice 2 : Promotion


Hire trainee.

You hire a trainee and he make some mistake. But he learn very fast and soon all of his job are perfect.

Choice 1 : New job

Choice 2 : No job

trainee is not

give the trainee a job.

The trainee became a full time employee. He is very good and all the jobs are successful. One day, you have something very important to say to him. You are thinking ''I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.'' You are asking him to come and tell him he is your heir for the shop. He was so happy and makes you proud. When you retire not long after that. He boost the compagnie and became a successfull welder.

Write a choice here.



So you chose to fire him. Well the team fells good having that one out. But the jobs that the team does. Became more and more nasty, coarse, bad... You regret your choice. You got soon a lack of contract because of the poor jobs you give. You can't pay your employees. So they have to quit. You finally end by a bankruptcy.

Write a choice here.



The promotion is the best thing you could have done. All the jobs were even greater then before. You need to hire a lot of new welder to complete the jobs. You even have to buy a bigger place and you have a lot of small shop. You became one of the most influential in your domain. You retire rich and on your grave it says ''I'm the king of the world!''

Write a choice here.


Don't give the trainee a job.

Well you became overwhelmed by the jobs. You have to hire but no one want to work for you. You are out of business and end in the army.

Write a choice here.

i quit


Now you decide to quit your job. You got all the money you need to start your own shop. You can still search for a new job.

Choice 1 : Own business

Choice 2 : Work for someone else again



You stay and you fight your way. The boss change a lot. He saw that you were not there to waste time. He is impress. He want to give you a promotion. But in the same time you got a offer from a other jobs who will pay you better and you will have better job opportunity.

Choice 1 : Boss offer

Choice 2 : opportunity


Work for someone else again.

You quit your old job. You work for a new companies. Then you meet a super nice nice person in there. You start to hang out with. And as long as it goes, you get to getter. You two get married and have children's.

Write a choice here.


Take your boss offer.

You take your boss. He make you his left hand in the companie. You live happy but not that much. Because you don't do what you really want to do.

Write a choice here.


Take the new opportunity.

The new opportunity make you so rich. That you buy your old boss companies. You fire him. You live happy.

Write a choice here.



You start like a pro. Every one love you. You are one of the best. Your activities help all kid's in their development. They became more and more able to do things by there self. You can become a CPE director or continue as an educator.

Choice 1 : Director

Choice 2 : Stay educator



You are so great. You got a promotion to become part of the Coordination office. But you still want to stay in you CPE. There's a lot of new project in coming.

Choice 1 : Leave

Choice 2 : Stay


Stay in the CPE.

You stay and make your CPE one of the best. You open the eyes of the government about the meaning of the work. Now, the educational system is change for the best by you.

Write a choice here.


Leave the CPE.

You leave and go to that office. You don't really like that. You want real change. But you know that your new job is very important so you stay till you retire.

Write a choice here.

stay ed

Stay educator.

You stay educator. You have a lot of trainee in your career. You love what you are doing. You got to a time in your life to retire or became a teacher in CEGEP.

Choice 1 : Retire

Choice 2 : Teacher



You retire and you have a lot of fun with your family. You take time to relax and die happy.

Write a choice here.



You became a teacher in childhood education. You are very like by the student. You give the best you can till you die asleep in your work corrections.

Write a choice here.


School educator.

You start in strength. But you don't like the fact that your job is not that steady. You want more. You can became a tech. Or you can stay a educator.

Choice 1 : Tech

Choice 2 : Stay Educator.


Become tech.

As the boss of the Guard Service, you have to handle a lot of complain between the employee and the parents. You don't know what to do now. You feel sick. But you still like the job.

Choice 1 : Depression

Choice 2 : Change



You did a depression. You didn't want help. Now is too late. The job was to much for you. You don't know when to quit or asking help. You hang your self.

Write a choice here.



You can't get help were you are. You change city and change school commission. Were you go is a new future for you. After all, tomorrow is another day!

Write a choice here.


Stay educator.

You like the way that you are now one of the oldest in the team. You have all the time the group you want to have. You like the schedule. It gives you resting moment in the day. But you feel that you can work for fun in a CPE.

Choice 1 : CPE

Choice 2 : Became the best

rock star

Became the best.

Just before you retire. Your school give you a present. You are the best educator that the school had. You help so much children's. All of them were there to claim you. You got ask how can you be so good in your job. You answer '' You see, most blokes, you know, will be working at ten. You're on ten here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you're on ten on your skills. Where can you go from there? Where?'' They answer you ''We don't know'' You answer ''What we do is, if we need that extra push; we go to eleven''

Write a choice here.


Enlist in humanitarian aid abroad.

So you really want to enlist in humanitarian aid abroad? Well there you go. Life in some place are more easy then other. Were you will go is a place were no one want to go. Are you really sure about your choice?

Choice 1 : Yes?

Choice 2 : No!



Well you are more brave than I thought... So you enlist in humanitarian aid abroad. You take off now. You land in a very poor city. You don't really know were you are. But there is someone who is there to guide you. His name is Steve. He is your guide. He is from USA. He always try to whistle and can't do it. You tell him ''You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.'' He smile at you ''Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.'' Both arrived at the kind of hotel.

Choice 1 : Unpack

Choice 2 : Ask Steve to go help the children's


Unpack you stuff.

You unpack you stuff and search for Steve. He is not there. He can't be found. You go in town to buy supplies. Nothing. You can't find food or Steve. You finally found a old orphanage. You go in. There is someone sitting in the front row of the hallway. But no sound. It seams abandoned.

Choice 1 : Ask that person.

Write a choice here.


Ask Steve to go help the children's.

You go saw Steve and asks him to go help the kids. You both go in a small town near your hotel. There is a little school. You introduce your self to the class and start doing games with the children's. Faster you detect some of the difficulty that the kids have. You make changes in the game to foster the kids development. After a couple of weeks, a big military car come by. The soldiers take every one as hostage. You stand up and the commander got see you. He told you ''Our lives esr defines by opportunities, even the one we miss. Now sit down!''

Choice 1 : Stay up.

Choice 2 : Sit down


Ask that person.

You go ask that person were are the children's. She answer ''Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.'' You hear a sound behind you. You run and saw Steve being a hostage from the military. He say ''What we've got here is failure to communicate''. He start to laugh. Got hit behind the head. You ask the soldier what is happening. They don't answer. You got prisoner too.

Choice 1 : Try to escape

Choice 2 : Wait till you know were you are


Try to escape.

You yield ''I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!'' You try to jump out the vehicle, you slipped and broke a leg. The soldiers watching you and start to laugh. One of them take out his gun and shoot you. Boom.

Write a choice here.


Wait till you know were you are.

You wait for la long time. Finally you and Steve arrived in some strange place. They're are a lot of children's who's in need. You have to help them. When the soldiers go away, you search the place to found an exit. You found a sabre. The only exit is to face the soldiers and try getting help by the embassy. One of the children came at you ant told you ''Listen to me, mister. You're my knight in shining armor. Don't you forget it. You're going to get back on that horse, and I'm going to be right behind you, holding on tight, and away we're gonna go, go, go!'' You answer that every thing will be good now that you are there. Steve said ''Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.'' You start to laugh. You look in the eyes of the kid ''Sawyer, you're going out a youngster, but you've got to come back a star!'' Now the soldiers come. They open the gate, and you do you things. You got hit a few time but you successfully save all the children's. You go to the embassy. And all the kids got help.

Write a choice here.

william wallace

Stay up.

You stay up, sand in front of him and ask him to leave. He told you that you are now slave, you have no more freedom and you will die here in front of every one. You shout at him ''You may take our lives, but you'll never take our freedom!'' He shoot you in the face. You die. But your sacrifice wasn't in vain. Two weeks later your country hear the story of your sacrifice. They made a statue of you. And they arrested the rebels. They free all the kids and the villager. Send troops to help them. They even give your name to a foundation for children's in need.

Write a choice here.


Sit down.

You stand down. You wait for the night and escape. You go to the embassy and in the morning your country were there to help free the kids and provide help.

Write a choice here.

The End.