Camryn's future career

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Yasmine Asma

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Word count: 1668

Choice count: 46

Section count: 31

Image count: 30

Error count: 51

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 37 matches (agent, Assembly, blood, Child, company, corporation, court, crimes, drugs, duty, escape, General Assembly, General, guilty, harassment, hire, identity, illegal, interest, intoxication, issue, lawsuit, lawyer, murder, not guilty, offer, order, pact, premium, profession, protocol, Sexual, the United Nations, trust, United Nations, victim, young)

Nursing : 28 matches (abnormal, acid, association, burn, crisis, drug, flight, fly, hospital, insect, intestine, intoxication, sign, lead, medication, nitric acid, nitric, pharmacist, pharmacy, plane, practice, sphygmomanometer, stomach, toxic, trust, TV, prescriptions, treat)

Computer Science : 24 matches (Assembly, backup, boom, Bug, burn, ceiling, chain, child, choice, exit, Facebook, group, jump, list, LOGO, object, path, protocol, running, sign, store, tree, victim, window)

Target Structure:

come in handy (1 match)

getting sucked up in (1 match)

learn the ropes (1 match)

on-the-job-training (1 match)

premium wage (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

though (1 match)

undermine (1 match)

wage (1 match)


Camryn's future career


End of studies.

Camryn just got her diploma, she studied very hard to get straight A's and now she is ready to do the career of her dreams what is being a pharmacist however, she always had a passion to arts what makes her perplex about her future. Which one will she choose?

Choice 1 : Choose the pharmacist profession.

Choice 2 : Become a famous artist.


Become a famous artist.

In the age of 17th Camryn started to participate in arts contests, she always had an interest into being an artist recognized around the world. Now is her chance!

Choice 1 : Meet your father's bestfriend, an expert agent.

Choice 2 : Stop the career of artist.


Meet your father's best friend, an expert agent.

While talking about business with the agent, Vik Muniz comes to Camryn and tells her that he really loves her masterpieces and that he would like to be his teacher from now on.

Choice 1 : Follow Vik Muniz' path.

Choice 2 : Starting to work as a custodian.


Follow Vik Muniz' path.

She comes after Vik and he teaches her how to be a well-known artist. Then, she becomes one of the most famous artists the world will ever know.

Choice 1 : The end.


Starting to work as a custodian.

To achieve her goal, Camryn will need to work as a custodian for her agent and forward become a great artist.

Choice 1 : The end.


Choose the pharmacist profession.

Now that Camryn earned her diplomas in pharmacy, she is now ready to enter on-the-job-training to finally learn the ropes.

Choice 1 : Do a pharmacist placement.

Choice 2 : Join the Mafia.


Do a pharmacist placement.

Camryn decides to put in practice what she learned from the past seven years. First day of placement, she has the duty to clarify the codes written in her patient's prescriptions. However something goes wrong, the patient took a 1000-fold overdose of clonidines, a medication used to treat high blood goes instead to an intoxication.

Choice 1 : Take the next flight to Australia.

Choice 2 : Stay and fix this.


Take the next flight to Australia.

She arrives at the airport of Australia and she sees that everybody is staring at her. Camryn doesn't know what's going on until she looks at the TV with her face on it talking about the intoxication of a young child happening in New York. She now knows that she is the first suspected on the list.

Choice 1 : Create a new identity.

Choice 2 : To be sued.


Stay and fix this.

Camryn decides to stay and fix this mess. She tries to decrease the blood out of the kid so she can remove the clonidines that already were in the child's intestine. One hour later she removes the syringue, looks at the sphygmomanometer and sees that the kid has now a hypertensive crisis because she took too much blood out of him. That's when she knows that he would die before they bring him to the hospital.

Choice 1 : Take the next flight to Australia.

Choice 2 : To be sued.


Create a new identity.

Around the crowd, Camryn in a hurry buys clothes that makes her look different and purchases fake IDs at some illegal store. She then fall in love at first sight with the guy who sold her the fake IDs.

Choice 1 : Marry him.


To be sued.

Camryn doesn't have any choice but to assume her crimes so she let the police lead her to the court and face the lawsuit.

Choice 1 : Say to the court that she's guilty.

Choice 2 : Hire a lawyer.


Say to the court that she's guilty.

Camryn feels guilty about the intoxication of the little child and denouces herself to the court. She is sentenced for 5 years in prison.

Choice 1 : The end.

Choice 2 : Escape from prison.


Hire a lawyer.

Camryn decides to hire a lawyer to protect her, in exchange she is being a victim of sexual harassment by the men who work for the lawyer.

Choice 1 : Stop the deal with the lawyer.

Choice 2 : Continue the deal.

Stop the deal with the lawyer.

Camryn is unpleasant with the deal and is willing to stay 5 years in jail.

Choice 1 : Choose another path. Try again!


Continue the deal.

Camryn dreads the pact but she has no other choices so she waits for a year to be pleaded not guilty.

Choice 1 : The end.


Stop the career of artist.

Camryn doesn't feel like her future should be based on arts. She decides to change her way.

Choice 1 : The end.

prison guard

Escape from prison.

There's too much violence in jail, Camryn wants to escape so she throws herself at the small window of her room and get caught by the prison guards.

Choice 1 : Get shot.


Get shot.

Camryn dies and her dream of being pharmacist fade away.

Choice 1 : Choose another path. Try again!


Join the Mafia.

Camryn sees an ad on Facebook about an organization who needs pharmacists to create drugs and offer a premium wage for these. People around the world undermine this association but Camryn needs money so she joins it. Today, the boss of the company gives the order to mix nitric acid and hydrazine to create an explosion in the General Assembly of the United Nations while Donald Trump's speech. What to do?

Choice 1 : Obey the orders.

Choice 2 : Escape from the association.


Escape from the association.

Camryn runs away without saying a word.It's night and gloomy outside. Suddenly, she sees a shadow behind her it is a little blond girl who's giving lemonade for free. However, Camryn looks at her shirt, spot the logo she saw earlier from the corporation and wonder if she is getting sucked up in.

Choice 1 : Drink the lemonade.

Choice 2 : Run away.


Drink the lemonade.

How can an innocent child be involved in this terrible institution. Camryn decides to drink it. While imbibing it, she notices that her stomach is starting to expand in an abnormal way, she is now sure that this drink was the result of their experiment and that they wanted to try it first on her. It's too late. BOOM!

Choice 1 : Choose another path. Try again!


Run away.

There's no way that Camryn is drinking that toxic lemonade. She always had a trust issue but now she's certain that this girl is from the group. While running, Camryn looks at her left and sees her boss with a chain saw readily to murder her because she knows too much. There is no escape for her.

Choice 1 : Choose another path. Try again!


Obey the orders.

Camryn has to keep her job if she wants so, she's got to listen to what the boss says. She started to work and honor her commitment until the substance is finally done. Now, they are in the Assembly and are ready to accomplish their goal that is to murder everyone in the Assembly, though, the substance hidden on the ceiling is going to fall.

Choice 1 : Tell the chemists to get out.

Choice 2 : Catch the substance.


Tell the chemists to get out.

Camryn runs and tries to find all the members in the Assembly to tell them that the room will blow up in a short while and that they have to get out right now. One of the people in the Assembly hear it, he takes the microphone and denounces their organization for being responsible for the explosion that'll happen. Everyone heads off to the exit.

Choice 1 : Take the helicopter.

Choice 2 : To be sued.


Catch the substance.

Camryn accepts to burn the Assembly with the people on it but she didn't sign up to be killed too! So, she tries to catch up the object but when she does, it is already too late, the liquid manifest and... BOOM!

Choice 1 : Choose another path. Try again!


Take the helicopter.

The group always has a backup plan, if things went wrong, the helicopter would be their escape. During the flight, Camryn looks at the giant tornado that they are going to face, if they don't do anything they are all going to die.

Choice 1 : Jump off the plane.

Choice 2 : Create a drug to turn into a fly.


Jump off the plane.

Camryn risks jumping by a parachute and fell on an island called Island of the Dolls. Dolls are hooked up from a tree, a bunch of Native American around it seems to complete a ritual.

Choice 1 : Join them.


Join them.

Camryn is interested in the ritual, she doesn't know what they are saying until they all faint including her, without ever waking up.

Choice 1 : The end.


Marry him.

Camryn come in handy by working with her husband at making fake IDs and they live happily after.

Choice 1 : The end.


Create a drug to turn into a fly.

Camryn always has her bag of substances to create her own medicines. She always searched a way to turn herself into a bug so she can fly and now she has the complete protocol to do it! When the product is finally done she drinks it and give it to her comrades. It worked, they all turned into an insect, now they could escape from the airplane and fly. The only problem is that there is an enormous tornado outside. What are they going to do?

Choice 1 : Get off the plane.


Get off the plane.

There is no other choice for them they have to get off the plane. Camryn sees her partners being sucked out of the tornado until her last breath. They all die as bugs.

Choice 1 : The end.

The End.