Ralph's engineering career

A hypertext narrative by

Ralph Kobersy

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Choice count: 68

Section count: 45

Image count: 44

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Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 29 matches (act, arrested, cheat, close, company, costs, drugs, duty, family, General, illegal, market, master, minimum wage, murder, office, option, poison, promise, release, section, short title, software, street, strike, theft, title, truth, weapon)

Computer Science : 25 matches (bit, call, choice, Class, close, counter, global, group, hacker, handle, manager, master, navigate, open, Programming, Random, release, Section, sleep, software, store, track, union, video, web)

Education : 22 matches (CEGEP, School, choice, class, college, courses, degree, don, exam, games, general, goal, grades, knowledge, learning, market, options, professor, project, research, school, university)

Target Structure:

overtime (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

though (2 matches)

wage (1 match)


Ralph's engineering career

A new step in my life.

I was finally done with cegep. It was a hard part of my life. Stress, bad grades, tiredness, everything. I can move on with my life and do what I like. I have to choose between 2 universities : ETS or Polytechnique. It is a hard choice.

Choice 1 : Go to ETS.

Choice 2 : Go to Polytechnique.

Go to ETS.

I have made the greatest choice of my life. I love so much this university. Everyday I wake up and I know I will not be bored or sleep in class because it is so interesting. But I have to choose which type of engineer I want to become in life, there is so many options.

Choice 1 : Become a software engineer.

Choice 2 : Becoming a chemical engineer.

Choice 3 : Becoming a mining engineer.

Go to Polytechnique.

I regret my choice, I should have not to go to this university. I can't follow the flow, everyone is good at this university, it's like a competition. I don't know if I can keep this up, I'm tired and nervous.

Choice 1 : Quit school.

Choice 2 : Stay at school.

Choice 3 : Leave university and go work.

Become a software engineer.

Being good with computers is so useful in life. Every job are looking to people that have good knowledge in software and programming. Lucky for me, I am getting good grades from my exams, and I am so great in programming that everything that I have to do is so easy for me. I always love to play video games, so working in a company that develops a game could be an option for me or I could become the greatest hacker ever.

Choice 1 : Working in a video game company.

Choice 2 : Become a hacker.

Working in a video game compagny.

I finally achieved my dream, I AM WORKING IN A VIDEO GAME COMPANY! It is so nice to develop a new game, it feels like we are a family all together. If someone is having a problem, there is always a person that comes to his help, we are all working in the same area. Right now, I am the leader of a team, and we are developing a new game that will come out in late 2019. I am so excited to finish it.

Choice 1 : Finish the project.

Choice 2 : Quit and start my own company.

Become a hacker.

I wasn't expecting that, becoming a hacker isn't easy. I always have to protect myself when I'm navigating in the dark web. The dark web is the worst place in the world, I see things I wish I would never see in my life. This place is full of bad people, some are selling drugs, others are selling guns, human organs, everything is disgusting. While I navigate I met a group of hacker, I don't know what to do: I join them or I do my own things.

Choice 1 : Join the team.

Choice 2 : Do my own things.

Releasing the game.

We made history, the release of the game is perfect, everyone seems to love it. I am so happy of the whole team, they made a fabulous work. I feel like I have done something good with my life.

Choice 1 :

Starting my own company.

It is not the best choice that I have made, I should have stayed with my old company. It is so stressful because the big ones are too powerful, I hope I can always comeback and work with them again.

Choice 1 :

Being part of the team.

This group is awesome, I thought that would be like everyone else on the dark web, but they are not, together we are doing some great things. We are trying to inform the rest of the world of all the bad things that are going on so we can make some changes. We are the saviors of Earth.

Choice 1 :

Doing my own things.

I am the most popular person on the dark web. I am currently hosting the biggest red room on the web (don't ask me what is a red room, you don't want to know), I am also the world biggest drug dealer, weapon dealer. I know that I have become a bad person, but I never have been that rich in my life.

Choice 1 :

Becoming a chemical engineer.

I never liked my chemistry courses, but I actually like it right now. I am learning how to make medecines for the hospitals. It could be an interesting choice to take, but on the other hand I also know how to synthesize drugs.

Choice 1 : Work in a hospital.

Choice 2 : Become a drug dealer.

Working in a hospital.

Working in a hospital is not fun as it sounds. I am constantly in a rush, I am completely stressed out. I am currently working in a laboratory that creates some medicine for patients that suffer from different diseases. On the other hand, I also know how to synthesize some drugs.

Choice 1 : Save the life of the patient.

Choice 2 : Kill him.

Being a drug dealer.

I don't know why I decided to become a drug dealer, maybe because I could be rich by selling drugs to people or create my own drug market. It could be a great opportunity to make money or a great way to finish in jail.

Choice 1 : Create my own market.

Choice 2 : Sell it to random people.

Saving his life.

Even though I'm tired, I will do my best to save him. I am doing some overtime so I can have some extra hours to complete the medicine. The patient is suffering from a rare disease that affects a small part of the world. I hope he will survive.

Choice 1 :

Kill him.

I am this close to a burnout, I'm about to commit a murder. I am tired of everything that is happening now, my life sucks. I work way a lot just for medicine for a stupid patient that is going to die anyways. I know what to do, I am going to create a poison. This is not a good idea.

Choice 1 :

My own buisness.

IT WOKRS! I know it is not good to take or to sell drugs, but the thing is that I am now able to use my talents in creating substances and be able to sell it back. The only problem is me getting in jail if someone finds out my illegal business. Don't worry for this, I will find a way to stay hidden in the shadows.

Choice 1 :

A choice that destroys me.

It is the biggest mistake of my life, I can't believe that I've done this. Why did choose to sell drugs to random people on the street, I knew that it was going to end up like this. Why did I decide to leave the hospital so I can sell some drugs, now I am stuck for the rest of my life in a prison surrounded by criminals.

Choice 1 :

Becoming a mining engineer.

This choice gives me the opportunity to travel around the world. I live in Quebec so there is no mines around the area, that why I have to travel to another country if I want to find a job. It could get interesting.

Choice 1 : Travelling to Dubai.

Choice 2 : Organize a heist.

Travelling to Dubai.

I don't like it, no one likes me. Just because I'm from Quebec everyone is undermining me, they talk about me, they say bad things about me. What have I done to them, I just came to Dubai so I could at least work somewhere.

Choice 1 : Leave the country.

Choice 2 : Assassinate the CEO.

Organize a heist.

While studying to become a mining engineer I learnt about the earth in general. I don't know if it is a good idea but I have decided to take a hit on the world biggest bank of the world, the Union Depository.

Choice 1 : Take a chance.

Choice 2 : Give this section a short title.

Going back to Quebec.

It feels good to be back in Canada, no one is gossiping about others. I did some research and found out that there is a mining company in Alberta. I think I will be going there.

Choice 1 :

Elimination time.

The time as come, I will kill the CEO of the mining company without no one knowing it, and I will take his place so I can have fun on all the employee that hurt me. I hope it will work.

Choice 1 :

I am taking a chance.

I hope it will work. I contacted some guys that I know so we could make this heist. We organized this moment for a long time. Everything is ready, it is the moment of truth.

Choice 1 :

The safe choice.

It's not a good idea to do this, even if we succeed, we will get arrested for what we have done. I prefer to stay safe and work normally as a mining engineer. It will probably happen another time, but not now.

Choice 1 :

Quitting school.

Never quit school. That's what my mom always said to me. I promise myself I will never quit. I lied to myself.

Choice 1 : Stay at home.

Choice 2 : Open a restaurant.

Staying at home.

All the effort I put in college so I can go to university is over. I have to find something to do at home, I can't just wake up and do nothing. I have an idea, I love video games, so I can practice and become a great gamer and do competition to win money.

Choice 1 : Do a competiton on Call of Duty.

Choice 2 : Do a competiton on Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Opening a restaurant.

I know for sure that I don't need a degree if I want to open a restaurant. If I work hard I will pull it off for sure.

Choice 1 : Buy a fast-food.

Choice 2 : Build a restaurant.

Do a competition on Call of Duty.

Call Of Duty is one of my favorite video game. I play this game since I was 10 years old, and I am pretty good. If I train a bit more, I can become a great gamer. It is not going to be hard because no one cheats on this game so it is easier to get good at this game.

Choice 1 :

Do a competition on Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Becoming good at this game is really hard. There are a lot of knowledge that I have to know about this game if I want to be a great gamer. On the other hand, there is a lot of cheaters on this game, so it's completely impossible to play a normal game without a cheater. I don't think that my dream will be possible with this game.

Choice 1 :

Buying a fast-food.

It is easy to make a lot of money with a fast-food. A lot of people eat fast-food because it is so accesible. If I buy a McDonald, I can become really rich.

Choice 1 :

Building a restaurant.

It costs so much money to build a restaurant. I am not working so I don't know how I am going to do this. I can't ask to my parents, they will immediately refuse. I can't do it.

Choice 1 :

Don't give up.

I don't have to give up. Perseverance is the key to success, if I work hard I will achieve my goal. I'm going to try to get a lot of Straight A's or I can cheat on someone who is good and get good grades.

Choice 1 : Having good grades.

Choice 2 : Cheating master.

Having good grades.

Wow, I can't believe that I was able to be successful at school. I finally did it, even though it was hard to get back on track. I have to decide, I do a bachelor or a master.

Choice 1 : Do a bachelor.

Choice 2 : Do a master.

Getting caught.

I was in an exam and the professor saw that was cheating on someone, and I have to go to the manager's office. What do I do, I run away or I assume the consequences and apologize.

Choice 1 : Run away.

Choice 2 : Assume the consequences.

Do a bachelor.

Why did I do a bachelor, I should have done a master. I can't even find a job.

Choice 1 :

Do a master.

I am so grateful to my perseverance.

Choice 1 :

Run for your life.

Great, I got expelled from the university and now I can't enter in another one.

Choice 1 :

A great kid.

Honesty is always great. They gave me another chance, I'm so happy, I am not going to cheat anymore.

Choice 1 :

Poverty is coming.

Dumb decision. I don't know what to do anymore. I am completely lost.

Choice 1 : Work in a fast-food.

Choice 2 : Become homeless.

Working in a fast-food.

I should have not quit school. Now, I am stuck making some burgers all day.

Choice 1 : Leave work.

Choice 2 : Steal the cash.

The street life.

I am at my worst now, I can't handle it anymore.

Choice 1 : Join a gang.

Choice 2 : Become a thief.

No more money.

I don't have a minimum wage anymore.

Choice 1 :

Act of theft.

I decide to steal the cash and to go way. The police is all over me.

Choice 1 :

The gang life.

The only I do is shooting and fighting people.

Choice 1 :

Act of theft part 2.

I am now robbing a grocery store. What have I become.

Choice 1 :

The End.